Graduate School Office Directory

The University of Akron

Executive Dean of the Graduate School

Chand Midha, Ph.D.
Executive Dean, Graduate School
Phone: (330) 972-7664
Fax: (330) 972-6475

Office directory

Name Title Phone
Emily Aronson Assistant Director, Immigration, International Admissions, and Scholars (330) 972-6296
Charles Beneke Associate Dean of the Graduate School-Academics (330) 972-2565
Heather Blake Assistant to the Associate Dean and Assistant Director, Graduate Outreach (330) 972-7664
^ Contact Heather for graduate faculty membership, graduate curriculum review, academic probation and dismissals, program extensions, and cross registration
Karen Caldwell Manager, Graduate Student Financial Aid and Budgets (330) 972-6310
^ Contact Karen for graduate assistantship and scholarship program and Graduate School budgets. For questions regarding Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at (330) 972-7032.
Anthony Colucci Director, Graduate Student Affairs (330) 972-2135
Tanya Kauffman Administrative Secretary (330) 972-7663
Tracy McCune Director, Graduate Admissions, International Admissions, and Immigration (330) 972-6405
^ Contact Tracy for graduate admission issues, evaluation of foreign credentials, English language requirements, and transfer of credit
Lauri Thorpe Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Associate Dean of the Graduate School-Enrollment (330) 972-6367

Mailing Address: The University of Akron Graduate School; Polsky Building, Room 467; Akron, Ohio 44325-2101

Main Office Phone Number: (330) 972-7663

Fax Number: (330) 972-6475

E-Mail Address: