Honors Research Project Funds

Research grants are available through the Honors College, as funding permits and on a matching basis, to reimburse students for some of the research costs of their Honors Research Projects. These funds can be used for equipment and supplies, although they are not available for travel expenses, photocopying, or typing.

A grant can not exceed 50 percent of total costs, up to a maximum of $250 in matching funds from the Honors College.


There are two components of the application process:

  1. Complete the online application to the right.
  2. Secure a signed commitment of matching funds from your academic department, college or other source.

Each application will be reviewed when all information has been submitted. Recipients will be notified of awards as soon as possible.

Since funds are limited, you should apply promptly. If you have a question, call the Honors Office at (330) 972-7966.

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