Graduate School Office Directory

The University of Akron

Executive Dean of the Graduate School

Chand Midha, Ph.D.
Executive Dean, Graduate School
Phone: (330) 972-7664
Fax: (330) 972-6475

Office directory

Name Title Phone
Charles Beneke Associate Dean of the Graduate School-Academics (330) 972-2565
Heather Blake Assistant to the Associate Dean and Assistant Director, Graduate Outreach (330) 972-7664
^ Contact Heather for graduate faculty membership, graduate curriculum review, academic probation and dismissal, program extensions, and cross-registration.
Karen Caldwell Manager, Graduate Student Financial Aid and Budgets (330) 972-6310
^ Contact Karen for graduate assistantship and scholarship program and Graduate School budgets. For questions regarding Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (330) 972-7032.
Anthony Colucci Director, Graduate Student Affairs (330) 972-2135
^ Contact Anthony for domestic admissions, degree clearance, and thesis/dissertation submission.
Tanya Kauffman Student Services Counselor (330) 972-7663
Diane Maffei Business Reporting Analyst (330) 972-5359

Mailing Address: The University of Akron Graduate School; Polsky Building, Room 467; Akron, Ohio 44325-2101

Main Office Phone Number: (330) 972-7663

Fax Number: (330) 972-6475

E-Mail Address: