Honors Staff

Erin Ahrens

Erin Ahrens
Title: Honors Academic Advisor
Phone: 330-972-8407
Email: eea@uakron.edu

Debbie Gannon

Debbie Gannon
Title: College Program Specialist
Phone: 330-972-7966
Email: dgannon@uakron.edu

Peggy Walchalk

Peggy Walchalk
Title: Administrative Assistant Senior
Phone: 330-972-5247
Email: peggy1@uakron.edu

Nancy M. Kusnyer
Title: Administrative Secretary
Department: Honors College Dean's Office
Phone: (330)972-5073
Email: nmk@uakron.edu

Dr. Dale Mugler

Dr. Dale Mugler
Title: Dean, Honors College
Phone: (330) 972-5365
Fax: (330) 972-5625
Email: dmugler@uakron.edu

Ryan T. Rettig
Title: Graduate Assistant
Department: Honors College Dean's Office
Phone: (330)972-5236
Email: HonorsGA2@uakron.edu

Bridget Roulett

Bridget Roulett
Title: Graduate Assistant. Duties include Honors Scholars Connections Coordinator & Nationally Competitive Scholarship Information Coordinator
Phone: 330-972-8430
Email: honorsga1@uakron.edu

Shaddrick A. Stinson

Shaddrick A. Stinson
Title: Academic Advisor
Department: Honors College
Phone: 330-972-7231
Email: stinson@uakron.edu


2011 Staff Christmas Party

Dean Dale Mugler is also a Professor of Biomedical Engineering  and of Applied Mathematics.  Click here to access his web page.  

For Dr. Mugler's class information, visit the Biomedical Signal and Imaging Processing web site

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