Honors Council Staff

The University Honors Council is the governing body of the Honors College.

Name Position
Dr. Christine Graor  Rep (College of Nursing)
Dr. Joan Carletta Rep (College of Engineering)
Dr. Dale Mugler Dean, Honors College
Dr. Julia Spiker Assistant Dean, Honors College
Dan Buie Honors College
Erin Ahrens Honors College
Shaddrick Stinson Honors College
Dr. John Peck Rep (College of Arts & Sciences)
Dr. Cindy Mako-Robinson Rep (College of Business Administration)
Dr. Harold Foster Rep (College of Education)
Dr. Joseph Livecchi Rep (Philosophy)
Dr. Deborah Marino Rep (Heath Sciences and Human Services)
Michelle Ellis Ex Officio Rep (Director, Student Financial Aid)
Dr. Sheldon Wrice Rep (Summit College)
Dr. Janet Minc Wayne Campus
Michele Bersani Stastis Ex Officio Rep (Admissions Office)