University Honors Scholars & Honors Graduates

This site includes a list of all of the University Honors Scholars since the Honors College (Program) graduated its first class of scholars in spring of 1979.  Those who have graduated and completed all Honors requirements are also included on this list.

The University Honors Scholar Designation applies to honors students who enroll and complete honors sections of several courses, the three Honors Colloquia seminars, and the Honors Research Project, all in good standing.  Also, students with this designation have maintained a 3.4 or above “graduation” grade point average.

List of University Honors Scholars & Honors Graduates

Spring 1979

1. Anasson, Cynthia History
2. Bernstein, Martha English
3. Burnside, Robert Sociology
4. Darr, Frank Political Science
5. Klein, Debra Nursing
6. Moseley, Fred Accounting
7. Ross, Jeffery Biology
8. Smith, Curtis Elementary Education
9. Welge, Pamela Secondary Education

Spring 1980

1. Breitenstine, Nancy Nursing
2. Brigham, Barbara Mechanical Engineering
3. Carvalho, Janis Accounting
4. Hayes, Lori Secondary Education
5. Hopkins, Dale Civil Engineering
6. Hunley, Patsy Modern Languages
7. Irons, Donna Electrical Engineering
8. Kennedy, Diane Finance
9. Kuhfeld, Jane Electrical Engineering
10. Minich, Diane Biology
11. Nendza, Denise English
12. Pekar, Mark Mechanical Engineering
13. Reisig, John Statistics
14. Rezac, Marilyn English
15. Shaw, Nancy Biology
16. Sobel, Lawrence Chemistry
17. Tucker, Jeffery Accounting
18. Veith, Cary Chemical Engineering
19. Wirfel, Cynthia Nursing
20. Yova, Anita English
21. Zook, Douglas History

Spring 1981

1. Bohaychyk, Vanessa Finance
2. Bradford, Debra Mathematics
3. Brandes, Stephanie Chemistry
4. Chapman, Mark Accounting
5. Dolson, William Accounting
6. Drdek, Carol Elementary Education
7. Emerson, Roger Mechanical Engineering
8. Fawcett, Michael Mechanical Engineering
9. Harris, Crystal Biology
10. Hunton, Julie Psychology
11. Kell, Ruth Mathematics
12. McCray, Mary-Hannah Music
13. McShaffrey, David Biology
14. Polaski, Debbie Chemical Engineering
15. Romanik, Patricia Management
16. Schweder, Victoria Mass Media/Communications
17. Spiers, Guy Chemical Engineering
18. Young, Gerald Mathematics
19. Yourchak, Randall Chemical Engineering

Spring 1982

1. Barbacci, Lisa Accounting
2. Battista, Kim Accounting
3. Bernstein, Janet Psychology/French
4. Bickel, Charlene Mass Media/Communications
5. Boschert, Heidi Accounting
6. Burns, Robert Political Science
7. Cooke, Judith, Painting and Drawing
8. Duda, Carolyn Nursing
9. Gasser, Ann Marie Social Work
10. Hiebel, Rosalie Mathematics
11. Horn, Robert Management
12. Husarik, Nancy Pre-Medicine
13. Isom, Cathy Accounting
14. Jessberger, Sandra Nursing
15. Judd, Lewis Marketing
16. Keck, Douglas Electrical Engineering
17. Kidaloski, Karen Mechanical Engineering
18. Kitska, David Political Science
19. Kmentt, Kimberly Political Science
20. Kochenderfer, Lorie Psychology
21. LaHue, Jeffery Chemical Engineering
22. LeClerc, Debra Management
23. Leighley, Jan Political Science
24. Nagy, Elizabeth Accounting
25. Roman, David Accounting
26. Shank, Donna Nursing
27. Smith, Douglas Chemical Engineering
28. Sperry, Linda Music
29. Stein, Sherrie Accounting
30. Stephenson, Linda Political Science
31. Stewart, William Chemical Engineering
32. Stewart, Sherri Music
33. Tehi, Marlene Accounting
34. Williamson, Stephen Electrical Engineering
35. Wright, Jeffery Statistics
36. Yoho, Terry Accounting
37. Zemonick, Marianne Clothing & Textiles

Fall 1982

1. Brown, Susan Biology/Sociology
2. Foote, Christopher Statistics
3. Skrzypiec, Jacqueline English
4. Taylor, Marta Accounting

Spring 1983

1. Amer, Rita Theatre Arts (Ballet)
2. Bachmann, Karen Biology
3. Bardy, William Mechanical Engineering
4. Bargar, Kimberly English
5. Borgen, Thomas Chemical Engineering
6. Bozic, Lisa Nursing
7. Brown, Julie Biology
8. Brownlee, Joseph Music Performance
9. Carpenter, Timothy Accounting
10. Clark, Kathleen Chemical Engineering
11. Denker, Jean Accounting
12. Dudek, David Chemical Engineering
13. Farrell, Linda Biology
14. Fast, Stephen Philosophy
15. Gole, Kenneth Mathematics
16. Graf, Jerry Mechanical Engineering
17. Gram, Wendy Natural Sciences
18. Havir, Mark Mechanical Engineering
19. Hedrick, Jo Ellen Computer Science
20. Hicks, Dennis Political Science
21. Hirko, Mark Biology
22. Hoag, John Computer Science
23. Hofacker, Velda Political Science
24. Houk, Kurt Mechanical Engineering
25. King, Tracie Accounting
26. Kist, William Secondary Education
27. Lefkovitz, Jeffery Biology
28. Lenzotti, William Computer Science
29. Martin, Jeffery Electrical Engineering
30. McCallum, Lynn Nursing
31. Mego, Susan Psychology
32. Mellott, Francis Joseph Electronic Technology
33. Oleskey, Sandra Nursing
34. Rich, Sandra Political Science
35. Wachtel, Mary Social Work
36. Wagner, Eric Psychology
37. Wenner, Jennifer Nursing
38. West, Dana Finance

Fall 1983

1. Cook, Darryl Accounting
2. Lawson, Betty Accounting
3. Maul, Jane Music Education
4. Vekasy, Karen Nursing
5. Williams, Cathy Computer Science

Spring 1984

1. Bahas, Karen Communicative Disorders
2. Belovich, Vincent Mechanical Engineering
3. Bennett, Keith Civil Engineering
4. Boddorf, Carol Accounting
5. Brandes, Mary Chemistry
6. Breen, Kathleen Elementary Education
7. Brocco, Lynne Electrical Engineering
8. Brownfield, Jay Marketing
9. Church, Patricia Elementary Education
10. Connelly, Linda Accounting
11. Custer, John Accounting
12. DeLuca, Vickie Marketing
13. Denker, John Natural Sciences
14. Droppleman, William Accounting
15. Eckart, Karen Graphic Design
16. Elliott, Geoffrey Computer Science
17. Gercke, Marcia Biology
18. Grywalski, Aimee Nursing
19. Guthrie, Harold Mathematics
20. Herron, Denise Nursing
21. Hibbard, James Sociology
22. Hufstetler, Guy Management
23. Jordan, Ronald Chemical Engineering
24. Kelly, Kara Accounting
25. Kidd, Lori Nursing
26. Kopko, Robert Mass Media/Communication
27. LaHue, Karin Chemical Engineering
28. Long, Phillip Natural Sciences
29. Lupoli, Michael Mechanical Engineering
30. Metts, Jamie Biology
31. Morelli, Theresa Secondary Education
32. Patterson, Lisa Chemistry
33. Phillipson, Jacquline Nursing
34. Pulley, Lori Industrial Management
35. Rybka, Lawrence Finance
36. Sanzone, Marla Psychology
37. Sell, Wendy Accounting
38. Smith, Daniel Mechanical Engineering
39. Smith, William C. Accounting
40. Steinkerchner, Scott Electrical Engineering
41. Stock, Lori Biology
42. Stoll, Rhonda Biology
43. Strohm, Thomas Accounting
44. Struglinski, Jenifer Chemical Engineering
45. Teater, Thomas Biology
46. Torma, Rose Marie Secondary Education
47. Traxler, Autumn Mechanical Engineering
48. Webb, Dennis Communications
49. White, David Classics
50. Wysocki, John Mechanical Engineering

Fall 1984

1. Mason, Rita Management
2. Wells, Ken Nursing

Spring 1985

1. Bartlebaugh, Scott Chemical Engineering
2. Batchik, Thomas Mathematics
3. Behm, Andrew Accounting
4. Bouton, Alice Chemical Engineering
5. Bozsony, John Electrical Engineering
6. Brown, David Psychology
7. Cigolle, Steven Electrical Engineering
8. Connolly, Thomas Chemical Engineering
9. Davis, Richard Graphic Design
10. Denker, Martin Chemistry
11. Etzwiler, Rhonda Nursing
12. Foote, Martha Nursing
13. Hardin, Dawn Mathematics
14. Hatzis, Nick Electrical Engineering
15. Hazlett, Joan Communicative Disorders
16. Houser, Kevin Mechanical Engineering
17. Hudson, Linda Mathematics
18. Hulthen, Martin Accounting
19. Keel, Brian Accounting
20. Kosicki, Ellen Spanish
21. Laurila, Cathy Music
22. Lingenhoel, Terry Computer Science
23. Llewellyn, Ruth Psychology
24. McDermott, Frederic Biology
25. McNeal, Michele French
26. Meszaros, Sharon Computer Science
27. Milford, William Electrical Engineering
28. Myers, Heather Biology
29. Polatas, Stephen Mechanical Engineering
30. Reese, Thomas Electrical Engineering
31. Riley, James Electrical Engineering
32. Shauf, Joseph Mechanical Engineering
33. Smith, Douglas Secondary Education
34. Stanik, Sharon Computer Science
35. Stoltz, Nancy Secondary Education
36. Sullivan, Teresa Chemical Engineering
37. Traxler, Ann Mechanical Engineering
38. Watson, Jeffrey Computer Science
39. Weigand, John Biology
40. Wherley, Jay Electrical Engineering
41. Yetiv, Steve Political Science

Fall 1985

1. Barbour, Linda Elementary Education
2. Brichford, Ann Marie Nursing
3. Diamantopoulos, Vicki Business
4. Giacomo, Sherri Nursing
5. Huntley, Charlotte Civil Engineering
6. Knisley, Sam Mechanical Engineering
7. Marchewka, Scott Political Science
8. Markoch, Jerome Music

Spring 1986

1. Amoroso, Lisa Psychology
2. Bolinger, Christopher Computer Science
3. Borland, Laurie English
4. Buratynski, Theresa Natural Science
5. Burns, Gary Chemical Engineering
6. Catlin, Felix Spanish
7. Clemens, Robert Chemistry
8. Cramer, Annette Art
9. Crane, Sue Statistics
10. Cummins, Dana Secondary Education
11. Darroch, Sara Graphic Design
12. Downing, Marshall Mechanical Engineering
13. Dudek, Mary Mathematics
14. Evans, Therese Civil Engineering
15. Fararoui, Genus Political Science
16. Gilbert, Gregory Computer Science
17. Gill, Karen Computer Science
18. Gloeckler, Emily Geology
19. Greene, Howard Electrical Engineering
20. Gruessner, Michael Electrical Engineering
21. Hanigofsky, John Chemical Engineering
22. Harshman, Allyson Chemical Engineering
23. Hayes, Dan Chemical Engineering
24. Herrmann, Joy Mechanical Engineering
25. Hofacre, Laura Mechanical Engineering
26. Holmes, Sherri Accounting
27. Husson, Babette Electrical Engineering
28. Kieffer, Jennifer Secondary Education
29. Kreisher, Dale Philosophy
30. Lesneski, Laura Sociology
31. Mantik, Daniel Computer Science
32. Mascolo, John Political Science
33. Mast, Monte Music
34. McCurdy, David Mechanical Engineering
35. McKinney, Cheryl Chemical Engineering
36. Mishler, Patrice Marketing
37. Moore, Kathleen Communication
38. Moreno, Caroline Management
39. Naglak, Thomas Chemical Engineering
40. Rittman, Thomas Marketing
41. Robinson, Laurie Spanish
42. Sanor, Mary Jean Secondary Education
43. Shulok, Thomas Computer Science
44. Spitzer, Melissa Accounting
45. Walter, Julie Elementary Education

Fall 1986

1. Croyle, Kelly Nursing
2. Greene, Sheryl Child Development
3. Hutchison, Angela Medical Technology
4. Pugh, Julie Management
5. Rupert, Timothy Accounting
6. Stewart, Shawn Computer Science
7. Therrien, Melinda Nursing
8. Thomas, Scott Accounting

Spring 1987

1. Allenbach, Michael Mechanical Engineering
2. Birkel, Kathleen English
3. Coleman, Regina Textiles & Clothing
4. Crosby, Stella Nursing
5. Daiuto, Brian Electrical Engineering
6. Davis, Craig Electrical Engineering
7. Dennis, Deborah Chemical Engineering
8. Frank, Michael Physics
9. Geggus, Jacquenette Communication
10. Grna, Alan Biology
11. Herrmann, Janet Elementary Education
12. Hopkins, Scott Civil Engineering
13. Hudak, Christine Natural Science
14. Hulthen, Matthew Computer Science
15. Huzyak, Jeanine Elementary Education
16. Kasner, James Electrical Engineering
17. Kiesel, Mark Chemical Engineering
18. Lenzotti, Dean Computer Science
19. McAbee, Kimberly Biology
20. McMasters, Lynn Accounting
21. Monajjem, Navid Biology
22. Patrick, Cecily Music
23. Quinn, Michael Mathematics
24. Rondinella, Juliann Accounting
25. Seman, Paul English
26. Smerglia, Lauren Psychology
27. Stech, Michele Accounting
28. Tisher, Mark Electrical Engineering
29. Tomko, Patricia Accounting
30. Visci, Rick Natural Sciences
31. Weitzner, Steve Music
32. Wilson, Robin Marketing
33. Wittenmyer, Nelson Accounting
34. Zeller, Karen Biology

Fall 1987

1. Akers, Karen Accounting
2. Collins, Stephen Political Science
3. Fahrenback, Fredrick Computer Science
4. Hall, Deborah Psychology
5. Harrison, Michael Physics
6. Hopp, Dennis Electronic Technology
7. Jordan, Barbara Secondary Education
8. Reese, Carol Accounting
9. Seymour, April Social Work
10. Yatson, Lisa Secondary Education
11. Zwick, Denise Accounting

Spring 1988

1. Allenbach, Michele Electrical Engineering
2. Barker, Laura Home Economics
3. Bick, Amy Accounting
4. Brainard, Janeane Communicative Disorders
5. Buck, Timothy Graphic Design
6. Connolly, Brian Chemical Engineering
7. Craig, Jane Geography
8. Cressman, Mark Mechanical Engineering
9. Deem, Denise Mechanical Engineering
10. Denholm, Richard Political Science
11. Duckworth, Denise English
12. Elder, Ted Technical Education
13. Fitzsimmons, Brenda Psychology
14. Friberg, Patricia Accounting
15. Hickey, Jane Secondary Education
16. Humphreys, Laura Statistics
17. Jackson, Holly Nursing
18. Johnson, Michelle Clothing & Textiles
19. Kaeberlein, Claudia Communication
20. Klein, Gregory Accounting
21. Klein, Joyce Management
22. Knauss, Cheri Graphic Design
23. Lopez, Peter Computer Science
24. Lovalenti, Phillip Chemical Engineering
25. Lovern, Jami Secondary Education
26. McDonald Brian Mathematics
27. McMullen, Donald Civil Engineering
28. Mego, Nancy Clothing & Textiles
29. Moore, Stephanie Nursing
30. Nosse, Charity Political Science
31. Perl, Edward Electrical Engineering
32. Pirt, John Computer Science
33. Resser, Mark Natural Sciences
34. Schlabig, Jill English
35. Siciliano, Dean Natural Sciences
36. Smith, Susan Dietetics
37. Streharsky, Robert Computer Science
38. Stull, Robert Chemistry
39. Sullivan, Maureen Elementary Education
40. Thompson, Tracy Natural Sciences
41. Weber, Michael Management
42. Ziton, Theodore Computer Science

Fall 1988

1. Bennett, Scott M. Political Science
2. Fike, Jennifer L. Secondary Educ.
3. Joyce, Tracy J. Accounting
4. Kieke, Steven W. Finance
5. Liddle, James A. Mechanical Tech.
6. Murphy, Barbara L. Computer Science
7. Ralph, Anna Home Economics
8. Rietschlin, Elizabeth A. Music
9. Schuyler, William F. Computer Science
10. Sokol, Linda J. Computer Science
11. Wolonsky, Jami A. Accounting

Spring 1989

1. Bain, Cassandra Economics
2. Bayonnet, Anne Electrical Engineering
3. Buck, Pamela Secondary Education
4. Contini, James Accounting
5. Craft, Daniel Accounting
6. Davis, Robert Mechanical Engineering
7. Dougherty, Christine Graphic Design
8. Galarde, Timothy Political Science
9. Garwood, Luke Computer Science
10. Greenhorn, Douglas Electrical Engineering
11. Hansel, Cindy Biology
12. Hardesty, Dennis Electrical Engineering
13. Henderson, Lori Nursing
14. Huber, Katherine Child Life
15. Kriz, Grant Chemical Engineering
16. Linhart, Steven Mathematics
17. Lohan, Mary Accounting
18. Loucks, Diana Economics
19. Mellody, Barbara Nursing
20. Metal, Renee Political Science
21. Montevideo, Carla Nursing
22. Narang, Manish Electrical Engineering
23. Olson, Michael Psychology
24. Packey, Matthew Accounting
25. Penix, Steven Electrical Engineering
26. Perozeni, Paul Marketing
27. Redman, Randy Electrical Engineering
28. Richardson, Mark Computer Science
29. Shifflette, Linda Elementary Education
30. Starkey, Ronald Political Science
31. Stefonsky, Susan Communication
32. Steward, Richard Accounting
33. Stewart, Valerie Accounting
34. Stone, Carolyn Accounting
35. Ulm, Darrell Computer Science
36. Vogt, Michelle Marketing
37. Warner, Malai Elementary Education
38. Wendlandt, Sylvia Accounting

Fall 1989

1. Bible, April Political Science
2. Brown, Susan Home Ec-Child Dev.
3. Courtwright, Lisa Music Education
4. Drushell, Denise Nursing
5. Gebhardt, Christopher Accounting
6. Green, Tamela Secondary Education
7. Gustovich, Nianna Mass Communication
8. Hanna, Jill Political Science
9. Koellner, Janel Elementary Education
10. Pennington, Brian Management
11. Reymann, Rose Accounting
12. Rinaldo, Marianne Home Ec-Child Dev.
13. Sankovic, John Mechanical Engineering
14. Spraitzer, Lori Marketing
15. Sproat, William Mechanical Engineering
16. Swain, Star Nursing
17. Tomko, Carrie Accounting
18. Weis, Elizabeth Elementary Education

Spring 1990

1. Aukerman, Laura Elementary Education
2. Bowers, Paula English
3. Cameron, Laurel Family & Child Development
4. Dudek, Scott Mechanical Engineering
5. Ellsworth, Charise Dietetics
6. Frail, Patricia Nursing
7. Georgiadis, Nicholas Mechanical Engineering
8. Gessner, Matthew Computer Science
9. Griffin, Michael Mechanical Engineering
10. Gulling, Kathleen Mechanical Engineering
11. Hane, Kevin Mechanical Engineering
12. Herr, Brigette Secondary Education
13. Hilton, James Natural Sciences
14. Hohman, Kyle Chemical Engineering
15. Keller, Debra Biology
16. Kosisko, Kevin Electrical Engineering
17. Kray, Carl Marketing
18. Kriz, Bryan Chemical Engineering
19. Labut, Alisa English
20. Matheis, Michelle English
21. May, William Mechanical Engineering
22. McQuaide, Melinda Accounting
23. Och, Robert Accounting
24. Pachnowski, David Chemical Engineering
25. Poling, Robert Biology
26. Resser, John Biology
27. Ritz, Rae Computer Science
28. Rohn, Marian Clothing & Textiles
29. Royer, Lana Music Education
30. Rudge, Thomas Natural Sciences
31. Shaw, Halle Civil Engineering
32. Smith, Christine Finance
33. Streharsky, Karla Geography
34. Thallman, Kimberly Social Work
35. Ubic, Kimberly Nursing
36. Walsh, Paul Mechanical Engineering
37. Wilson, Kelly Sociology
38. Wyszynski, Matthew Modern Languages
39. Zollinger, Daniel Computer Science

Fall 1990

1. Bolanz, Jennifer Political Science
2. Burger, Amy Biology
3. Daley, Karen Nursing
4. Douglas, Julie Secondary Education
5. Estrada, Valerie Marketing
6. Kress, Douglas Political Science
7. McNutt, Robert Civil Engineering
8. Mowrey, Jennifer Mathematics
9. Schneider, Joel Chemistry
10. Smith, Sandra Art
11. Umlauf, Jeffery Mathematics
12. Watters, Robin Accounting
13. Willis, Suzanne Communicative Disorders

Spring 1991

1. Arnold, Suzanne Communication
2. Carlson, Rodney Accounting
3. Clouse, David Chemical Engineering
4. Conser, Daniel Chemical Engineering
5. Deitzel, Joseph Physics
6. Drotleff, Kurtis Secondary Education
7. Gaffney, James Communication
8. Guess, Kyle Accounting
9. Hankinson, Lisa Accounting
10. Harr, Jeffrey Secondary Education
11. Higgs, John Mechanical Engineering
12. Immel, Shaun Electrical Engineering
13. Kaminski, Karen Accounting
14. Kreitz, Julie Child Development
15. Kuhlmann, Ken Mechanical Engineering
16. Lampner, Wendy English
17. Laughlin, Marcie Psychology
18. Lee, John Natural Science
19. Lehmann, Patricia Accounting
20. Maglione, Louis Accounting
21. Malz, Stephen Finance
22. Masters, Amy Secondary Education
23. McCaslin, Shaun Mechanical Engineering
24. McCrobie, Lori Accounting
25. McDonald, Lawrence Finance
26. Meadows, Willow Communication
27. Merkel, Michele Political Science
28. Miller, Todd Political Science
29. Minjarik, Ludovit Electrical Engineering
30. Patrick, Joseph Music
31. Pulfer, Sharon Chemistry
32. Repko, Matthew Electrical Engineering
33. Richards, Heather Nursing
34. Ringer, Douglas Electronic Technology
35. Robertson, Ted Chemistry
36. Rosebrough, Christina Communication
37. Slavens, Roger Marketing/Advertising
38. Sluss, David Mathematics
39. Suhoza, Keith Electrical Engineering
40. Suhoza, Kelly Secondary Education
41. Textor, Linda Accounting
42. Trabert, Deborah Marketing
43. Trostle, Deborah Accounting
44. Unger, Kathleen Accounting
45. Urig, Brian Chemistry
46. Zook, Steven Electrical Engineering

Fall 1991

1. Brickman, Richard Communication
2. Gilbey, Brian Statistics
3. Hooker, John Accounting
4. Jalics, Laci Electrical Engineering
5. Johnson, David Computer Science
6. Kline, Douglas Finance
7. Kline, Richard Math & Computer Science
8. Mallo, Ted Computer Science
9. Maroon, Maria Music
10. Mattson, Amy Mechanical Engineering
11. McClintick, David Electrical Engineering
12. Miller, Julia Marketing
13. Moore, Bradley Physics
14. Osborne, Rebecca Accounting
15. Patton, James Electrical Engineering
16. Pring, Katherine Nursing
17. Rai, Anjoo Accounting
18. Saunders, Marnie English
19. Shorter, Edward Computer Science
20. Summers, Gregory Physics & History
21. Turchan, Christine Communication

Spring 1992

1. Albin, Holly Elementary Education
2. Albro, Tina Accounting
3. Bain, Laura Chemistry
4. Bair, Benjamin Political Science
5. Banks, Jennifer Accounting
6. Blakeman, James Computer Science
7. Brenner, Annette Chemical Engineering
8. Chinrock, Karen BS/MD
9. Chow, David BS/MD
10. DelGrosso, Lisa Political Science
11. Facemyer, Deborah Criminal Justice
12. George, Christopher Civil Engineering
13. Haisley, Camille Biology
14. Halley, Scott Mechanical Engineering
15. Helser, Jennifer Secondary Education
16. Hickman, Jason Political Science
17. Hull, Darin Mechanical Engineering
18. Javorsky, Carol Marketing
19. Jirousek, Lori English
20. Katsonouri, Andromachi Chemistry
21. Lindamood, Glenn Electrical Engineering
22. Llewellyn, Thomas Mechanical Engineering
23. Mach, David Civil Engineering
24. Mallo, Tim Chemical Engineering
25. Ogrodnichek, Heidi Elementary Education
26. Powell, Michelle Biology
27. Rastogi, Rahul BS/MD
28. Riley, Stacy Chemistry
29. Robinson, Jeffrey Accounting
30. Roth, Janine Communicative Disorders
31. Scholz, Tonya Communication
32. Sechler, Scott Chemical Engineering
33. Strauber, Christopher History
34. Stroup, Steve Civil Engineering
35. Stults, Janell Accounting
36. Talley, Tracy Chemical Engineering
37. Trabert, Susan Civil Engineering
38. Uehlein, Stephanie Psychology
39. Vicic, Michael Chemical Engineering
40. Weber, Nelson Mechanical Engineering
41. Wong, Alice Electrical Engineering

Fall 1992

1. Badger, Sharon Biology
2. Dadato, Mary Kathy Elementary Education
3. Gessner, Kristin Electrical Engineering
4. Kidd, David Electrical Engineering
5. Kiko, Louanne Accounting
6. Lee, John Electrical Engineering
7. Lummis, Constance Secondary Education
8. Miller, Charlotte Electrical Engineering
9. Negangard, Anessa BS/MD
10. Royer, Susan Special Education
11. Seguin, Jeanette Management
12. Smith, Michelle Management
13. Stenger, Edward Computer Science
14. Ulle, Ronald Marketing
15. Wu, Victoria BS/MD

Spring 1993

1. Aslanes, John Computer Science
2. Berdis, Lisa Electrical Engineering
3. Brown, Bruce Secondary Education
4. Broaddus, Glenna English
5. Bryan, John Elementary Education
6. Carlson, George Mechanical Engineering
7. Charlson, Stephanie Elementary Education
8. Cich, Deborah Accounting
9. Coultrap, John Philosophy/Political Science
10. Davis, Matthew Physical Education
11. Dennison, Patricia Management
12. DiLellio, James Applied Mathematics
13. Dimalanta, Eric Chemical Engineering
14. Dunn, Thomas English
15. Ellis, Christy Psychology
16. Engle, Traci Accounting
17. Forand, Christopher Electrical Engineering
18. Fritz, Stacy Elementary Education
19. Grooms, Kenneth Marketing
20. Hershberger, Kerri Biology
21. Hill, Carol Chemistry
22. Knauss, Julie Marketing
23. Labut, Christine Chemical Engineering
24. Laughlin, Michael Mechanical Engineering
25. Letz, Keith Mechanical Engineering
26. Meyers, Gene Robert Civil Engineering
27. Miller, Julianne Creative Writing
28. Mosley, Kevin Finance
29. Nuspl, Marshelle Mechanical Engineering
30. Panzarella, Charles Physics
31. Perl, Thomas Electrical Engineering
32. Prough, Denise Accounting
33. Schindler, Susan Accounting
34. Smith, Thomas Political Science
35. Visger, Mark Political Science
36. Zook, Christopher Mechanical Engineering

Fall 1993

1. Ayres, Lisa Secondary Education
2. Beynon, Laurie Elementary Education
3. Bolen, Donella Accounting
4. Bosu, Linda Geology/Secondary Education
5. George, Brenda Psychology
6. Jonke, Nicole Political Science
7. Kaeberlein, Evelyn Accounting
8. Metzger, Jennifer Art-Graphic Design
9. Nagy, Aimee Management
10. Owens, Tammy Medical Technology
11. Schlueter, Kelly Electrical Engineering
12. Shelestovich, Marci Elementary Education
13. Strubbe, David Math
14. Tebcherani, Lina Computer Science
15. Wilson, Laura Nursing

Spring 1994

1. Abbott, Donald Computer Science
2. Aiken, Shawn Civil Engineering
3. Allio, Dennis Chemical Engineering
4. Arness, Remy Psychology
5. Baxter, Jennifer Psychology
6. Bear, Michelle Marketing
7. Berdis, Philip Civil Engineering
8. Bowman, Thomas Chemical Engineering
9. Brant, Lynn Secondary Education
10. Capela, Leslie Secondary Education
11. D'Avello, Traci Elementary Education
12. Dandridge, Christina Communication
13. Dougherty, Melissa Accounting
14. Duck, Michele Nursing
15. Everitt, Lori Chemical Engineering
16. Franzen, Marlee Chemical Engineering
17. Gasber, Joshua Accounting
18. Graban, Matthew Accounting
19. Gumm, Paula Nursing
20. Halasa, Natasha Biology
21. Haluska, Marcy Secondary Education
22. Heiser, Candice Accounting
23. Hill, Scott Electrical Engineering
24. Hillrich, David Music Education
25. Hoersten, Matthew Mechanical Engineering
26. Houston, Holly Nursing
27. Jacops, Irene Music
28. James, Felicity Psychology
29. Jones, Marc Chemical Engineering
30. Keller, Samuel Social Science
31. Kessinger, Kevin Political Science
32. Knighton, Edmund English
33. Korns, Tiona Marketing
34. Krohn, Robert Art-Graphic Design
35. Kunze, Peter Chemical Engineering
36. Lile, Todd Accounting
37. Luther, Nicole Chemical Engineering
38. Mars, William Mechanical Engineering
39. Marter, Megan Psychology
40. Martin, Nicole Accounting
41. Mazurk, Christie Natural Science
42. Morgan, Suzanne Natural Science
43. Neumeister, Lori Chemical Engineering
44. Nichols, Lisa Elementary Education
45. Oppenheimer, Michael Electrical Engineering
46. Remmy, Jennifer Economics
47. Rosebrough, Catherine Special Education
48. Ryan, Eric Psychology
49. Shultz, Robert Humanities
50. Shultz, Thomas English
51. Sinn, Pamela Music
52. Snyder, Amanda Dance
53. Stepic, Michael Civil Engineering
54. Thomas, Cortney Electrical Engineering
55. Tursic, Stephanie Art-Graphic Design
56. Yeasting, Melissa Computer Science
57. Young, Jennifer Psychology
58. Zhang, Min Biology

Summer 1994

1. Bennett, Janet Accounting
2. Hartzler, Amy Computer Science
3. Hubach, Kristen Psychology
4. Lopresti, Mary Accounting
5. Mahek, Melinda Accounting
6. Spears, Jan Statistics
7. Titley, William Technical Education

Fall 1994

1. Becknell, Heather Music Education
2. Hooker, Cynthia Chemical Engineering
3. Hura, Jennifer Accounting
4. Lane, Michael Applied Mathematics
5. Molnar, Kelly Accounting
6. Moyto, Eric Accounting
7. Slinker, Margaret Art
8. Solli, Sheryl Economics
9. Tauzel, Damon Accounting
10. Verginis, Dimitrios Mechanical Engineering
11. Waser, Brooke Special Education

Spring 1995

1. Ambrose, Stacey Psychology
2. Asplund, Peter Chemical Engineering
3. Batina, Christine Nursing
4. Bowers, Jamie Chemical Engineering
5. Burns, Carrie Biology
6. Callahan, Jo-Ann Social Science
7. Carter, Christopher Chemical Engineering
8. Cook, Jennifer Elementary Education
9. Dang, Loi Elementary Education
10. DeLeon, Julie Psychology
11. Drummond, Amber Special Education
12. Gailey, Corinne Civil Engineering
13. Giffin, Lisa Psychology
14. Graham, Karen Art
15. Graham, Maurice Finance
16. Indermuhle, Dana Electrical Engineering
17. Indorf, Ian Music
18. Jensen, Rachel Psychology
19. Julius, John Political Science
20. Junko, Jeffrey Biology
21. Kaya, Alpay Mechanical Engineering
22. Keith, Jason Chemical Engineering
23. Mann, Amy Accounting
24. Marko, Jennifer Civil Engineering
25. McCune, Kelly Special Education
26. McMurray, Sharon Sociology
27. Milicevic, Cindy Chemical Engineering
28. Murphy, Daniel Mechanical Engineering
29. Oakes, Kristin Elementary Education
30. Park, Lynda Communicative Disorders
31. Paulus, Todd Natural Science
32. Persohn, Matthew Mechanical Engineering
33. Puhala, Aaron Chemical Engineering
34. Ray, Julie Music Education
35. Russell, Herbert Biology
36. Schlatter, Warren Civil Engineering
37. Shaffer, Robert Mathematics
38. Short, Erin Secondary Education
39. Smith, Kathryn Psychology
40. Stitz, Carl Applied Mathematics
41. Thomas, Barbara Dietetics
42. Timms, David Political Science
43. Traicoff, Gary Applied Mathematics
44. Truman, Dana Psychology
45. VanKirk, Thomas Mechanical Engineering
46. Veverka, Ryan Biology
47. Vladic, Frank Biology
48. Warren, Kelly Chemical Engineering
49. Wooledge, Steven Chemical Engineering
50. Wooley, Ryan English
51. Workinger, Angela Spanish
52. Youngs, Kelly English

Summer 1995

1. Cichon, Robert Electrical Engineering
2. Eagan, Michael Accounting
3. Emich, Brian Accounting
4. Hobdy, John Accounting
5. Lucas, Douglas Mechanical Engineering
6. Moldvay, Michael Accounting
7. Norman, Dawn Psychology
8. Patel, Roshani Natural Science
9. Ruhe, Michael Art
10. Savitski, Jennifer Biology
11. Shorter, Daniel Music Education

Fall 1995

1. Barto, Victoria Political Science
2. Bauer, Todd Biology
3. Gaebel, Susan History
4. Hall, Rebecca Computer Science
5. Lulfs, Chad Civil Engineering
6. Maibach, David Electrical Engineering
7. Weekley, Lori Jo Elementary Education
8. Yerian, Alane Accounting

Spring 1996

1. Aichlmayr, Hans Mechanical Engineering
2. Allen, Laurie Biology
3. Armstrong, Mary Geology
4. Banaszak, Cheryl Chemical Engineering
5. Barnes, Gerald Mechanical Engineering
6. Beers, Steven Electrical Engineering
7. Bier, Laura Psychology
8. Brant, Lorelei Art-Graphic Design
9. Chen, Tsang-Day Accounting
10. Cole, Jeanne Biology
11. Cordier, Suzi Finance
12. Davis, Shawn Philosophy
13. Ferguson, Kristel Music
14. Gorty, Sri Chemistry
15. Heckman, David Social Work
16. Hedrick, Scott Chemical Engineering
17. Hill, Brian Electrical Engineering
18. Holgate, Dawn Physical Education
19. Homer, Christopher Accounting
20. Homsher, David Communicative Disorder
21. Huenefeld, Daniel Chemical Engineering
22. Ju, Fiona Nursing
23. Kaeberlein, Margaret Nursing
24. Keeney, Dustin Civil Engineering
25. Kiehl, Kristine Elementary Education
26. LaScola, Tina Home Economics - Dietetics
27. Laukhuf, Shane Nursing
28. Lewis, Frank Electrical Engineering
29. Longville, Amy Chemical Engineering
30. Mitchell, Debra Nursing
31. Murillo, David Chemical Engineering
32. Nguyen, Truong Mechanical Engineering
33. Nguyen, Tuong Mechanical Engineering
34. Nunley, Cynthia Civil Engineering
35. Pelko, Jeffrey Accounting
36. Peoples, Carl Computer Science
37. Ramsier, Dean Electrical Engineering
38. Schafer, Jennifer Biology
39. Siefker, Nicole Secondary Education
40. Stephens, John Biology/Microbiology
41. Stevens, Heidi Elementary Education
42. Stevenson, Brian Chemical Engineering
43. Stoller, Anthony Marketing
44. Vollman, Tara Psychology
45. Wachauf, Jennifer Social Work
46. Yeager, Carrie Mechanical Engineering
47. Yeargin, Jennifer Special Education
48. Yovichin, Kristine Chemical Engineering

Summer 1996

1. Beckle, Jessica Marketing
2. Day, Lori Mathematics
3. Lukach, Susan Social Work
4. Redinger, Carolyn English
5. Varvaro, Michael Marketing
6. Wright, Rebecca Biology

Fall 1996

1. Birt, Patrick Physical Education
2. Marckel, Jason Computer Science
3. Norris, Miriam Sociology
4. Paulus, Julie Elementary Education
5. Sage, Aaron Management

Spring 1997

1. Adkins, Dana Electrical Engineering
2. Alessandro, Steven Chemical Engineering
3. Ankeny, Daniel Biology
4. Baer, Jeffrey Electrical Engineering
5. Barth, Eugenie Civil Engineering
6. Bemiller, Michelle Political Science
7. Bisesi, Toni Political Science
8. Borovsky, Victoria Biology
9. Brake, Julia Communicative Disorders
10. Breon, Brent Mechanical Engineering
11. Chaffin, Michelle Nursing
12. Conrad, Carl Secondary Education
13. Creed, Phillip Chemical Engineering
14. DuFore, Scott Electrical Engineering
15. Gallagher, John Nursing
16. Gambaccini, John Political Science
17. Garris, Megan Communicative Disorders
18. Giesige, Lori Nursing
19. Ginn, Amy Communication
20. Givens, Samuel Mechanical Engineering
21. Graham, Jason Mechanical Engineering
22. Houston, Nathaniel Electrical Engineering
23. Hurst, Joseph Electrical Engineering
24. Ivari, Kirsten English
25. Jones, Jason Civil Engineering
26. Kaehler, Nicole Nursing
27. Kahook, Malik Nursing
28. Katich, Amy Marketing
29. Kefalas, Costas Natural-Science-BS/MD
30. Kendall, Marie Modern Languages
31. Kercheff, Jason Mechanical Engineering
32. Kobyluck, Angela Biology
33. Krause, Jeffrey Mechanical Engineering
34. Landers, James Chemical Engineering
35. Luby, James Chemical Engineering
36. Maas, Michele Communicative Disorders
37. Mangun, Jeffery Accounting
38. Manzuk, Wendy English
39. Miller, Kristine Accounting
40. Osborne, Penny Sociology
41. Palladino, James Electrical Engineering
42. Parsons, Joanne Nursing
43. Patel, Roma Biology
44. Peplin, Caroline Nursing
45. Quan, Trung Chemical Engineering
46. Rader, Melissa Nursing
47. Ramsey, Kimberly Natural Science
48. Ries, Christopher Chemical Engineering
49. Roberts, Emily Biology
50. Scott, Christopher Electrical Engineering
51. Senyek, Christopher Accounting
52. Sloan, Staci Accounting
53. Specht, Jason Chemical Engineering
54. Swingle, Kathy Social Work
55. Thomas, Jeffrey Electrical Engineering
56. Waldsmith, Diane Biology
57. Wegelin, Jackson Mechanical Engineering
58. Wood, Ryan Electronic Technology
59. Yuzwa, Marty Chemical Engineering
60. Zackasee, Amy Nursing
61. Zook, Teresa Chemistry

Summer 1997

1. Eskra, Cynthia Social Work
2.Griffin, Dustin Biology
3. Hajjafar, Layla Natural Science-BS/MD
4. Hobson, Caitlin Psychology
5. Korcok, Melinda Secondary Education
6. Teeters, Kristen Art

Fall 1997

1. Barnes, Neil Accounting
2. Charlson, Michelle Elementary Education
3. Clearwater, Lahoma English
4. Hill, Sherri Computer Science
5. Johnson, Jennifer Elementary Education
6. Kokiko, Krista Secondary Education
7. Slabach, Wendell Accounting
8. Webber, Jennifer Social Work
9. Woods, Lisa Biology

Spring 1998

1. Adamov, Donald Biology
2. Allen, Danielle Music Education
3. Aulger, Cynthia Music Education
4. Bologna, Stephanie Biology
5. Breon, Nicole Elementary Education
6. Campagna, Steven Nursing
7. Cody, Trinity Marketing
8. Conner, Kelly Nursing
9. Craddock, Melissa Political Science
10. Dubravetz, Michael Accounting
11. Elchert, Matthew Chemical Engineering
12. Faeth, Heather Communication
13. French, Nathan Accounting
14. Gannon, Lynn Psychology
15. Gerlach, Susan Computer Science
16. Groubert, Connie Nursing
17. Guy, Heather Elementary Education
18. Haas, Aaron Psychology
19. Herro, Robert Electrical Engineering
20. Janesh, Joseph Mechanical Engineering
21. Johnson, Nathan Biology
22. Kandel, Kari Music
23. Khoury, Elizabeth Secondary Education
24. Leugers, Sara Applied Mathematics
25. Little, Jill Communicative Disorders
26. Maibach, Larisa Home Economics: Interior Design
27. Maietta, Tracy Nursing
28. Manz, Anthony Mechanical Engineering
29. Mateevici, Irene Modern Languages
30. McMillen, Jennifer Elementary Education
31. McMullen, Jill Home Economics: Clothing & Textiles
32. Moyto, Jody Dietetics
33. Paul, Noel Chemistry
34. Pilati, Melody Elementary Education
35. Pruneski, Amy Chemistry
36. Salem, Rhoda Dietetics
37. Schetz, David Electrical Engineering
38. Schmuhl, Nathan Chemical Engineering
39. Sheffer, Anne Philosophy
40. Stone, Erika Biology
41. Talvan, Grace Modern Languages
42. Tonn, Becky Psychology
43. Tunnell, Melissa Special Education
44. VanSickle, Michael Physics
45. Webster, Brandon Chemical Engineering
46. West, Cristina Mechanical Engineering
47. Williams, Derek Engineering
48. Wright, Alison Biology
49. Zakich, Sandra English

Summer 1998

1. Bowman, Daniel Physics
2. Brister, Stephen Mechanical Engineering
3. Hilburn, Shelley Accounting
4. Stitz, Daniel Accounting
5. Strain, Caroline Communicative Disorders
6. Williams, Garth Physics
7. Wierwille, Kristina Biology

Fall 1998

1. Copac, Christopher Computer Science
2. Flasco, Laura Elementary Education
3. Gembicki, Timothy Political Science
4. Hartman, Ann Accounting
5. Hastings, Denise Social Work
6. Hudak-Blaz, Meredith Accounting
7. Jewell, Rebecca English
8. Lundblad, Christine Communicative Disorders
9. Molloy, Rebecca Dietetics
10. Oyster, Peter Mechanical Engineering
11. Strait, Alynne Electronic Engineering Technology
12. Todorovich, Wendy Special Education
13. Wagner, Brett Music
14. Welfe, Barbara Accounting
15. Wolfe, Kelley Chemistry

Spring 1999

1. Abrams, Jacqueline Social Work
2. Catlett, Justin Biology
3. Dechert, Lisa Art
4. DeLuca, Bradley Political Science
5. Eichler, Stephanie Nursing
6. Farnsworth, Christina English
7. Foster, Shannon Biology
8. Frank, Maurice Mechanical Engineering
9. Froehlich, Aaron Psychology
10. Gailey, Gail Civil Engineering
11. Gschnell, Gretchen Mechanical Engineering
12. Hayes, McClain Secondary Education
13. Herro, Gina Secondary Education
14. Hobdy, Janet Electrical Engineering
15. Kendall, Laura Secondary Education
16. Kettenbauer, Norman Mechanical Engineering
17. King Price, Sharyn, Marketing/Sales Management; Marketing/Int'l Bus.
18. Kohn, Rosalie Secondary Education
19. Krebs, Sharon Nursing
20. Losh, Derek Civil Engineering
21. Luggie, Brenda Music
22. Mathews, Michael Chemical Engineering
23. Millard, Justin Biology
24. Minnich, Danielle Chemical Engineering
25. Molenaur, Justin Chemical Engineering
26. Morris, John Chemical Engineering
27. Nevius, David Civil Engineering
28. Northrup, Kristen Accounting
29. Raber, Alana Psychology
30. Roeder, Bruce Chemical Engineering
31. Scalera, Nikole Biology
32. Scavone, Lisa Mathematics
33. Shaffer, Shelly Civil Engineering
34. Snyder, Shirley English
35. Stibley, Michael Mechanical Engineering
36. Suzelis, Kara Biology
37. Taylor, Nathan Biology
38. Timmer, Elizabeth Elementary Education
39. Trabert, Pattie Civil Engineering
40. Untch, Joy Chemical Engineering
41. Wagner, Eric Civil Engineering
42. Wahl, William Electrical Engineering
43. Warren, Eric Mechanical Engineering
44. WestFall, Anne Communicative Disorders
45. Williamson, William Finance

Summer 1999

1. Cich, Gina Accounting
2. Goshe, Joseph Communications
3. Popham, Deborah English
4. Raab, Andrea Dance
5. Si, Minggang Chemical Engineering
6. Spirko, Alisha Biology

Fall 1999

1. Brahler, Todd Accounting
2. Carpenter, Melinda Finance
3. Cheline, Christina Accounting
4. Delos Reyes, Arthur Mathematics
5. Gilbert, Gordon Electronic Engineering Technology
6. Horn, John Computer Science
7. Lurtz, Jennifer Communicative Disorders
8. Mennell, Beth Dietetics
9. Miller, Jennifer Communications
10. Miller, Matthew Accounting
11. Morrow, Jesse Applied Mathematics
12. Schenkenberger, Jennifer Mathematics
13. Sommer, Megan Special Education
14. Stanoszek, Byron Computer Science
15. Szydlowska, Isabela Accounting
16. Trenta, Kelly English
17. Wroblewski, Janet Music

Spring 2000

1. Baer, Noah Mechanical Engineering
2. Belardo, Jamie Marketing
3. Biber, Jennifer Chemistry
4. Black, Steven Biology
5. Bogolin, Barbara Chemical Engineering
6. Bowdle, Aaron Computer Science
7. Bowman, Michelle Biology
8. Chrusciel, Allison Dance
9. DiNardo, Susan Nursing
10. Edwards, Douglas English
11. Evans, Ryan Chemical Engineering
12. Evert, Heather Dance
13. Friedberg, Meredith Chemical Engineering
14. Garrison, Kara Applied Mathematics
15. Gross, Daniel Mechanical Engineering
16. Hilker, Christopher Chemical Engineering
17. Holland, Jeremy Computer Science
18. Kern, Royden Mechanical Engineering
19. Kleman, Bradey Biology
20. Lofton, Jennifer Chemical Engineering
21. Logan, Paul Civil Engineering
22. Marko, Jonathan Mechanical Engineering
23. Marino, Kelly Art
24. Marquart, Sharon Modern Languages
25. Morrisette, Malia Music Performance
26. Moskos, Frank Biology
27. Muehleisen, Scott Automated Manufacturing Engineering Technology
28. Mull, Jeremy Secondary Education
29. Piland, Evan Chemical Engineering
30. Ribic, Klemen Biology
31. Rhoads, Gabriel Chemical Engineering
32. Roosa, Emily Secondary Education
33. Rotunda, Marlene Humanities
34. Shaffer, Angela Accounting
35. Swearingen, NiCole Psychology
36. Taylor, Todd Civil Engineering
37. Thompson, Christopher Chemical Engineering
38. Uhrain, Michael Mechanical Engineering
39. Unverferth, Gina Dance
40. Urvay, Melanie Social Work
41. Valiski, Christine Chemistry
42. Vorhees, Robert International Business
43. Vujica, Joe Mechanical Engineering
44. Wetmore, Stephanie Communicative Disorders
45. Wisner, Kristy Communication
46. Yost, Matthew Marketing

Summer 2000

1. Akers, Matthew English
2. Fahoum, Terri Marketing
3. Horn, Jill Management
4. Starkey, Stephen Computer Science
5. Starr, Lisa English
6. Young, Erin Physical Education

Fall 2000

1. Eyre, Cara Social Work
2. Fratz, Kimberly Communicative Disorders
3. Hopkins, Jennifer Elementary Education
4. Jacob, Dawn Philosophy
5. Jasbeck, E. Douglas English
6. Leugers, Katti Interior Design
7. Tabatcher, Patrick Art

Spring 2001

1. Angus, Sarah Music
2. Bateman, Betty Accounting
3. Beck, Timothy Mechanical Engineering
4. Bowling, Benjamin Communication
5. Cain, Benjamin Computer Science
6. Candea, Christine Biology
7. Cooper, Lydia English
8. Curtis, Lisa Natural Science
9. DeMita, Rachel Biology
10. Dodson, Jason Political Science
11. Duber, Mark Biology
12. Duncan, Treasa Nursing
13. Fagnilli, Amy Secondary Education
14. Frase, Hilary Chemistry
15. Geurink, Melinda Nursing
16. Herron, Joshua Mechanical Polymer Engineering
17. Hicho, Ann Mechanical Engineering
18. Hobbs, Michael Civil Engineering
19. Holmes, Christopher Communication
20. Huff, Jessica Elementary Education
21. Hunyadi, Joshua Communication
22. Hutson, Jennifer Elementary Education
23. Imhoff, Caroline Secondary Education
24. Jablonski, Keith Philosophy
25. Jentner, Seth Chemical Engineering
26. Jones, Sarah Nursing
27. Kay, Jeffrey Chemistry
28. Kensicki, Eric Biology
29. Kostko, Aaron Philosophy
30. Kuhn, Corey Mechanical Engineering
31. Lazzerini, Frank Biology
32. Markowski, Todd Accounting
33. Marks, Jamie Elementary Education
34. McNulty, Timothy Biology
35. Metheney, Jason Music
36. Meyer, Robert Chemical Engineering
37. Morris, Cheryl Art
38. Nickras, James English
39. Niziolek, Jeffrey Psychology
40. Novick, Jennifer Marketing
41. Palmer, Matthew Mathematics
42. Pratt, Jennifer International Business
43. Rittman, Lawrence Chemical Engineering
44. Roberts, Adam Mathematics
45. Schmidt, Deena Mathematics
46. Segedy, Christian Art
47. Smith, Andrew Chemical Engineering
48. Swiatek, Jennifer Sociology
49. Thomas, Christine Economics
50. Thomas, Melissa Dance
51. Walchalk, Lisa Biology
52. Walsh, Shawn Physics

Summer 2001

1. Brake, Matthew Mechanical Engineering
2. Kapusinski, Shaun Marketing
3. Magensky, Jill Political Science
4. Von Spiegel, Jacqueline Psychology
5. Williams, Victoria Music
6. Wilson, Anne Marie Marketing

Fall 2001

1. Costiuc, Claudia International Business
2. Dadd, Elizabeth Music
3. Dieringer, Todd Communications
4. Eichler, Andrea Marketing
5. Gnizak, Elizabeth Psychology
6. Honabarger, Jason Mechanical Polymer Engineering
7. Houk, Bernadette Communicative Disorders
8. Jenkins, Sean Art
9. Klatte, Ryan Biomedical Engineering
10. Kolba, Kelly Secondary Education
11. Lavery, Mary Accounting
12. Orians, Aaron Applied Mathematics
13. Robinson, Dawn Interior Design
14. Serfass, Elaine English
15. Thornburg, Marybeth English
16. Warrick, Philip Computer Science

Spring 2002

1. Alves-Parks, Johanna English
2. Arvay, Jennifer Dance
3. Baitz, Nicole Biology
4. Basch, Daniel Mechanical Engineering
5. Beck, April Marketing
6. Bernat, Andrew Finance
7. Boley, Lisa Dance
8. Bowe, Lisa Biology
9. Bradford, Seth Biology
10. Burick, Joseph Accounting
11. Calhoun, Elicia Modern Languages
12. Carpenter, Dustin Mechanical Engineering
13. Conner, Douglas Computer Engineering
14. Cooper, Sierra Marketing
15. Cottrill, Christina English
16. Crews, Kara Anthropology
17. Crockett, Shaun Graphic Design
18. Davis, Joshua Art History
19. Dragomir, Holly Mathematics
20. Dubravetz, David Computer Science
21. Dubravetz, Diane Graphic Design
22. Ducharme, Dustin Biomedical Engineering
23. Easterling, Cassondra Biology
24. Ehrlinspiel, Erin Nursing
25. Elliott, Steven Political Science
26. Engelhardt, Jennifer Biology
27. Frase, Heather English
28. Gaebel, Robert Biology
29. Gasser, Ryan Biology
30. Golden, Nicholas Civil Engineering
31. Graham, Matthew Chemical Engineering
32. Grunder, Amanda English
33. Habermann, Helen Philosophy
34. Hanneman, Christopher Mechanical Polymer Engineering
35. Hartman, Jeffrey Civil Engineering
36. Herro, Douglas Electrical Engineering
37. Hilker, Jennifer Musical Theatre
38. Janutolo, Alison International Business
39. Jonovich, Mark Emergency Management
40. Juliano, Melissa Biology
41. Kaufman, Kara Secondary Education
42. Kupchella, Kevin Mechanical Engineering
43. Larson, Kimberly Sport and Exercise Science
44. Ledden, Timothy Chemical Engineering
45. Loudon, Rachel English
46. Marks, Christopher Secondary Education
47. Morabito, Stacy Management
48. Morgan, Jessica Physics
49. Mounsey, Karen History
50. Nicholson, Shay Accounting
51. Obenour, Daniel Civil Engineering
52. Pavelzik, Jodi Management
53. Rabe, Joel Mathematics
54. Sabaka, Christina Communication
55. Schrager, Rebecca Communication
56. Shall, Todd Management
57. Sheets, David Computer Science
58. Slabach, Bryan Mechanical Engineering
59. Tillinger, Allison Art History
60. Tucker, Kathleen English
61. Utz, Zachary Mechanical Engineering
62. Whims, Martin Accounting
63. White, Jessica Elementary Education
64. Williams, Marcus Music
65. Wilt, Amanda Marketing

Summer 2002

1. Cameron, Joshua Secondary Education
2. Fleet, Todd Electrical Engineering
3. Godinich, Jacklyn Dance
4. Harris, Andrew Communication
5. Neal, Daniel Computer Engineering
6. Perry, Carissa Accounting
7. Placek, Nicole Biology
8. Volkar, Carie Voice Performance

Fall 2002

1. Hannah Andrews Paining and Drawing
2. Bradley Buczynski Biology
3. John DiBenedetto Management
4. Melissa Dillon Early Childhood Education
5. Amanda Ellis Dance
6. Bryce Emery Middle Education, Math and Language Arts
7. Sarah Lloyd Biology
8. Peter Mazzeo Engineering Geology
9. Alexxis McConnell Early Childhood Education
10. Mark McElroy Mechanical Engineering
11. Elizabeth McGinley Secondary Education
12. Stephanie Milk Mechanical Engineering
13. Anthony Morabito Finance
14. Melissa Plaufcan Psychology
15. John Scarito Mechanical Engineering
16. Amanda Spayd Graphic Design
17. Lorri Thomas Political Science
18. Benjamin Weber Music Education

Spring 2003

1. William R. Adkins Electrical Engineering
2. Mary Ellen Aston Social Work
3. Isabel Averill Mathematics
4. Timothy R. Bachman Civil Engineering
5. Nicholas Barnes Mechanical Engineering
6. Dara Bauman Accounting
7. Felecia M. Bell Middle Level Education
8. Robyn K. Brown English
9. Matthew Cannon Biology
10. Anne M. Cizmar English
11. Jennifer L. Contofalsky Biology
12. Erin M. Curtis Civil Engineering
13. David L. Damm Mechanical Engineering
14. Charles Daugherty Mechanical Engineering
15. Jamie E. Davis Metalsmithing/Sculpture
16. Thomas Diamond Mechanical Engineering
17. Erica Eckert Accounting
18. Dawn Engelhart Mechanical Engineering
19. Sarah Fisher Communication
20. Gregory L. Fowler Philosophy
21. Penny L. Fox Communication
22. Brian P. Frackelton Computer Engineering
23. Meghan B. Franz Biology
24. Joseph A. Galbreath Graphic Design
25. Michael J. Gintert Mechanical Polymer Engineering
26. Candace M. Gustine Graphic Design
27. Jeff Harlan Information Systems Management
28. Christopher J. Harmon Computer Engineering
29. Jennifer L. Harold History
30. Emily J. Hilker Fine Arts
31. Mary C. January Civil Engineering
32. Katie E. Jones Circular and Instructional Studies
33. Samantha C. Kelley Accounting
34. Jenni-Ann Kimmel Early Childhood Education
35. Lucas E. Kinzel Mechanical Engineering
36. Isaac Kirbawy Mechanical Engineering
37. Edward A. Klepacz Economics
38. Jason Kneale Electrical Engineering
39. Mary S. Knust Theoretical and Applied Math
40. Jessica K. Kocaj International Business and German
41. Mary L. Kovalesky History and Political Science
42. Amber Krauss Mechanical Engineering
43. Paul Lee Mechanical Engineering
44. Paula E. Leonardi Marketing Management and Advertising
45. Kyle J. Liston History
46. Jennifer E. Long Secondary Education
47. James M. Malone Mechanical Engineering
48. Benjamin D. Marko Mathematics
49. Christina M. McCarthy English and Music
50. Jeremiah S. McNatt Physics
51. Kendra M. Menzie Music Performance
52. Emily R. Miller Music Education
53. Russell Moser Mechanical Engineering
54. Jonathan Mueller Biomedical Engineering
55. Cristina Pastore Civil Engineering
56. Shama C. Patel Chemical Engineering
57. Brian Polen Mechanical Engineering
58. Jason Randall Mechanical Polymer Engineering
59. Ruth Schadle Nursing
60. Heather R. Shall History
61. Autum F. Shinn Advertising
62. Brigette M. Shy Psychology
63. Matthew D. Snyder Mechanical Engineering
64. Misty Starkey Adolescent Education
65. Bradley Vugrinovich Chemical Engineering
66. Heather R. Wagner Music Performance/ Music History and Literature
67. Laura Walls Secondary Education
68. Jeromie L. Walters Computer Science
69. Emily M. Wilson Art - Sculpture
70. Heather Wolff History

Summer 2003

1. Jacquelyn Bair Marketing
2. Stacia Catlette Business and Organizational Communications
3. Holly Facer Theatre Arts
4. Leigh Fox Marketing Management
5. Stephen Hanudel Accounting
6. Joshua Melendez International Business
7. Jamie Myers Applied Math
8. Anne Rich Marketing
9. Laura Santurri Anthropology
10. Jennifer Tinkham Music
11. Penelope Walker English and French
12. Ying Yan Zhang Accounting

Fall 2003

1. Plamen M. Armoutliev International Business
2. Vicki L. Black International Business
3. Stephanie R. Devers Mass-Media Communications
4. Sara L. Hirschy Computer Science
5. William J. Holtz Geology
6. Alicia C. Joseph International Business
7. Kathryn Kuzior Accounting
8. Jason Little Nursing
9. Julie Maier Communications
10. Tim Mishler Political Science/ Criminal Justice
11. Dickon Newman Computer Science
12. Jesson Prohaska Chemical Engineering
13. Shyamala Rao Computer Science
14. Jennifer Thompson Elementary Education
15. Michael Tipton Computer Science
16. Coral Wheeler Mathematics

Spring 2004

1. Christine Abbuhl-- Psychology
2. Ginnette Adams-- Dance
3. Mark Alessandro-- Chemical Engineering
4. Adam Armstrong-- Emergency Management
5. Kimberly Biber-- International Business*
6. Dennis Boley--Chemical Engineering*
7. Kristen Boyle-- Dance
8. Amy M. Brown-- Accounting and Finance
9. Ines Busuladzic-- Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
10. Renee Carter-- Civil Engineering
11. Casey Castner-- Appiled Mathematics
12. Bryan Celik-- Civil Engineering
13. Brent Cherkala-- Accounting
14. David Chuhay-- Computer Science*
15. Christina Cocirteu-- Biology
16. Adessa E. Crawford-- Chemistry*
17. Shannon Cunningham-- Biology
18. Matthew Daugherty-- Pre Physical Therapy
19. Richard Deneen-- Mathematics
20. Dustin Donnelly-- Chemical Engineering
21. Kevin Donnelly-- Biomedical Engineering
22. Michael S. Fausnight-- Social Science: Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics Track
23. Vincent Formica-- Computer Engineering
24. Elizabeth Galambos-- Marketing Management
25. Jennifer Hayes-- Mechanical Engineering
26. Emily Holland-- Nursing
27. Ryan Iammarino-- Mechanical Engineering
28. Lisa Iceman-- Music Education
29. Shandell Jamal-- Communication
30. Ethan T. Jordan-- English
31. Bethany Judd-- Accounting
32. Rebecca Kalmeyer-- Music
33. Emily Keeler-- Music
34. Anne E. Lazzerini-- Corporate Finance and Financial Services
35. Andrea Lincoln-- Mechanical Engineering Technology
36. Angela J. Locke --Child Life
37. James McCollum-- History/Philosophy
38. Sarah L. McNickle-- Chemical Engineering
39. Elizabeth Miller-- Chemical Engineering
40. Diana Moore-- Dance
41. Danielle Moskos-- Natural Science
42. Natalie Nichols-- Chemical Engineering*
43. Amanda Parks-- Psychology
44. Lisa Pennza-- Biology
45. Katie Pepe-- Civil Engineering*
46. Sabeshan Sean Periyathamby
47. Brian Polantz-- Mathematics
48. Luke Poth-- Electrical Engineering
49. Amanda Pritts-- Nursing*
50. Raunaq Pungaliya-- International Business
51. Elisa Reyes-- Accounting
52. Amanda Ricciardi-- Integrated Mathematics
53. Benjamin Roth-- Mechanical Engineering
54. Jennie Saviers-- Civil Engineering
55. William Sebastian-- Electrical Engineering
56. Robin Seibel-- Physics
57. Matthew Jerome Shepard-- Physics / Applied Mathematics
58. Jonathan Snelting-- Mechanical Engineering
59. Bryan Sobczyk-- Computer Engineering
60. Justin Southall-- Pre Physical Therapy
61. Beth Steffel-- Graphic Design Consumer Marketing
62. Joshua Stein-- Geography
63. Samantha Stubblefield-- Biology
64. Andrew Svenson-- Mechanical Engineering*
65. Gina Szweda-- Biomedical Engineering
66. Jared Utz-- Mechanical Engineering
67. Charles Van Horn-- Mechanical Engineering
68. Mary Varga-- Sports and Exercise Science
69. Megan K. Warren-- Chemical Engineering
70. David Weber-- Chemical Engineering
71. Jonathan WestFall--- Psychology
72. Daniel Wise-- Marketng
73. Michelle Yusufi-- International Business
74. Sabrina Zart-- Fashion Merchandising
75. Kimberly Zingale-- Graphic Design

Fall 2004

  1. Bischoff, Eric R., Middle Level Education
  2. Bischoff, Susan M., Mid. Level Education, Lang Arts/Math
  3. Bryant, Cassandra L., International Business
  4. Kendrick, Laurence L.  Interdisciplinary Studies
  5. Kidner, Sara R., Family Development
  6. Little, Jason M, Music, Percussion Performance
  7. Marimon, Ryan T., Entrepreneurship
  8. McHenry, Amanda L.. Political Science, Criminal Justice
  9. Mead, Linda N., Mid. Level Education, Social Studies/Lang, Arts
  10. Roberts, Mark W., Computer Science
  11. Shreffler, Matthew J., English
  12. Smith, Eric C., Biology
  13. Smith, Henry B., Interdisciplinary Anthropology
  14. Yevtukh, Halina, Finance

Spring 2005

  1. Asare-Bediako, Kyerewaa, Nursing
  2. Baldovinescu, Stefani, Business Administration, Global Selling
  3. Bland, Christina R., Business Administration, Market Management
  4. Callihan, Erin M. , Educational Foundations, Instructional Tech
  5. Casto, Mary C., Nursing
  6. Chitulea, Dana A, Bus. Admin., Intn’l Business, Foreign Lang
  7. Comer, Jeffrey R, Applied Mathematics
  8. Cottrill, Tara E, Criminal Justice Technology
  9. Cross, Michelle R., Music-Arts, Integrated Math
  10. Danelishen, Sara L., Business Administration, Marketing Management
  11. Darus, Nathan P., Political Science, American Politics
  12. Dashley, Laura L, English
  13. DeWitt, Jeffrey A., Mechanical Engineering
  14. Distel, Heather L, Chemistry
  15. Duffy, Debra Danielle. English
  16. Eichler, Amelia R, Nursing
  17. Eichler, Julia E, Early Childhood Education
  18. Franks, Marie A., Nursing
  19. Friedman, Robert J, Mechanical Engineering
  20. Gayheart, Jeb. W., Engineering, Chemistry
  21. Gill, Kathryn A., International Business, Foreign Language
  22. Gillespie, Ryan M., Civil Engineering
  23. Gishbaugher, Jaclyn J.. AYA Integrated Language Arts
  24. Grecar, Matthew A., Computer Science
  25. Griffin, Adam C., Mathematics
  26. Grimshaw, Ronda J., Art Education
  27. Hawkins, Jeffery M., Management, Supply Chain/OPER Management
  28. Hayslip, Nunzio D., Computer Engineering
  29. Helgeson, Caleb J., Mathematics, Engineering
  30. Hinegardner, Jillian M., AYA Integrated Social Studies
  31. Hooker, Shalyn L., E-marketing, Advertising
  32. Hosey, Michelle A., Biology, Animal Physiology
  33. Huffman, Rachel A, Dance
  34. Jenca, Matthew R., Business Administration
  35. Jett, Kimberly A., Biology, Microbiology
  36. Johnson, Amanda D., Business Administration, Global Selling
  37. Johnson, Bradley S, Electrical Engineering
  38. Kay, Laurie A, Biology, Animal Physiology
  39. Kendrick, Thomas Y., Law, Mechanical Engineering
  40. Kiefer, Walter D., Applied Mathematics
  41. Kulick, Nathan P, Computer Engineering
  42. Lederle, Jennifer A, Middle Level Education
  43. Lewis, Todd M., Mechanical Polymer Engineering
  44. Matousek, Amanda L, PK-12 Foreign Language Spanish
  45. Matt, Andrew J., English
  46. McDonnell, Lori A, Mathematics
  47. McGowan, Megan C., English
  48. McIntosh, Jonathan D.  Mechanical Engineering
  49. Miller, Cyndra L., Political Science, American Politics
  50. Mock, Denae A., Psychology
  51. Morris, Joseph J., Chemistry, Mathematics
  52. Mullen, Andrea, , Geology
  53. Muran, Jamilee R, Biology, Zoology
  54. Nine, Rebecca E, AYA Integrated Mathematics
  55. Paulin, Joseph V., Surveying Engineering Tech
  56. Pemberton, Katelyn A. Nursing
  57. Peterson, Laura L., Biology, Microbiology
  58. Popescu, Ioan S., Computer Science
  59. Posgai, Ryan T., Biology
  60. Repasky, Arin M, E-Business Tech, Information Systems Management
  61. Roller, William J., Nursing
  62. Schiffer, Janet C., Chemistry
  63. Semborski, Aimee L., Mechanical Engineering
  64. Sena, Kristen L., Early Childhood Education
  65. Shaw, Jennifer N, Conflict Management
  66. Singleton, Steven B, Women's Studies
  67. Smith, Brian A, Applied Politics
  68. Smith, Michael A, Professional Writing
  69. Smith, Rachel J., Spanish Education
  70. Sonnenberg, Elaine S., Music, Organ Performance
  71. Talbert, Daniel P., English
  72. Teli, Sunny, , Electrical Engineering
  73. Thomas, Jill C., Chemistry
  74. Thompson, Laura A., Interior Design
  75. Tulodzieski, Jacqueline  Biology
  76. Turlik, Alissa R., Psychology
  77. Walters, Bryan C, Biomedical Engineering
  78. Waszkowski, Alicia M. Early Childhood Education
  79. Widmer, Steven A., Biology
  80. Williams, Benjamin J., Music, Composition
  81. Wojtowicz, Stacey M.  Nursing
  82. Zevenbergen, Jacquelyn, Biology
  83. Zmrazek, Bradford, Mechanical Engineering

Summer 2005

  1. Cicone, Toni L., English
  2. Danelishen, Sara L., Business Administration/Marketing
  3. Gable, Timothy, J., Philosophy, Business Administration
  4. Gasser, Evan, Construction Engineering
  5. Heinnickel, Christopher, A., Mechanical Engineering
  6. Jones, Angela D., Accounting
  7. Keegan, Aliesha M, AYA Integ. Mathematics
  8. Kenney, Lauren, E., Law
  9. Kushner, Stephen P., Political Science
  10. Melko, Tiffany A, Bus. Admin, Market Management
  11. Minnich, Melissa R, Spanish, Accounting, Music-Arts
  12. Pickens, Ellen J., Business Administration, Accounting
  13. Polovick, Ben D., Statistics, Mathematics
  14. Radecky, Bryan E., Business Administration, Accounting
  15. Selby, Carolyn M., Physical Education – Sports Sciences
  16. Shall, Roberta L., Social Work, Psychology
  17. Thompson, Brooks R.  AYA Integ. Language Arts

Fall 2005

  1. Baitz, Kimberly A., Corporate Financial Management
  2. Beery, Molly A., Mechanical Engineering
  3. Bozin, Marie A., Psychology and Sociology
  4. Cottrell, Michelle A., Mechanical Polymer Engineering
  5. Ducharme, Naomi, Math and Sec. Education: Integ. Math
  6. Frase, Adam D., Middle Level Education
  7. Golz, Heike E., Statistics
  8. Gustafson, Amanda K. Early Childhood Education
  9. Hagat, Andrew W., Graphic Design
  10. Heimberger, Hannah E. Early Childhood Education
  11. Kaut, Steven R., Accounting
  12. Kimberlin, Ashley G., Early Childhood Education
  13. Kincaid, Nicholas D., Philosophy
  14. Krauss, Maria S., Child Life
  15. Lieszkovszky, Michelle L, Market Mng’t, French/Modern Lang, Advert/E-Market
  16. Lukach, Emily L., Early Childhood Education
  17. McCoy, Korisa R., Family Development
  18. McDonnell, Margaret K., Political Science
  19. McGaha, Nicole M., Mathematics
  20. McNutt, Carolyn N., Integrated Language Arts
  21. Morrison, Michelle L., Middle Level Education
  22. Putka, Katherine A, Art – History Emphasis
  23. Ras, Maria K., AYA Integrated Lang Arts
  24. Snyder, Wendy M., Civil Engineering
  25. Stuttler, Brandy L., Market Mng’t/E-Marketing/Advertising

Spring 2006

Baker, Brian M, Biomedical Engineering
Braddock, Jason D., Theoretical and Applied Mathematics
Bucciero, Anna, Business and Organizational Communication
Bugansky, Elizabeth I., Spanish and PK-12 Spanish Education
Byrne, Christopher P, Information Systems Management
Carpino, Richard, Mechanical Engineering
Ciotti, Matthew J., Biology
Cole, Bethanie A, Psychology
Connelly, Nicholas A, Chemical Engineering
Diaconu, Andreea E., I, International Business
DiRienzo, Kelly H., Chemistry
Divis, Gregory A., Computer Engineering
Dodd, Arielle E., Natural Science:BS/MD
Dotterer, Bethany C, Nursing
Drouhard, Brittany L, Nursing
Drouhard, Dorothy A., Mechanical Engineering
Dudek, Kristen M, Chemical Engineering
Dutka, Monika K., Economics
Emery, Jaime L., Biology
Farkas, Joel A., Biology
Faucett, James M., Electrical Engineering
Finneran, Molly R., Applied Mathematics
Frank, Carrie A. , Bus. and Org. Communication/Public Relations
Franz, Shannon B., Nursing
Fulton, Nicholas L, Biology-Pre-Med
Hamilton, Nicholas J, Chemical Engineering
Henley Matthew S, Chemical Engineering
Herman, Paul A, Civil Engineering
Hibbs, Diana J.,  Busi. and Organizational Communications/Public Relations
Hilty, Andrea M., Biomedical Engineering
Holmes, Roseann E., Business and Organizational Communication
Horstman, Kevin P., Business Administration
Humphrey, Tasha R., Bus. and Org. Comm./Public Relations
Hunter, Lisa M.,Mass Media Comm.: Media Production and Radio and TV
Jennings, Alan, Mechanical Engineering
*Johnson, Mary Peterson, Speech-Language Pathology
Jun, Yongae, Computer Engineering
Kavali, Jeffrey J., Mechanical Engineering
Keefe, Amanda K, Speech Pathology and Audiology
Kellackey, Candace M., International Business
Kenmuir, Christina J, Civil Engineering
Kin, Nichole M, Nursing
King, Matthew R., Mechanical Engineering
Kocisko, Robert D., Computer Science
Kotheimer, Kade J.,  
Kovac, Elizabeth M.,Marketing Management and E-Marketing & Advertising
Kropf, Ashley R., Mechanical Engineering
Lehuta, Eric D, Biomedical Engineering
Long, Nicholas D., Electrical Engineering
Luther, Kimberly A., Sociology
Mader, Charlotte B., Interdisciplinary Anthropology
Manko, Adam G., Biology
Mason, Justin M., Music
McArthur, Michael T., Mechanical Engineering
McFarland, Thomas M., Computer Science
Meaige, Benjamin J, Chemical Engineering
Merk, Scott M., Psychology
Metzger, Valerie L, Interior Design
Miller, Barbara L, Theoretical Mathematics: Linguistics Certificate
Miller, Jared L. , Economics/Spanish
Minarczik, Karina M., Biology
Mueller, Gregory D., Electrical Engineering
Najem, Johnny F, Mechanical Polymer Engineering
Perna, Anthony M, Chemical Engineering
Pero, Holly N., Mechanical/Polymer Science/Applied Math
Peterson, Mary A., Speech Language Pathology
Poparad, Jeremey J., Music Poparad
Porubska, Silvia, International Business
Rasinski, Heather M, Psychology
Rast, Joshua D., Mechanical Engineering
Rennick, Andrea L., Civil Engineering
Rome, Maria E., Music Education
Rose, Joseph B., Computer Engineering
Rufener, Abram O, Automated Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Schillig, Anne M., English/Integrated Language Arts
Sheehan, Kalie C., Sec. Education, Integrated Language Arts
Shields, Bryan E., Mechanical Engineering
Shreffler, Caleb J., Computer Engineering
Sinick, Adam M., Chemical Engineering
Smith, Adam C., Interdisciplinary Anthropology
Smith, Heather M., Nursing
Smith, Leah E., Accounting
Smith, Richard J., Mechanical Engineering
Snyder, Terry A., Nursing
Souders, Kirk D., Supply Chain Management
Stelkic, Suzana, Civil Engineering
Stelz, Charlotte M, Accounting
Strouse, Jenna C., Sec. Education and Integrated Social Studies
Stuckey, Jean A., Mechanical Engineering
Swartzel, Jeffrey M., Secondary Education/Theoretical Mathematics
Talbott, Shannon N., Applied/Theoretical Mathematics
Tate, Daniel, Computer Engineering
Terry, Tobin F, English
Tryon, Mark P., Music Education and Music Performance
Van Arnam, Amanda S., Early Childhood Education
Verderico, Maria R., French
Vierheller, Zachary T., Political Science
Wasserbauer, Abigail E.., International Business
Wenhart, Brian D.’, Electronic Engineering Technology
Widdows, Ashley L., Biomedical Engineering
Wilson, Jeffrey A., Economics
Wnek, Joseph A., Electrical Engineering
Wolfe, Justin F., Chemical Engineering
Yang, Yeng, Info. Systems Management and E-Business Technologies
Yates, Abbie L, Dance 

Fall 2006

  1. Bancroft, Senetta F., Chemistry
  2. Barnes, Melissa J., Marketing and Sales Management
  3. Bloe, Lindsey M., Physics
  4. Bullock, Emily M., Sports and Exercise Science
  5. Burd, Mary R.*, English
  6. Coe, Michael B, Mechanical Engineering
  7. Cole, Bethanie A., Psychology and Sociology
  8. Davies, Jennifer G., Accounting
  9. Douglas, Paul M., Financial Serv./ Real Estate Concen.
  10. Hester, Donald R., Mechanical Engineering
  11. Joseph, Heather R, Education – Int. Language Arts
  12. Kent, Sarah J., Accounting
  13. Khan, Husna N, Biology
  14. Limron, Gale L., Interdisciplinary Studies
  15. Lopez, Stephanie M, Biology
  16. Miller, Amanda M, Secondary Ed/ Soc.Studies Concen.
  17. Moore, Kevin C.*, Applied Math
  18. Morton, Timothy M.*, Psychology
  19. Mosher, Daniel J., Education/ Integrated Mathematics
  20. Nino Garcia, Ana L., Mech Eng, minor in Int’l Business
  21. Papp, Zora A., Biology
  22. Smith, Christopher L, Mechanical Engineering
  23. Wallace, Amanda J., Sociology, minor in Psychology
  24. West, Gina A., Accounting
  25. Wetherholt, Samantha B., History

Spring 2007

  1. Armstrong Jamie A., Psychology
  2. Atkins, Jennifer L., Integrated Language Arts
  3. Banyas, Jeffrey J., Political Science/CJ
  4. Barbuto, Daniel R., Civil Engineering
  5. Beadle, Julie A., Political Science
  6. Beck, Richard J., Biomedical Engineering
  7. Benard, Philippe J., International Business
  8. Biddle, Jessica M., Accounting
  9. Frank R. Bittner, Psychology
  10. Blake, Amy L., Mechanical Polymer Eng.
  11. Bober, Haley M., Nursing
  12. Breese, Jack R., Mechanical Engineering
  13. Breese, Jack R., Emergency Management
  14. Brown, Jennifer M., Biology
  15. Buehrle, Brent J.*, Electrical Engineering
  16. Buzek, Brett T.*, Mechanical Engineering
  17. Cahoon, Courtney C., English
  18. Cho, Jin Young*, Math & Integrated Math
  19. Collins, Laura A., Spanish
  20. Cullen, Susan E., Speech & Language Pathology
  21. Curtis, Glenn R. Jr., Math & Integrated Math
  22. Dennison, Nikki L., Psychology
  23. DiCross, Heather M., Biology
  24. Domingo, Carmina T., Biology
  25. Dudek, Katherine M., Early Childhood Education
  26. Dueland, Kayla, Dance
  27. Duerr, Laura L., Middle Education
  28. Farinacci, Natalie J., Music
  29. Faris, Benjamin R., Mechanical Engineering
  30. Finefrock, Jamie L., Sales Mgt & Int'l Business
  31. Flick, Megan C., Psychology
  32. Fogarty, Leah M., English
  33. Foust, Jacqueline M., Applied Mathematics
  34. Frank, Jared D., Computer Science
  35. Freeman, Frank J., Spanish
  36. Gaglio, Giovanni G., Finance & Accounting
  37. Garzich, Jessica M., Integrated Language Arts
  38. Geddis, Nicole L. , Education
  39. Gerstenberger, Desiree F., Biology
  40. Gonzalez, Szandra, Spanish & Mass Media
  41. Graham, Kristine N., Psychology
  42. Christina M. Hanneman, Psychology
  43. Hawk, Daniel D., Electrical Engineering
  44. Hedrick, Sarah E.*, Biology/Earth Sci
  45. Hicks, Jared A., Electrical Engineering
  46. Hruska, Bryce J., Psychology
  47. Indermuhle, Whitney E., Psychology
  48. Jacobs, Jill C., Biomedical Engineering
  49. Jacobs, Natalie A., Biomedical Engineering
  50. Jakubowski, Brian J., Mechanical Engineering
  51. Johnston, Holly E., Political Science
  52. Joliat, Alexis R., Mechanical Engineering
  53. Kelades, Christine N., Nursing
  54. Kime, Mark A., Nursing
  55. Klettlinger, Nathan E., Chemical Engineering
  56. Knapp, Elizabeth A.*, English
  57. Knight, Katherine J., Middle Level Science/Math
  58. Lackney, Lisa M., Mathematics
  59. Leister, Emily M., Speech & Language Pathology
  60. Mathe, Christopher M.*, Mechanical Engineering
  61. McCarthy, Stephen J., Electrical Engineering
  62. McFall, Jessica S., Political Science
  63. Messenger, Janeen M, Civil Engineering
  64. Metzger, Thaddeus J., Biology/Earth Sci
  65. Meyer, Karen J., Biomedical Engineering
  66. Mieczkowski, Chad M., Mechanical Engineering
  67. Miesle, Matthew G., Electrical Engineering
  68. Milan, Elizabeth A., Biology
  69. Miller, Ann Marie, Mechanical Engineering
  70. Miller, Joshua A., Electrical Engineering
  71. Miranda, Megan L., Psychology
  72. Mora, John F., Psychology
  73. Mullaly, Sarah E., Political Science/American Pol.
  74. Nameth, Danielle J., Political Science
  75. Nicol, Aaron D., Computer Engineering
  76. Palmer, Brittany R., Lang. Arts/Soc. Stud.
  77. Patel, Jigar H., Electrical Engineering
  78. Plahuta, Michael D., Electrical Engineering
  79. Popescu, Flavius I., Biology
  80. Puliafico, Ryan J., Management
  81. Rasor, Michael R., Communications
  82. Reho, John J., Biology
  83. Roeper, Pamela F., English
  84. Rossow, Jeff K., Electrical Engineering
  85. Rowlance, Amanda F, Biology
  86. Runtas, Joshua D., Computer Engineering
  87. Sanderson, Jessica *, Political Science
  88. Sayre, Daniel E., Mechanical Engineering
  89. Scott, Sarah E., Biology
  90. Severs, Matthew L., Finance
  91. Shaw, Leslie A., Dietetics
  92. Shipman, Mitchell A., Chemical Engineering
  93. Shockey, Rebecca R., English
  94. Shriver, Mary A., Integrated Soc. Stud.
  95. Sibole, Scott C., Biomedical Engineering
  96. Singer, Jared F., Mechanical Engineering
  97. Smith, Brandon S., Electrical Engineering
  98. Snowberger, Kristin N., History & PS/CJ
  99. Soltis-Williams, Sarah R., Integrated Lang Arts,
  100. Stewart, Paul W., Music
  101. Tedrick, Sara J., Psychology
  102. Trepka, Jacqueline M., History/Int. Soc Studies
  103. Verderico, Nicholas T., Spanish/Int. Business
  104. Waggoner, Sandra L., Anthropology
  105. Wojewodka, David A., E-Business Technologies
  106. Wright, Sara R., Biomedical Engineering
  107. Young, Jeffrey R.*, Music
  108. Zuzic, Joseph M., Mechanical Engineering

Fall 2007

1 Adkins, Angela * ,Sociology
2 Adkins, Angela * ,Accounting
3 Besst, Stacey * ,Photography
4 Bloss, Benjamin S. * ,Electrical Engineering
5 Colton, Emily E. * ,E-Marketing & Advertising
6 Conte, Stacy L. ,Chemistry
7 Dahir, Asad R. ,Biology
8 Dahir, Burhan A. ,Biology
9 Davis, Melissa M. ,Marketing Management
10 Durnan, Angela M. ,Human Resource Management
11 Ebie, Mallory L. ,Intervention Specialist
12 Falsone, Jason S. ,Applied Mathematics
13 Feerasta, Gulnar ,Human Resource Management & International Business
14 Feyerchak, Christopher L. * ,Computer Engineering
15 Figueira, Erin N. ,Public Relations
16 Golem, Alexandra D. * ,Education -PK- 12 Foreign Language: French/Spanish
17 Harris, Jennifer L. * ,Education
18 Heller, Eric D. * ,AYA Secondary Education: Integrated Science
19 Mancino, Allana M. * ,Chemistry
20 McKendrick, Scott M. * ,Labor Economics
21 Messina, Mia A. * ,Early Childhood Education
22 Miller, Ryan A. * ,Psychology
23 Ras, Elissa * ,Family Development
24 Rohner, Craig M. * ,International Business
25 Rummell, Lydia ,Intervention Specialist: Mild to Moderate, K-12
26 Singleton, Leah C. ,Pre-MBA for Non-Business Majors
27 Smith, Nathan ,Marketing
28 Trettel, Emily R. * ,Political Science
29 Wise, Aaron D. * ,Spanish
30 Wolonsky, Brittany N. * ,Human Resource Management
31 Wright, Brian D. ,Chemistry

Spring 2008

1 Almasy, Angela K.* ,Dietetics
2 Amick, Rachel E. ,Family & Child Development
3 Antonucci, Sarah M. * ,Law
4 Archer, Branden M.* ,Computer Engineering
5 Arnold, Scott J.* ,Information Systems Management
6 Avon, Michael A.* ,Mechanical Engineering
7 Banica, Ana Maria* ,International Business
8 Bauman, Kari A.* ,Marketing Management
9 Beetler, Matthew H.* ,Mechanical Engineering
10 Bishel, John M.* ,Chemistry
11 Blough, Gregory D.* ,Engineering Management Specialization
12 Bohland, Charlyn E.* ,Political Science
13 Bohland, Kyle R.* ,Economics
14 Bonelli, Brooke M.* ,Spanish
15 Booster, Sarah R. ,Social Work
16 Brookman, Ryan M. ,Civil Engineering
17 Brown, Kristine L.* ,Psychology
18 Calabretta, Eric J.* ,Computer Information Systems
19 Callow, Nicholas V.* ,Chemical Engineering
20 Chaplin, Nicole R.* ,Speech Pathology
21 Christopher, Justine F. ,Marketing Management
22 Chuhay, Mary L.* ,Music Education, Music Performance
23 Clason, Rachael L.* ,Early Childhood Education
24 Connelly, Sadie R.* ,Accounting
25 Cooper, James P. ,Civil Engineering
26 Croitoru, Cristina* ,International Business
27 Crouse, Sarah D.* ,Civil Engineering
28 Damron, Lindsey R.* ,International Business
29 Davis, Mary E.* ,History, AYA Integrated Social Studies Education
30 Davis, Nicholas A.* ,International Business
31 Deiwert, Kyle H. ,Mechanical Engineering
32 Dobrowolski, Patrick J.* ,Mechanical Engineering
33 Elliott, Andrew D.* ,Information Systems Management
34 Elmore, Stephanie E. ,Psychology
35 Engle, April L. ,Marketing Management
36 Enos, Mark D. ,Civil Engineering
37 Foulk, Lucretia R.* ,Dance
38 Frampton, Jason D.* ,Biomedical Engineering
39 Frank, Michael V.* ,Mechanical Engineering
40 Gentner, Sarah R. ,Civil Engineering
41 Gibbs, Brian B.* ,Accounting
42 Gillen, Kristen K. ,Electrical Engineering
43 Gouin, Julie M.* ,Geology
44 Guegold, Meghan L.* ,Brass Performance
45 Guffey, John T.* ,Graphic Design
46 Hambrick, Julianne E.* ,Music Education (Instrumental Band)
47 Haynes, Aaron J. ,Mechanical Engineering
48 Helmick, Jonathan J. ,Music Education (Instrumental Band)
49 Hendrix, Jonathan D.* ,Mechanical Engineering
50 Herrnstein, Kara H. ,English
51 Hirschfelt, Matthew P.* ,Law
52 Hodermarsky, Karen L.* ,Dance
53 Hofer, Carolyn M.* ,Intervention Specialist for Moderate/Intensive Educational Needs
54 Hoffman, Michael S. ,Mechanical Engineering
55 Holderman, Krista M.* ,Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
56 Holmgren, Sonja K.* ,Fashion Merchandising: Fiber Arts Track
57 HorsFall, Andrew T. ,Mechanical Engineering
58 Howard, Christina L.* ,Nursing
59 Hritz, Julie M.* ,Public Relations
60 Huff, Joshua A.* ,Political Science: Law, Courts, and Politics
61 Hunt, Erika K. ,Dance
62 Ingram, Christopher M.* ,Political Science
63 Kaloz, Tara M.* ,English
64 Kent, Jessica L.* ,International Business
65 Kibler, Miranda L. ,Music Education-Instrumental band
66 Kisak, Julie A. ,Biology-Animal Physiology
67 Klein, Nathan H.* ,Early Childhood Development
68 Klettlinger, Angela M.* ,Dietetics
69 Knapp, Jonathan M.* ,Computer Science
70 Kohlman, Lee W. ,Physics
71 Kuhn, Kelly D.* ,Human Resource Management
72 Kundracik, Richard M.* ,Mechanical Engineering
73 Kurzen, Adam J. ,Psychology
74 Lamb, Michael J.* ,Mechanical Engineering
75 Lamb, Stephen D.* ,Mechanical Engineering
76 Leigh, Adam J. ,Accounting
77 Lewis, Lori E.* ,Early Childhood Education & Early Childhood Intervention Specialist
78 Lightner, Benjamin T.* ,Music-Brass Performance
79 Loudermilk, Micah J.* ,History
80 Lukach, Catherine M. ,Interior Design
81 Majka, Carrie J.* ,Nursing
82 Manghillis, Kristen A.* ,Speech- LP&A
83 Mansour, Salma* ,Nursing
84 Martinez, Rebecca M.* ,Middle Level Education-Language Arts/Science
85 Masa, Kevin M.* ,Mechanical Engineering
86 Matousek, Lindsay A.* ,Sociology and Social Work
87 Maurer, Candice J.* ,Biomedical Engineering
88 Mayle, Anthony J.* ,Electrical Engineering
89 McBride, Amanda A.* ,Sociology
90 McCallum, Acacia L.* ,History & Political Science
91 McCaulley, Karan A.* ,Political Science/Criminal Justice
92 McCullough, Erin E.* ,Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
93 McPherson, Kevin M.* ,Electrical Engineering
94 Mead, Chelsea E. ,Mechanical Engineering
95 Medure, Jillian A. ,Interior Design
96 Melnick, Jasen A. ,Art-Graphic Design
97 Meyer, Kelly A.* ,Education (Spanish)
98 Miller, Adam M.* ,English
99 Miller, Brandon L. ,Chemical Engineering
100 Mobley, Joseph J.* ,Electrical Engineering
101 Moleski, Thomas A.* ,Mechanical Engineering
102 Nesbitt, Adam ,Mechanical Engineering
103 Oldaker, Jared J.* ,Electronic Engineering Technology
104 Oldfield, Lauren M.* ,Biology
105 Oliver, Michael J. Jr.* ,Mechanical Engineering
106 Orasko, Benjamin K. ,Psychology
107 Papcun, Jonathan B.* ,Computer Science
108 Paxitzis, James T. Jr.* ,Biomedical Engineering
109 Pirozzi, Jeffrey C.* ,Electrical Engineering
110 Pope, Danelle M. ,Mechanical Engineering
111 Prak, Moline K.* ,Biomedical Engineering
112 Pritchard, Coda C.* ,Counseling Psychology
113 Prokop, Jeremy W.* ,Biology (Micro and Animal Physciology)
114 Ratsavong, Susanna O. ,Political Science-American Politics
115 Riffe, Heather A. ,Early Childhood Education
116 Scavuzzo, Steven W.* ,Mechanical Engineering
117 Schnug, Tyler E.* ,Mechanical Engineering
118 Schroeder, Warren T.* ,International Business and Accounting
119 Setser, Jeremy W.* ,Chemistry
120 Seymour, Jennifer E. ,Biomedical Engineering
121 Sgambellone, David C. ,Computer Engineering
122 Sharma, Rupali ,Biology
123 Sheaffer, Scott A.* ,Athletic Training
124 Shiderly, Valerie G. ,Nursing
125 Shindle, Bradley W.* ,Mechanical Engineering
126 Shuman, Jaclyn E.* ,Chemical Engineering
127 Siciliano, Adam C. ,Psychology
128 Simmons, Bryan S.* ,Electrical Engineering
129 Sinn, Corey P.* ,Psychology
130 Smith, Sara L. ,Art-Photography
131 Speicher, Megan L.* ,Early Childhood Education
132 Spivak, Carolyn A. ,Interdisciplinary Anthropology
133 Spring, Brandon A.* ,Mechanical Engineering
134 Stevens, Andrew D. ,Mechanical Engineering
135 Stottlemyer, Jennifer D.* ,Biology
136 Stump, Nathan W.* ,French
137 Sutter, Ann Marie ,Law
138 Tillinger, Brian M.* ,Theatre Arts
139 Tinl, Nicholas E.* ,Civil Engineering
140 Toussant, Andrew J.* ,Mechanical Engineering
141 Trowbridge, Luke T.* ,Electrical Engineering
142 Tucker, Joseph J.* ,Applied Mathematics
143 VanBoxel, Daniel P.* ,Applied Mathematics
144 VanDine, Ashley M. ,Civil Engineering
145 Vielhaber, Patrick T.* ,Mechanical Engineering
146 Warstler, Jessica M.* ,Human Resource Management
147 Watson, Gregory W. ,Mechanical Engineering
148 Weissert, Kimber L.* ,Marketing Management
149 White, Samuel R. lll* ,Chemistry
150 Widner, Brittany* ,Biology
151 Williams, Thomas L. Jr. ,Human Resource Management
152 Wilson, Krystin M.* ,Marketing
153 Winslow, Brett E.* ,Political Science
154 Young, Laura B.* ,Biology
155 Young, Phillip S. ,Electrical Engineering
156 Zaugg, Matthew R.* ,Computer Science
157 Zawaski, Steven M.* ,Mechanical Engineering
158 Zimmerman, Ashlee R.* ,Speech Language Pathology & Audiology
159 Zula, Persa P.* ,Graphic Design

Fall 2008

1 Arnam, Chad Van J. ,Construction Engineering Technology
2 Bagwell, Brian K.* ,Automated Manufacturing Engineering
3 Bailey, Sarah M. ,Marketing Management
4 Bair, Christopher S. ,English
5 Bloe, Megan A. ,Accounting
6 Brinkley, Forrest S. ,Economics
7 Butto, Danielle N. ,Civil Engineering
8 Cain, John J. ,Education
9 Campf, Daniel A.* ,Political Science
10 Chenevey, Justin E. ,Political Science: Law, Courts and Politics
11 Clements, Michael J.* ,Music Education-Instructional Band
12 Craig, Tyler D.* ,Middle Level Education-Language Arts/Math
13 Croitoru, Cristina A.* ,International Business
14 Elia, Allison R.* ,Art-Ceramics
15 Falcone, Tara K. ,Secondary Education/Integrated Literature
16 Faulkner, Emily C.* ,Communication: Business & Organizational
17 Ferraro, Giavonna J.* ,Business & Organizational Communication
18 Fuller, Joann M. ,History
19 Gaglio, Angela N. ,Business Administration
20 Grant, Robert M. ,Middle Level Education
21 Groves, Nicole M.* ,Psychology
22 Haas, Bradley P.* ,Information Systems Management and Accounting
23 Howard, Heather N.* ,Public Relations
24 Hughes, Daniel W.* ,Art Education
25 Illes, Kathryn A. ,Accounting
26 Johnson, Jacob A.* ,Psychology
27 Kehres, Emily D. ,Marketing Management
28 Kleineke, Chance M. ,Biomedical Engineering
29 Koduru, Jennifer L. ,Music-Piano Performance
30 Kuntzman, Stephanie D.* ,Spanish
31 Learner, Aubrey* ,Biology
32 Leovic, Michael P.* ,Biology
33 Lippert, Emily J.* ,Exercise Science/Pre-Physical Therapy
34 Long, Jennifer K.* ,AYA-Integrated Language Arts
35 Lukosavich, Mark J. ,Accounting
36 May, Bethany J. ,Finance
37 McBride, Amanda A.* ,Sociology
38 McGuire, David V. ,AYA-Integrated Social Studies
39 Mintz, Shauna M. ,Mechanical Engineering
40 Morris, Timothy J. ,Mass Media-Media Production
41 Nagy, Neil N. ,Finance
42 Nesbitt, Adam K. ,Mechanical Engineering
43 Plavney, Tracy M.* ,Economics
44 Popescu, Timotei G. ,International Business and Supply Chain Management
45 Quinn, Jessica E.* ,Exercise Science-Pre-Physical Therapy
46 Rodgers, James ll* ,History
47 Royan, Amanda J. ,Family & Consumer Science
48 Sanders, Allison M. ,Accounting
49 Scott, Rebecca M.* ,Mechanical Engineering
50 Seifert, Stephen M. ,Biology
51 Shinko, Andrew P.* ,Mechanical Polymer Engineering
52 Sinn, Corey P.* ,Psychology
53 Smith, Casey E.* ,Early Childhood Education
54 Sokolov, Dimitri* ,Biomedical Engineering
55 Storad, Paul R.* ,Computer Science
56 Thomas, Nicole A. ,Nursing
57 Urban, Ashley M.* ,Moderate/Intensive Special Education
58 Varonis, Ioannis O. ,Mass Media- Communications: News
59 Waggoner, John D.* ,Electrical Engineering
60 Warholic, Tara L. ,Nursing
61 Yacovone, Michael J. ,Political Science

Spring 2009

1 Akbar, Sayeda M.* ,Nursing
2 Anderson, Jamie M.* ,Mechanical Engineering
3 Baker, Heidi E.* ,English
4 Becks, Lisa M.* ,Biomedical Engineering
5 Beddow, Michael R. ,Civil Engineering
6 Beech, Jaymes R.* ,Biomedical Engineering
7 Bolon, Tyler F. ,Chemical Engineering
8 Bowman, Ian D.* ,Mechanical Engineering
9 Bowman, Kristen M. ,English
10 Brown, Nicole M.* ,Nursing
11 Bryan, Sarah M. ,Human Resource Management
12 Bulkowski, Emily A. ,Marketing Management
13 Byrdy, Michael J. ,Electrical Engineering
14 Capristo, Beth Ann* ,Dance
15 Carulli, David T.* ,Media Production
16 Cavanaugh, Joseph J. ,Mechanical Engineering
17 Chepke, Kelli L. ,Speech-LP&A
18 Chidsey, Gary M.* ,Education-Integrated Social Studies
19 Clift, Laura K.* ,Dance
20 Cochran, James N.* ,Accounting
21 Conrad, Brianne L.* ,Early Childhood Education
22 Cooper, Andrew D. ,Theoretical Mathematics, Statistics
23 Cuenot, Lindsay L. ,Nursing
24 Cundiff, Jennifer A.* ,Bachelor of Science/Natural Sciences
25 DeAngelis, Kristen E.* ,Communication
26 DiAntonio, Gina M.* ,Biomedical Engineering
27 Doak, Corey A.* ,AYA Mathematics education
28 Dolezal, Thomas J. ,Economics and Statistics
29 Donnelly, Samuel C.* ,Biomedical Engineering
30 Donnelly, Samuel C. * ,Biomedical Engineering-Biomaterials& Tissue Engineering
31 Doringo, Ryan A.* ,Political Science
32 Dorsey, Vincent A.* ,News Reporting & Public Relations
33 Eckenrode, Richard A.* ,Civil Engineering
34 Eckhoff, Jennifer S.* ,Business and Organizational Communication
35 Engler, Holly T. ,Psychology
36 Farr, Jordan T.* ,Biology
37 Farriss, Wesley E. ,Physics
38 Finefrock, Christopher J.* ,Finance-Financial Planning
39 Gamertsfelder, Matthew K. ,Psychology
40 Gans, April L.* ,Nursing
41 Gasser, Alicia D. ,Nursing
42 Gessner, Robert W.* ,Chemical Engineering
43 Grisa, Leanne L.* ,Speech-Language Pathology
44 Hackley, Jerry R. lll ,Chemical Engineering
45 Hadgis, Leah C. ,International Business
46 Hale, Jacqueline A.* ,Civil Engineering
47 Hamburg, Ellen R. ,Art-Metal Smithing
48 Hariharan, Johanna* ,Mechanical Engineering
49 Harp, Joseph D.* ,Chemistry
50 Heflin, Brittany C.* ,Biology
51 Heinen, Robert N.* ,Computer Science
52 Herald, Christopher R.* ,Saxophone Performance
53 Hershberger, Tyler A.* ,Mechanical Engineering
54 Hess, Christine J.* ,Philosophy
55 Honeck, Michael R.* ,Accounting
56 Horbaly, Michelle A.* ,AYA Integrated Language Arts Education
57 Hostetler, Britton M. ,Nursing
58 Hughes, Daniel M.* ,Art Education
59 Huszti, Anna M.* ,Dietetics
60 Inskeep, Daniel A. ,Mechanical Engineering
61 Jakubowski, Chad A.* ,Middle Level Education (Math and Science)
62 Johnston, Kyle W. ,Accounting
63 Kalan, Steven V. ,Mechanical Engineering
64 Karalic, Sejla * ,Political Science and Economics
65 Kenst, Kimberly D. ,E-marketing & Advertising: Marketing Management
66 Kiba, Stephanie A. ,Philosophy and Political Science
67 King, Jamie C. ,Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
68 Kinzel, Eric B.* ,Accounting
69 Klaiber, Marie E.* ,Early Childhood Education
70 Koduru, Rachel N.* ,Nursing
71 Konkel, Kristen E.* ,Philosophy
72 Kulcsar, Tara L. ,Nursing
73 Kupchella, Ryan L.* ,Mechanical Engineering
74 Lau, Andrew ,International Business/Foreign Language
75 Laukiavich, Craig A. ,Mechanical Engineering
76 Lawrence, Kevin D.* ,Nursing
77 Lee, Kelsey J.* ,Biomedical Engineering: Biomechanics
78 Leovic, Michael P.* ,Biology
79 Mack, Elizabeth M.* ,Geological Engineering
80 Magistro, Benjamin W.* ,Computer Information Systems
81 Mann, Heike M. ,Psychology
82 Manzo, Gabriel M.* ,Chemical Engineering
83 Marchi, John G.* ,Civil Engineering
84 Marsh, Heather M. ,Sociology/Criminology and Law Enforcement
85 Martinson, Philip M.* ,Music-Trombone Performance
86 Matejin, Bethany T.* ,Accounting
87 McClanahan, Eric R. ,Chemical Engineering
88 McCormick, Megan M.* ,Applied Mathematics
89 McCoy, Kevin P. ,Nursing
90 McGinley, Kristen M.* ,Nursing
91 Miktarian, Keegan A.* ,Nursing
92 Misich, Meredith E.* ,Child Life
93 Moffett, Katrina L.* ,AYA Integrated Mathematics
94 Moore, Whitney E.* ,Nursing
95 Muffet, Brittany L.* ,English and History
96 Mullen, David* ,English & History
97 Murray, Mary C.* ,Communications
98 Nagy, Neil N. ,Finance
99 Neely, Alison M. ,Nursing
100 Nicolosi, Matthew B.* ,Curricular and Instructioinal Study
101 Noska, Ryan M.* ,Biology
102 Nuss, Danielle A.* ,Interior Design
103 Ogrizek, Mark J. ,Accounting
104 Oldaker, Jared J.* ,Electronic Engineering Technology
105 Otero, Jennifer E. ,Accounting and International Business
106 Pamer, Matthew E. ,Electrical Engineering
107 Perry, Ashley E.* ,Biology-Animal Physiology
108 Pozzuto, Kelli A.* ,College of Nursing
109 Preisner, Stephen T.* ,Music-Brass Performance
110 Prueter, David P.* ,Mechanical Engineering
111 Prueter, Phillip E. ,Mechanical Engineering
112 Pund, Danielle N. ,Biology/Zoology
113 Rajala, Jonathan W. ,Chemical Engineering
114 Rast, Rachel A.* ,Nursing
115 Ray, Elizabeth M.* ,Nursing
116 Ricciardi, Denielle E.* ,Applied Mathematics
117 Richardson, Jennifer L. ,Mechanical Engineering
118 Rieck, Andrew C. ,Civil Engineering
119 Ringley, Kimberly A.* ,Music
120 Ripple, Collette N. ,Chemical Engineering
121 Rose, Benjamin T.* ,Biology
122 Ross, Adam J. ,English
123 Roth, Jennifer M.* ,Civil Engineering
124 Roushkolb, Caren M.* ,Political Science-International
125 Rundt, Maria R. ,Mechanical Engineering
126 Ryan, Shawn D.* ,Applied Mathematics
127 Ryder, Devin P.* ,Electrical Engineering
128 Sarver, Kristin M.* ,Child Development
129 Schaadt, Nicholas J. ,Mechanical Engineering
130 Schake, William E. ,Electrical Engineering
131 Schillig, Meghan R. ,Nursing
132 Schmidt, Ryan M.* ,Mechanical-Polymer Engineering
133 Schueller, Scott* ,Mechanical Engineering
134 Schutte, Matthew C. ,Biology
135 Scott, Terry D. Jr.* ,Mechanical Engineering
136 Seitz, Brian W. ,Accounting
137 Seloover, Laura A.* ,Chemical Engineering
138 Shamrock, James A.* ,Civil Engineering
139 Shamrock, James * ,Civil Engineering
140 Simmons, Christopher T. ,Theatre Arts and Adolescent/Young Adult Integrated Social Studies
141 Singer, Adam D.* ,Mechanical Engineering
142 Skupski, George R. * ,Finance
143 Slaga, Joshua J. * ,Civil Engineering
144 Slattery, Patrick J. ,Electrical Engineering
145 Smith, Amanda B. * ,Psychology
146 Smith, Derrin W.* ,Geography/Geographic Information Science
147 Snyder, Troy A. ,Mechanical Engineering
148 Sparks, Stephanie B. ,Biology
149 Stelkic, Jasmina * ,Nursing
150 Sturm, Nicholas W. * ,History
151 Stutler, Moriah L. ,Finance
152 Sullivan, Alexa K. * ,International Business
153 Sun, Roger C. * ,Information Systems Management
154 Tabor, Tamas D. * ,Philosophy
155 Thiry, Melissa L. * ,Nursing
156 Tinl, Lynnea E. * ,Nursing *
157 Troyer, Emily A. * ,Psychology (Pre-Med)
158 Trushel, Kaitlin A. * ,English
159 Tucker, Bethany R. * ,Middle Level Mathematics and Science Education
160 Tuesday, Allison E. * ,Political Science and English
161 Tulodzieski, Christopher A. * ,Electrical Engineering
162 Vavra, Jessica M. * ,Biology
163 Vest, Jessica M. * ,Human Resource Management & Supply Chain/Operations Management
164 Walch, Michael P. * ,Biology
165 Wang, Stan * ,Natural Sciences-B.S./M.D.
166 Weigand, Agnus J. * ,Sculpture
167 Welk, Brandon L. ,Accounting
168 Werden, Jason C. ,Music Education (Instrumental Band)
169 Wesig, Christy L. * ,English
170 Wetzel, Ryan F. * ,Finance
171 Whitlinger, Robert P. lll ,Mechanical Engineering
172 Wiens, Elise M. ,Secondary Education (English & Language Arts)
173 Wise, Julia C. ,English
174 Wright, Eric L. * ,Mechanical Engineering
175 Wulff, Michele L. * ,Dietetics and Nutrition
176 Yang, Feng ,Accounting & International Business

Summer 2009

Barnes, Nichole* History
Bowen, Colleen* Dance
Bulkowski Emily* Marketing Management
Cavanaugh, Joseph Mechanical Engineering
Eibel, Alanna* Corporate Financial Management
Franca, Karen Zapata* International Business
Hartman, Ashley* Business & Organizational Communication
Holland, Kelley* Speech - Language Pathology & Audiology
McHenry, Amanda* Psychology
Roushkolb, Caren Political Science
Shumaker, Sara* French

Fall 2009

Baldwin, Adam Accounting
Blackford, Amanda* English
Clintoc, Emil Corporate Financial Management
Cooper, Andrew* Theoretical Mathematics, Statistics
Custer, Jessica* Spanish
DiDomenico, Kathleen* Art History, Spanish
Duncan, Alyssa* Education
Ealy Michael, Accounting
Edmonds, Ginger Accounting
Falzetta, Leah* Spanish
Frantz, Noelle* Psychology-Industrial and Organizational
Gamble, Jacquelynn* Psychology
Goldstein, Sarah* Early Childhood Education
Gustely, Andrew Statistics
Hemminger, Vanessa* Political Science/International Politics
Klepacz, April* Corporate Financial Management
Kuruc, Amanda Human Resource Management
Lansinger, Erin Political Science
Martinez, Adam* Applied Mathematics
Mashburn, Shelby Integrated Language Arts-Secondary Education
McHendry, Amanda* Psychology
Menefee, Daniel Nursing
Miller Christopher Automated Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Miner, Blake* Computer Science
Ogrizek, Mark* Accounting
Pope, Paul English
Reeves, Jamie* Mass Media Communications
Riggins, Andrew* Psychology
Rochford, Allison* Political Science
Rollo, Sara Applied Mathematics - BS/MS
Ryan, Katie Foreign Language pK-12 Spanish
Santangelo, Sean* Secondary Education-Integrated Sciences
Sluss, Eric* Corporate Financial Management
Smeiles, Lindsay* Marketing Management
Wellert, Brittany* Education Mild/Moderate Intervention Specialist
Wolf, Jenna* Corporate Financial Management

Spring 2010

Adamo, Kenneth* Business Administration
Adams, Joshua* Electrical and Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics.
Aikens, Amanda* Chemical Engineering
Ayers, Abby* Nursing
Bailey, Lauren* English
Baisch, Brett* Physical Education
Balog, Alyssa* Nursing
Bannister, Sandra* Anthropology
Baranoff, Stefan* Computer Engineering
Barrett, Aaron* Computer Science
Beck, Nicole* Electrical Engineering
Becks, Brittany* Mechanical Engineering
Becks, Lindsay* Business and Organizational Communication
Benedetto, Mary* Interdisciplinary Anthropology
Berardinelli, Raychel* Nursing
Besse, David* Chemistry-Polymer Option
Bias, Jennifer* Nursing
Black, James Computer Science
Blocker, Ja'Nique* Accounting
Bombrys, Kylie* Dietetics
Bonar, Samantha* Integrated Language Arts
Boulard, Jonathan* Mechanical Polymer Engineering
Braddock, Meganne* Middle Level Education
Brettschneider, Karla* International Business
Brickner, Nicholas* Biology
Bunevich, Steffani* Nursing
Butler, Eric* Political Science
Campbell, Brittany* Nursing
Canatsey, Ryan* Chemistry
Carvill, Kathryn* Nursing
Caserta, Gina* Nursing
Cesta, Megan* Biochemistry
Cheung, Maureen* Chemical Engineering
Chewning, Heather* History and French
Ciarlariello, Vincent* English Literature
Clements, Michael* Civil Engineering
Clemons, Jessica* Biomedical Engineering
Conrad, Michael* Computer Science
Cope, Michael* Emergency Management
Crews, Stephanie* Chemical Engineering
Danziger, Benjamin* Political Science
Datsko, Heather* Biology
DeChurch, Rachel* Human Resource Management
Decker, Michael* Computer Science
Discenza, Rebecca* Human Resource Management
Dober, Brigid* Education
Donnelly, Lauren Nursing and Exercise Science
Durkin, Jon-Michael* Political Science
Eastbourn, Scott* Mechanical Engineering
Edington, Scott* Biomedical Engineering
Elbuluk, Osama* Mechanical Engineering
Engerer, Jeffrey* Mechanical Engineering
Estock, Brian* Mechanical Engineering
Etheridge, Steven* Mechanical Engineering
Fairley, Rebecca* Civil Engineering
Feerasta, Aniqa*Business Administration/Marketing
Fehr, Jessica Biology
Fetter, Kelli Business Administration/Marketing
Finan, Paul* Business Administration/Finance
Fox, Lindsay* Business and Organizational Communication
Frank, Emily* -Biology, Geology minor
Fuchs, Ashley* Biology
Gallagher, Megan* Supply Chain / Operations Management
Gamble, Jonathan* Secondary Education; Mathematics
Gedney, Sarah* Biomedical Engineering
Geissinger, Sheryl* Political Science
Gilliland, Amanda* Graphic Design
Gordon, Stephanie* Interdisciplinary Anthropology
Graves, Jenna* Nursing
Gregus, Samantha* Psychology
Haidet, Nicholas* Media Production
Hallstein, Walter Corporate Financial Management
Haney, Derek* Physics
Haubert, Peter* Music Education
Herring, Keith* Supply Chain / Operations Management
Hilkert, Gregory* Mechanical Engineering
Hinds, Danielle* Dietetics
Hobbs, Cortney* Psychology
Hudson, Anazette* Sociology
Hull, Mariah Nursing
Hyder, Laran* Psychology
Jimenez, Eric Art Education
Kanam, Natalie Political Science
Kapko, David Accounting
Karam, Jacob*Construction Engineering Technology
Katz, Nina Mechanical Engineering
Kaufman, Curtis Jr.* Civil Engineering
Kautz, Tracy* Art-Photography
Keaton, Kelly* Nursing
Kellman, Kimberly* Marketing Management
Kent, Benjamin Mechanical Engineering
Kenzig, Erika* Civil Engineering
Kerestes, Natalie* Biomedical Engineering
Kestranek, Maria* Nursing
Kies, Stacey* Accounting
Klein, Stephanie* Communications
Kline, Sara* Mechanical Engineering
Knapp, Richard Electrical Engineering
Knauss, Abby Psychology
Kohl, Beth Nursing and Exercise Science
Kosec, Stephanie Electrical Engineering
Kovach, Justin* Biomedical Engineering
Kral, Tiffany* Psychology
Kuzman, Caleb Electrical Engineering
Lakatos, Sarah* Corporate Finance
Lambillotte, Veronica Chemical Engineering
LaNasa, Michelle* Art Education
Leabu, Andreea* Corporate Finance
Leffler, Adam* Mechanical Engineering
Leibrandt, Andrew Electrical Engineering
Lenart, Daniel* Mechanical Engineering
Lipian, Cheryl* Business and Organizational Communication
Lipstreu, Robert* Computer Science
Lorenz, Daniel* Civil Engineering
Mallinak, Jason* Mechanical Engineering
Mann, Heike* Psychology
McCausland, Alan* Mechanical Engineering
McCoy, Tara Civil Engineering
McGannon, Brian* Civil Engineering
McGing, Michael* Mechanical Engineering
McGrail, Amanda* Mechanical Engineering
McGuire, Michael* Political Science
McKay, Kayla* Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
McKinney, Ruth* Psychology
McManamon, Cory* Political Science
Mead, Meredith Marketing Management
Mellert, Logan* Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Polymer Specialization
Merrill, Melissa* Mechanical Engineering
Meyers, Jamie Graphic Design
Miller, Brian* Biology
Modon, Michael* Economics
Morris, Joseph* Civil Engineering
Morway, Jennifer* Nursing
Murray, Daniel* Psychology
Muster, Randell Marketing Management
Neidert, Colin* Accounting
Niemiec, John* Chemical Engineering
Nischt, Peter* International Business
Noblitt, Lindsey* Speech Language Pathology and Audiology
Olson, Melissa* Art-Graphic Design
Ondo, Lindsey* Chemical Engineering
Ondrick, Michelle* Early Childhood Education
Outland, Kristen* Political Science
Palm, Christopher* Chemical Engineering
Panella, Bethany* Music Education
Parham, Amanda* Early Childhood Education and Intervention Specialist
Paul, Ramona* English
Payne, Laura* Nursing
Pecchia, Danielle* Speech Pathology and Audiology
Pecchia, Kara* Secondary Education Integrated Language Arts
Periyathamby, Vakeeshan* Corporate Finance
Peterson, Emily* English
Petrolla, Mallory* Biomedical Engineering
Petty, Renee* Chemical Engineering
Podgorney, James* Political Science
Polsinelli, Jennifer* Early Childhood Education & Special Education
Privett, Ashley* Marketing Management
Puntel, Anthony* Biomedical Engineering
Puskarich, Audrey* Psychology
Rains, Heather Biology
Ramsey, Hali* Nursing
Rehermann, Susan Nursing
Richardson, Aaron* Political Science
Ricks, Gabrielle* Biomedical Engineering
Riedinger, Jamie* Nursing
Roache, Laura* Biology
Robertson, Kara* Middle Level Math & Science Education
Robinson, Madelyn* Sport Studies Physiology
Saint-Amand, Courtney Speech-Language Pathology
Samuel, Antonio Electrical Engineering
Schutte, Kelly* Marketing Management
Schutte, Sarah* Nursing
Scibona, Tina* Political Science
Seloover, Jennifer* Marketing Management
Simmering, Travis Mechanical Polymer Engineering
Simon, Cory* Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Simone, Megan* Marketing Management
Sluder, Patrick* Human Resource Management and Social Sciences
Smith, Alesha* English
Smith, Chad Political Science
Snively, Anthony Biomedical Engineering
Snyder, Lindsay* Biomedical Engineering
Snyder, Stephanie* Biology
Starvaggi, Patrick*Applied Mathematics - BS/MS
Stine, Andrew* Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering/Applied Mathematics
Stucki, Alicia Nursing
Sullivan, Karen* Psychology
Tekulve, Jordan* History
Theaker, Jordan Economics
Thomas, Emily* Nursing
Thompson, Marlene Nursing
Thomson, Jennifer* Speech Language-Pathology and Audiology
Tomlin, Micah Secondary Education-Integrated Language Arts
Totts, James* Graphic Design
Triola, Laura* Accounting BS/MSA
Trunov, Yuliya* Accounting
Tulodzieski, Caitlin* Nursing
Tutich, Matthew Mechanical Engineering
Wagers, Patrick* Chemistry
Walchuck, Michelle* Biology
Wallace, Ryan* Accounting
Walters, John* Athletic Training
Warner, Carrie* Marketing Management
Wasserbauer, Matthew* Accounting
Webb, Ashlee* Graphic Design
Wells, Ryan* Nursing
White, Molly Nursing
Wilcox, Matthew* Mechanical Engineering
Wilder, Allyson* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Wilkinson, Ashley* Biomedical Engineering
Williams, Krystal* English
Williford, John-Michael* Biomedical Engineering
Wilmoth, Nathan* Mechanical Engineering
Yang, Feng* Accounting BS/MSA
Yetzer, Megan* Psychology
Young, William* Art-Photography
Zuzic, Matthew* Economics

Summer 2010

Bateman, Sheena* Political Science - Criminal Justice
Bennett, Gregory* Mass Media - Communication
Bradley, Katherine* Computer Science
Chelstowski, Kathy Biology
Clester, Nicole* Education-Exercise Science
Cuenot, Molly Biomedical Engineering
Cuffman, Timothy* Music
Dyke, Kylie Nursing
Enos, Joseph Accounting
Hoffman, Matthew* Applied Mathematics - BS/MS
Lemister, Eli Marketing
Louie, Eric Music
McCullough, Matthew* Sociology
Ours, Matthew* Political Science
Owen, Ashley* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Richards, Zachary* Music
Rogers, Carrie* Accounting
Sage, Britney Business and Organizational Communication
Saros, Jenifer* Early Childhood Education
Simko, Kelly* Mass Media, Business & Organizational Communication
Sponseller, Kaitlin* Mass Media Production
Sutter, Elizabeth Biology
Uhrig, Kelly* Nursing
VanSickle, Holly* Political Science
Webb, Shanice* Business & Organizational Communication

Fall 2010

Abraham, Diane* Accounting
Adams, Joshua* Electrical Engineering
Barbuto, Sara* Early Childhood Education
Breon, Jessica* Early Childhood Education
Brinkley, Travis Mechanical Engineering
Centofanti, Corey Accounting
Dagilis, Matthew* International Business
DeBerte, Clayton Finance
Feltey, Zachary* Philosophy
Foutty, Brandi Business and Organizational Communication
Gallo, Rachele* Applied Mathematics
Grace, Andrew* Music Education
Hicks, Zachary* Geography
Howell, Mark Mechanical Engineering
Hunter, Jonathon Theatre Arts
Jimenez, Eric* Art Education
Johnson, Nevin* Philosophy
Karash, Rachel* Marketing
Karbon, Kimberly* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Kenmuir, David* Construction Engineering
Klamm, Amanda* Middle Level Education
Knight, Anne AYA - Integrated Language Arts
Lee, Lauren Accounting
Matheny, Amanda* AYA - Integrated Language Arts
May, Ronald* Accounting
McClellan, Ryan International Business
McCullough, Ryan* AYA - Integrated Language Arts
Roth, Denise* Intervention Specialist for Mild/Moderate Educational Needs
Sabaka, Katherine* Business and Organizational Communication
Sayre, Andrew Mechanical Engineering
Schaber, Brandon* Music
Schenk, Melanie Marketing, International Business
Schprechman, Danielle* Nursing, Psychology
Segers, Hallie* AYA - Integrated Language Arts
Shinko, Kathryn* Art - Graphic Design
Sullivan, Patsy* AYA - Integrated Language Arts
Szabo, Zachariah* Art - Photography
Tarnowski, Matthew Mechanical Engineering
Zitnik, Mary Elizabeth* Applied Mathematics - BS/MS

Spring 2011

Ahmad, Yazan* Political Science
Anderson, David* Electrical Engineering
Arnold, Max Finance
Augustyn, Joseph* Art - Graphic Design
Averell, Nicole* Chemical Engineering
Baranyk, Matthew* Electrical Engineering
Basco, Scott* Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mathematics
Baughman, Jenna* Social Work
Beck, Amanda* Psychology
Beebe, Megan* English
Beers, Rebecca* Family and Child Development
Bode, Mary Lynn* Psychology
Bodnar, Karin* Electrical Engineering
Bombeck, Samantha* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Bosworth, Megan* Dietetics
Bowman, Ashlee* Nursing
Bright, Rachel* Biology
Brown, Kelly* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Brown, Lauren N.* Nursing
Brown, Lauren R.* Biology
Brown, Samantha* Surveying & Mapping
Campbell, Zachary* Finance, International Business
Carman, Zachary* Mechanical Engineering
Carver, Adam* Biomedical Engineering
Chiec, Lauren* Biology
Choe, Ashley* Natural Sciences - BS / MD Program
Ciupitu, Mihaela* Finance
Clark, Caleb* Business and Org. Communication, Mass Media
Clark, Meredith* Psychology
Clifton, Zachary* Business Administration
Cline, Brock* Exercise Science - Sport Management
Collins, Jessica* Labor Economics, History
Cooper, Carina* Psychology
Coulter, Jenny* Psychology
Covert, Shea* Nursing
Coyle, Michael* Mechanical Engineering
Cramer, Thomas* Computer Engineering
Currier, Megan* Nursing
Darr, Stephani* Psychology
Day, Rachel* Dietetics
Dean, Randy Jr.* AYA - Earth Science/Physics
DeChurch, Robert* Mechanical Polymer Engineering
Denham, Lauren* Spanish
DiCesare, David* Civil Engineering
DiDomenico, David* International Business, Philosophy
Dorst, Nicole Nursing
Doychak, Melanie* Finance
Earley, Sarah* Applied Math, Sociology
Emerson, Jonathan Accounting
Feltes, Alexandra* Applied Mathematics
Fink, Joel* Electrical Engineering
Foss, Christan* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Foster, Natalie* English, History
Fritz, Nicholas* Mechanical Engineering
Gaglione, Gabrielle* International Business
Gamble, Brent* Computer Engineering
Gambone, Thomas* Computer Engineering
Ganios, Anna* Chemistry
Genis, Keith* Accounting
Gerevics, Rebecca Biology
Gillen, Jessica Civil Engineering
Ginesi, Schaun* Chemical Engineering
Grafton, Lucas* Chemical Engineering
Gregg, Brittany* English
Grimm, Adam* Political Science
Gross, John Finance
Gross, Stephen* Political Science
Gunion, Leslie* Nursing
Hackley, Jakeb* Sport Studies-Coach Education
Hausfeld, Katelyn* Nursing
Hill, Allan* Mechanical Engineering
Hoch, Cory* Biology
Hohenadel, Kristen* Finance
Holmer, Matthew* Civil Engineering
Holmer, Rachel Marketing
Holovach, Lindsi Nursing
Hopkinson, Kristopher* Electrical Engineering
Huang, Chi* Biology
Hunkus, Kenneth* Political Science
Hupp, Caroline* Business & Org Communications
Huth, Thomas* Human Resources
Iorfida, James* AYA -Integrated Social Studies, History
Jenkins, Emma* Chemical Engineering
Jurcak, Mike* Civil Engineering
Justaniah, Maisoor Electrical Engineering
Karunakaran, Pallavi* Natural Sciences - BS / MD
Kelling, Sarah Natural Sciences - Divisional
Kemp, Justin* Finance
King, Christopher Chemical Engineering
Kline, Trevor* Mechanical Engineering
Kmiecik, Frank* Mechanical Engineering
Knisley, Samantha* Nursing
Kozy, James lll* Applied Mathematics
Kramer, Nicole* Psychology
Kreuz, Emily* Nursing
Krusel, Ashley* Nursing
Kung, Sandra* Nursing
Kunkle, Cody Geology
Kuznarsky, Scott* Mechanical Engineering
Kyser, Kerrie* Psychology
Lalley, Lynn* Respiratory Therapy Technology
Lamer, Adam* Computer Science
Lange, Andrea* Marketing
Leonino, John Middle Level Education
Leopold, Eric* Marketing
Lilly, Jennifer* Chemical Engineering
Lipian, Melinda* AYA - Integrated Mathematics
Long, Brandon Civil Engineering
Lora, Marissa* Applied Mathematics
Lorentz, Kimberly* Biology
Lottman, Erin* Human Resources
Mallinak, Monica* Music
Manthe, Rachel* Biomedical Engineering
Marple, Geoffrey* Biology
Marquard, Eileen* Nursing
Matushevski, Michelle* Statistics
Mazza, Stephen* Accounting
McFarland, Daniel* Biomedical Engineering
McGuire, Jaclyn* English
McQuillen, Ryan* Computer Science
Meranda, David* Chemistry
Mesek, Emily Nursing
Metzger, Kristen* Nursing
Metzger, Nicole* Nursing
Miller, Emma* Social Work
Missik, Lauren* Interpersonal and Public Com., Business and Org. Com.
Morningstar, Dean* Civil Engineering
Morris, Jeremy Finance
Morris, Kathryn Chemical Engineering
Moser, Robert lll* Applied Mathematics
Mott, Brittany* Mathematics
Mummert, Joseph* Biomedical Engineering
Murray, Lucas* Finance
Mutschelknaus, Mason* Mechanical Engineering
Nassar, Loue'* Biology
Nehrenz, Kyle* Biomedical Engineering
Newhouse, Nathanael Sport Studies
Nicholas, Lauren* Nursing
Nine, Joshua* Civil Engineering
Nwizu, Marcel* Biology
Olson, Sierra* Marketing
O'Neill, Caitlin Finance
Orlando, Anna Biology
Painter, Todd Nursing
Pakenham, Kate Nursing
Pakenham, Michael* Political Science, History
Perkins, Douglas* Mechanical Engineering
Perry, Amy* Biology
Phelps, Marcus* Economics
Pizzino, Carla* Marketing
Plunkett, Daniel Electrical Engineering
Polcen, Melissa* Accounting
Poremba, Lindsay* Biology, Nursing
Pramik, Adam* Psychology
Prazer, Brent* Civil Engineering
Pribanick, Matilyn* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Prince, Hannah* Chemical Engineering
Puntel, Kayla Nursing
Putnam, Joshua* Business & Organizational Communication
Ramsey, Emily* PK-12 Physical Education
Ramunno, Brian* Chemical Engineering
Ray, Hilary* Chemistry
Repko, Julia* Supply Chain/Operations Management
Rhodes, Jennifer* Early Childhood Education
Richardson, Sarah* Biomedical Engineering
Riggs, Zachary* Mechanical Engineering
Robenstine, Amy* Middle Level Education
Rogers, Baron* Psychology, Sociology
Romito, Dominic* Mechanical Engineering
Rosen, Kaitlyn* Marketing
Rospert, Zachary* Accounting
Rossi, Lauren* English
Roth, Cali* Biology
Russ, Michael* Accounting, International Business
Ruthrauff Courtney Nursing
Sandlund, Jonathan* Finance
Satola, Kimberly* Early Childhood Education
Saviers, Kimberly* Mechanical Engineering
Sawczuk, Katherine* Biology
Schenk, Melanie International Business, Marketing
Schneider, Melanie* Psychology
Schupp, Anthony Marketing, Sales
Schweikert, Ashley* Fashion Merchandising
Sedor, Melanie* Nursing
Seifer, Brittany* Nursing
Shinko, Kathryn* Art - Graphic Design
Shirilla, Brittany* Finance, Marketing
Simon, Kyle* Biomedical Engineering
Skelly, Brittany* Chemical Engineering
Smith, Laura* Biomedical Engineering
Smith, Olivia* Economics
Snyder, Holly* Biology
Sogorean, Mihaela* Nursing
Soinski, Robert* Accounting
Stone, Tara Nursing
Striff, Amy* Nursing
Suplicki, Kalyn* Nursing
Thiry, Laura* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Treharn, Cory* Accounting
Truelsch, Tabitha* Emergency Management
Tucker, Lindsey* Social Work
Tumino, Chad Accounting
Uhle, Michael Biology
Underwood, Douglas* Accounting
Vaughn-Thomas, David* Chemical Engineering
Veri, Andrew* Marketing
Vernice, Lauren* Music
Viau, Amanda* AYA - Integrated Language Arts
Vujanov, Christina* Nursing
Waddingham, Seth Electrical Engineering
Wade, Mary* Biomedical Engineering
Waklatsi, Kevin* History
Walker, Sarah* Middle Level Education
Webber, Erika* Nursing
Weyand, Rachel* Mechanical Engineering
Wheeler, Anthony* Civil Engineering
Wick, Robert* Construction Engineering
Wray, Adam Interdisciplinary Studies
Wrobel, Kathryn* Art - Graphic Design
Yeager, Kristin Applied Mathematics
Yenco, Aileen* Civil Engineering
Yoders, Sara* Early Childhood Education
Young, Andrew* Biology
Zeigler, Nathan* Accounting
Zemba, Michael* Electrical Engineering
Zhang, Yu* Interior Design
Zucosky, Heather* Psychology

Summer 2011

Aebi, Maureen* Accounting
Bohn, Grace Biology
Britton, Louis Chemistry
Campanizzi, Michael* Marketing
Doty, Kristian* Accounting
Figiel, Lindsey International Business
Gray, Torie* Psychology
Hanlon, Sarah* Social Work
Lamp, Aaron* Civil Engineering
Lesher, Brittany* Biology
Manno, Joseph* Labor Economics
Michaud, Ryan* Mass Media - Media Production
Midha, Sonia* Natural Sciences - BS / MD
Pfingsten, Robert Civil Engineering
Prettyman, Walter Music
Roth, Cali* Biology
Sulkowski, Christina* Chemical Engineering
Sylvester, Jorge* Biomedical Engineering
Verardi, Courtney* Sociology
Wallar, Michael Accounting
Weakland, Christopher Biology
Wetzel, Ross* Marketing
Wick, Amber* Nursing
Yacovone, Nicholas* Accounting
Youhon, Daniel* Computer Science, International Business
Zushin, Benjamin English

Fall 2011

Abrams, Patrick Accounting
Barnett, Courtney* Exercise Science - PrePhysical Therapy
Cox, Caroline* Early Childhood Education
Crouch, Lucas* Marketing, Sales
Davis, Victoria* Psychology
Deitering, Meagan* Interdisciplinary Anthropology
Dixon, Julia English
Drotar, Caroline* Interpersonal and Public Communication
Durbin, Cory* Accounting
Florian, Hannah* Finance
Fogle, Scott* Mechanical Engineering
Frase, Molly* Mechanical Engineering
Gossett, David lll* Finance
Gouin, Marlena* Applied Math, Chemistry
Hamilton, William* Music
Haver, Jennifer* Mechanical Engineering
Hubbard, Eric Finance
Karas, Andrew* Political Science
Kennedy, Rachel* Political Science
Kusi-Amankwah, Akosua* Nursing
Lieb, Nathan* Accounting
MacEwen, Ian* Accounting
Mahulawde, Dorian Sociology
Malak, Sarah Applied Math, Mechanical Polymer Engineering
McDonald, Jeffrey* Applied Mathematics
McDonald, Lucas Chemistry
McKinney, Matthew* AYA - Integrated Language Arts
Mellinger, Christopher* Psychology
Messner, Courtney* Exercise Science - PrePhysical Therapy
Miller, Courtney* Psychology
Morgan, Emily* Marketing, Sales
Morocco, Jennifer* Marketing
Mullins, Erica* Intervention Specialist
Nicholson, Cody Accounting
Nish, Daniel* Mechanical Engineering
Paras, Emma* Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Phelps, Michele Intervention Specialist
Pletcher, William* Accounting
Rice, Katherine* Psychology
Romig, Ashley* Early Childhood Education/Intervention
Savko, Matthew Accounting
Schaefer, Joshua* AYA - Chemistry/Physics
Sivakumaran, Vyshnavi* Supply Chain / Operations Management
Somoskey, Andrew* Painting & Drawing
Spall, Kristen* Early Childhood Education
Szepietowski, Kyra* Art
Thompson, Emily* Dance
Williams, Kimberly* Political Science
Woods, Royce Economics
Young, Lauren* Biology
Zimmer, Tana Biology

Spring 2012

Adkins,Erin E* Early Childhood Education
Anderson,Michael D Physics
Bagwell,Ross D* Applied Mathematics - BS/MS
Baiera,Adrianna H* Biomedical Engineering
Baird,Amy L* AYA - Integrated Language Arts
Baisch,Brittany R* Exercise Science - Physiology
Bane,Joshua H* English
Barker,Mallory L* Chemical Engineering
Bedell,Maria C* English
Benjamin,Sarah H* Marketing
Berish,Julianne T* Nursing
Best,Lauren M* Chemical Engineering
Bird,Joanna C Spanish
Bittinger,Samantha A* Mechanical Engineering
Bohnak III,Charles G* AYA - Integrated Language Arts
Booher,Lesley A* Biology
Borojevich,Bridget R* Nursing
Bowers,Shawn L* Mechanical Engineering
Bowers,Weston K* Nursing
Boyle,Cory J Mass Media Production
Brass,Margaret M* Biomedical Engineering
Briski,Alexandra R* Theatre Arts
Brumenschenkel,Eric E Chemical Engineering
Buck,Erin E* Dance
Buckley,Rachel K* Athletic Training
Buckman,Kevin D* Applied Mathematics - BS/MS
Burant,Daniel L Business Administration
Burnham,Leanne* Biology
Byrne,Kathleen R* Psychology
Cain,Morgan E* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Cameron,Kevin C Chemical Engineering
Campbell,Amy K* Psychology
Campf,Jessica L* Biology
Carlson,Joseph F* Music Education
Carman,Haley A* Chemical Engineering
Carnicom,Sara M* Psychology
Carris,Cameron J* Civil Engineering
Carver,Elizabeth A* Nursing
Charney,Scott* Chemical Engineering
Chopra,Sunandini* Mechanical Polymer Engineering
Close,Cameron J* Mechanical Engineering
Codispoti,Anthony J Mass Media Production
Cole,Lucas A* AYA - Integrated Language Arts
Colosimo,Andrew N* Accounting
Coniglio,Melissa A* Nursing
Constantino,Joseph A* Nursing
Cool,Lydia R* Applied Mathematics
Coplin,Erin R* Accounting
Cormack,Glenn T* Chemical Engineering
Costello,Brian R* Finance
Coulter,Emma V* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Crawford,Dana D AYA - Integrated Mathematics
Cree,Justin E* Civil Engineering
Csepe,Ellen M* Exercise Science - PrePhysical Therapy
Cull,Brian E Civil Engineering
Danish,Jordan M* Nursing
Davidson,Joshua R* Chemistry
Day,Christina M* Painting and Drawing
De Zort,Jeffrey T* Civil Engineering
DeBruin,Sarah R* AYA - Integrated Mathematics
DeFratis,Andrew J* AYA -Integrated Social Studies, History
Desai,Neerali A* Biology
Dow,Holly E* Early Childhood Education
Dravec,Sarah E* English
Dravecky,Amy F* Psychology
Duff,Kathleen A* International Business, Marketing, Spanish
Dzundza,Mariya Nursing
El-Shaar,Lana N Biology
Fidler,Nicole J* International Business
Flanagan,Karen E* Social Work
Fondriest,Sara A* BS/MD
Forfia,Michael D* Music
Formanik,Kristie L* Biology
Formanik,Melissa A* Nursing
Fowler,Steven H Computer Information Systems
Frampton,Caroline E* Biomedical Engineering
Franz,Megan E* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Frazee,Andrew J* Mechanical Engineering
Fritzsching,Liliya* Biomedical Engineering
Fuldauer,Donald P* Computer Engineering
Furnas,Hannah* Sociology
Futryk,Bryant M Political Science
Gannon,Margaret D* Education
Gasser,Christa L* Family and Consumer Sciences
Gattozzi,Dominic G* Music
Geier,Jaclyn L* Political Science
Goodrich,Jessica L AYA - Integrated Mathematics
Gouin,Phillipp J Electrical Engineering
Greenbank,Arthur R* Nursing
Grimm,Marcus S* Chemical Engineering
Guegold,Bethany K* International Business, Marketing
Haque,Mateen U* Chemistry
Hardman,Michelle C* Nursing
Haren,Gregory A* Electrical Engineering
Hayes,Caitlin E* Biomedical Engineering
Hayes,Kristina M* Family and Child Development
Heinsbergen,Daniel A* Biomedical Engineering
Helbley,Edward M* Finance
Henney,Brianne E* Marketing
Hermelin,Michael* Biology
Hershberger,Carly R* Marketing
Hershberger,Jeffrey J Civil Engineering
Hickey,Brandon M* Accounting
Hicks,Amy E Computer Engineering
Hieronymus,Jordan A* Nursing
Hildenbrand,Carli B Biology
Hilty,Eric B Civil Engineering
Hinton,Andrea L* Marketing
Hohider,Michaela B* Nursing
Holman,Dezarae S* Electrical Engineering
Holzapfel,Casey L* Political Science
Honeck,Steven J* Biomedical Engineering
Horattas,Eleni K Biology
Householder,Elizabeth A* Nursing
Howard,Joel E Computer Engineering
Hudson,John W* Statistics - Actuarial Science
Hull,Christopher R* Biology
Hulse,Melanie F* Early Childhood Education
Hymes,Brittany R* Psychology
Ickes,Jessica R* Biology
Ilijevich,Jennifer L Middle Level Education
Indermuhle,Rachael L* Nursing
Janish,Andrew M* Chemical Engineering
Jenkins,Tessa A* Biology
Johnson,Cody J Electrical Engineering
Kasburg III,James P* Mechanical Engineering
Kehoe,Kristina A* Exercise Science - PrePhysical Therapy
Kellman,Pamela M* English
Kemp,Nathan C* English
Kent,Jessica A* Biology
Kiehl,Jonathan L Civil Engineering
King,Jonathan D* Biomedical Engineering
Knapp,Jennifer A Chemistry
Kontoveros,Dimitria V* Biomedical Engineering
Krieger,Nikolas I* Statistics
Kucek,Victoria M* Biology
Kucmanic,David P* Nursing
Kuzman,Joshua* Electrical Engineering
Kvach Jr,Thomas J Human Resources
LaHurd,Jessica M* Biology
Lane,Christopher J* Mechanical Engineering
Lembono,Michael* Chemical Engineering
Lende,Michelle N Natural Sciences
Lukezic,Nicolle L Art
MacKay,John M Psychology
Maggelet,Nathan P Mechanical Engineering
Magni,Laura M* AYA - Integrated Mathematics
Malcolm,Suzanne I AYA - Integrated Mathematics
Malecky,Amanda N* Nursing
Maniawski,Michael* Marketing
Mapes,Kelsea D* Biology
Marimon,Todd M Computer Engineering
Mason,Patrick S Chemical Engineering
Mayer,James R* Supply Chain / Operations Management
Mazzocco,Andrea L* Dance with Business Cognate
McAvinew,Courtney L* Nursing
McCallum,Gabrielle J* Interdisciplinary Anthropology
McCallum,Katie A* Applied Mathematics - BS/MS
McClish,Sean M* Mechanical Engineering
McConnell,Allison F* Social Work
McCormick,Kelly L* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Menuez,Kelsey L* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Mickley,Victoria Danielle* English
Miesle,Rebecca A* Biology
Miksit,Alex L* Biology
Milliken,Matthew A* Mechanical Engineering
Miracle,Tanya L* Chemical Engineering
Modon,Alex G* Integrated Marketing Communication
Molinari,Jennifer M* Spanish
Molnar,Ashley J Marketing: Sales Management Program
Molnar,Rachel Vanessa French
Montemayor,Jon D* Biology
Moore,Christopher J Biomedical Engineering
Morgan,Rochelle Rae* Chemical Engineering
Mulhollen,Lindsay M Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media - Communication
Mullin,Nadia M Business and Organizational Communication - Public Relations
Murphy,Erin R* Business and Organizational Communication
Nixdorf,Brian R* Civil Engineering
Noatch,Christopher P* Biomedical Engineering
Ohliger III,James E* Biology
Ollish,Rebecca J* Adolescent to Young Adult - Integrated Social Studies
Parker,Jillian* Chemistry
Patel,Sagar C* Computer Engineering
Pavlich,Corey A* Business and Organizational Communication
Pavlichich,Andrea M.* Political Science
Pavlik,Samuel R* Mechanical Engineering
Pawlak,Chelsie M Psychology
Paxitzis,Joseph M* Nursing
Pero,Kristen M* Accounting
Petersen,Kyle A* Biology
Peteya,Stephanie D Biology
Piermarini,Emidio A* Civil Engineering
Pietzcker,Epiphany* Psychology
Ponikvar,Anthony B* Political Science
Porter,Megan L* Psychology
Posladek,Olivia M* Exercise Science - PrePhysical Therapy
Prechel,Michael C* Electrical Engineering
Prochaska,Joshua C Biomedical Engineering
Puskorius,Juliana M Biology
Qayyum,Hira* Chemistry
Rachid,Ashley M Nursing
Raies,Daniel N* Mathematics - BS/MS
Reardon,Kristen M Nursing
Reed,Lauren E* Exercise Science - PrePhysical Therapy
Reese,Michael G Mechanical Engineering
Regula,William J Accounting
Reichenberger,Robin D* Political Science
Reink,Jennifer S* Natural Sciences, Psychology
Reisdorf,Stephen R Mathematics - BS/MS
Reisinger,Renee M* Marketing
Riley,Logan P* Mechanical Engineering
Riordan,Brittney T* Chemistry
Robenstine,Michael S* Mechanical Engineering
Roberts,Cory M* Applied Mathematics
Robertson,Kacy L* Nursing
Roth,Joseph A* Integrated Marketing Communication
Rucki,Catherine M* Mechanical Engineering
Ruth,David A Computer Science
Sage,Kristen N* Accounting, Finance
Salvino,Michael V Computer Science
Sandish,Julie A* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Santinga,Beatrice A* Nursing
Saylor,Michelle A* Mechanical Engineering
Sayre,Hannah E Accounting
Schenck,Cassandra L* International Business
Schmid,Kathryn J* Nursing
Schmidt,Jamie L* Accounting
Schwender,Jaime L English
Scott,Rebecca A Nursing
Seaman,Nicole E Biology
Sechler,Spencer T* Biology
Senger,Halle A* Mechanical Engineering
Seppanen,Michael J* Electrical Engineering
Sevastos,Jonathan M Accounting, Finance
Severyn,David M Mechanical Engineering
Shen,Shengfen* Mechanical Engineering
Shepard,Michael D* Electrical Engineering
Shetler,Joshua J* Computer Science
Sirl,Crystal A* Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology
Sjoquist,Ellyn M* Dance
Smelker,Jacob D* Geology - Geophysics
Smith,Jennifer L* Biomedical Engineering
Smith,Katherine A* Biomedical Engineering
Smith,Zita M Art Education, Theatre Arts
Snyder,Kristin L Interdisciplinary Anthropology
Speight,Alexander T Geology
Starr,Jason R* Accounting
Sullivan,Timothy W* Biology
Sutton,Stefanie A* Adolescent to Young Adult - Biology / Earth Science
Swope,Zachariah J* English
Szemetylo,Natalie* Political Science
Taraban,Darya Computer Engineering
Taylor,Alex B* Mechanical Engineering
Taylor,Marcy A Biology
Thomas,Andrew J* Chemical Engineering
Tripp,Stephen D* Music Education - Instrumental Band
Tuesday,Andrew J* Applied Mathematics - BS/MS
Tyulty,Sara C* Psychology
Valentine,Michael S Biomedical Engineering
Vamos,John M Interdisciplinary Studies
Van Scoy,Bryan R* Applied Mathematics - BS/MS,Electrical Engineering
Verma,Vatsala* Marketing
Villio,Vince J* Political Science
Wallen,Michael T Electrical Engineering
Walsh,Vanessa A Respiratory Therapy Technology
Wanda,Lauren K* Graphic Design
Watson,Marissa N* Biology
Welch,Christopher D* Exercise Science - PrePhysical Therapy
Wenger,Dawn R* Psychology
Whittaker,Kyle R Political Science, Economics
Wilcox,Corey A Civil Engineering
Wise,Sarah J* English
Wisnieski,Joelle R* Music Education
Wisniewski,Jessica A* Accounting
Wolansky,Megan R Nursing
Wright,Kenneth R* Computer Science
Zimmerman,Maria C* Business and Organizational Communication
Zumpetta,Guy M English

Summer 2012

Bennett, Teale* Biomedical Engineering
Bowen, Frank* Exercise Science
Campbell, Stephen* Natural Sciences, BS/MD Program
Casey, David* Biomedical Engineering
Cavicchia, John* Biomedical Engineering
Cetor, John Political Science
Chudik, Melanie Manual Communication
Cooper, Kara* Exercise Science
Cvetkovich, Beth* Social Work
Dearth, Cassandra* Biology
Fankhauser, Kelsee* Biology
George, Michelle* Accounting
Gerdes, Abigail Environmental Studies
Hardy, William* Natural Sciences, BS/MD Program
Herold, Emily* Psychology
Hetson, Michelle* Biomedical Engineering
Knapp, Andrew* Sports Studies Management
Koroknay, Rachel* International Business
LaNasa, Nicolle* Anthropology
Mertz, Katelyn* English
Miller, Amanda* English
Ollis, Amber* Social Work
Pannikottu, Kurian* Natural Sciences, BS/MD Program
Paskert, Brett* Biomedical Engineering
Prosek, Sarah* Music
Regula, Emilie* Political Science
Roberts, Cory* Applied Mathematics
Rose, Elizabeth* Business & Organizational Communication
Simpson, Andrew* Applied Mathematics-BS/MS
Walsh, Brian Business Administration

Fall 2012

Aesram, Anisa* Biomedical Engineering
Baranyk, Bethany Applied Mathematics
Barson, Chad* Biology
Bartley, Alison* French
Bartolotta, John* Finance
Beery, Greta* Mechanical Engineering
Bertram, Claudia* Management-Human Resources
Bohan, Samantha* Integrated Marketing Communication
Brabander, Mackenzie* Applied Mathematics
Bunch, Hannah* Biology
Caldwell, Scott* Accounting
Cook, Ashley* Finance
Cope, Tamara* Management-Human Resources
Dao, Anthony* Natural Sciences-BS/MD Program
Disanto, Francesca Chemistry
Doll, Alexander Finance
Dudek, Brian* Integrated Mathematics Education
Fodor, Justin* Integrated Language Arts Education
Fritz, Aaron Construction Engineering Technology
Goroncy, Jacob Civil Engineering
Harris, Rachel* Education
Houze, Nichole Environmental Studies
Hughes, David Political Science
Johnson, James Jr. Biomedical Engineering
Johnson, Olivia* Political Science
Johnson-Kanu, Ada Nina* Economics
Kaczmarek, India Civil Engineering
Kaiser, Michael Sales Management
Kittle, Samantha* Psychology
Kline, Nicole* Exercise Science
Kobelt, Liza Biology
Kral, Theodore* Sociology
Kubilus, Ryan Psychology
Lauer, Benjamin Accounting
Markel, Benjamin* Social Sciences (Philosophy, Political Science & Economics Track)
McMichael, Jacob* Sales Management
Medvec, Alyssa* Management-Human Resources
Meves, David* Finance
Mishler, Tabitha Early Childhood Education
Moses, Lawrenzo Mathematics- BS/MS
Oneacre, Renee* Accounting
Pavlik, Daphne* Middle Level Education-Science/Mathematics
Pollock, Benjamin* Biology
Pouly, Geneva Integrated Lang. Arts Education
Pruitt, James International Business
Rine, Derek* Marketing Management
Ryan, Robert lll International Business
Skowron, Kendra* Accounting
Taffe, Derek Management-Supply Chain Operations
Tolfo, Ashley* Art-Photography
Voorhees, Gregory* History
Weglo, Kylie* Art-Photography
Wiley, Matthew Art-Graphic Design

*Honors Graduate: Completed all requirements of the Williams Honors College, and is a designated Williams Honors Scholar.