Scholarship Advising:

Scholarship Advising for the University of Akron is located within the Honors College.  Our offices are in the Honors Complex, room 178.  Currently, your advisor serves to aid students in the search for prestigious scholarships.  Commonly, scholarship advisors work to:

  • research and provide information on various scholarships
  • meet with students to develop focus in the search for scholarships
  • match students’ academic experience to related awards
  • coordinate campus selection for some scholarships
  • aid students in the application process, including:
    • assisting in the writing process for essays and narratives
    • offering guidance for scholarship interviews
    • presenting students with referrals to local distinguished faculty
    • facilitating application formalities like international relations and university endorsement

    Please consider contacting in the Honors College Office for questions that you may have when applying for these Nationally Competitive Scholarships.  Click here for detailed information on various Nationally Competitive Scholarships.