Medical Benefits

SummaCare (officially known as Apex Benefits Services) is the administrator of the University’s medical insurance program.   By registering on SummaCare’s Plan Central website, employees can:

    * Review benefits information
    * Check the status of claims
    * Deductible information
    * Prior Authorization Status
    * Other plan documents

Employee may contact SummaCare Customer Service by calling 800-753-8429. 

1.  Member Handbook
     * Active Employee PPO Plans 
     * Retire Dependent PPO Plan 
     * Retiree Dependent Medicare Supplement Plan

2.  Preventive Care List
The University follows the Affordable Care Act’s “U.S. Preventive Services Task Force” guideline for 100 percent University-paid preventive care.

3.  Immunization and Vaccination List
The University follows the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) “Vaccines and Immunization Schedules” recommended guidelines for 100 percent University-paid immunization and vaccination.

4.  Pediatric Health Care List
The University follows the American Academy of Pediatrics “Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care” guidelines for 100 percent University-paid pediatric health care.

5.  Diabetes Supplies and Durable Medical Equipment Information (DME)
SummaCare members have access to certain diabetes testing supplies at low or no cost from Cornerstone Medical Services.  Cornerstone Medical Services is also the vendor for durable medical equipment (i.e.: wheelchairs, nebulizers, crutches, etc.)

6.  Transitional Care Form
SummaCare recognizes that new members may need to transition to new providers upon enrollment. SummaCare has created a Transitional Care Form to assist new members with this process in an effort to ensure that in-network providers, in accordance with our Health Services Management rules, deliver your health care services.

7.  Preferred Provider Network Access

    * Within Ohio: SC Plus
    * Outside of Ohio: PHCS MultiPlan
      In an emergency, go to the nearest hospital.

8.  SummaCare Prior Authorization List
Certain services require pre-authorization by SummaCare. If the patient is using an in-network provider, it is the physician's responsibility to obtain a pre-authorization. If the patient is using an out-of-network provider, it is the patent's responsibility to obtain prior authorization. Prior authorization can be waived in emergency situations. If the University's medical insurance is being used as secondary coverage, prior authorization is not required. 

9.  Weight Watchers
SummaCare has partnered with The University of Akron to help members reach their personal health and weight management goals. As an incentive to joining and completing a Weight Watchers program, SummaCare will reimburse part of your Weight Watchers enrollment fee.

    * Program Information
    * Reimbursement Form

10.  General Information about HIPAA
The HIPAA Privacy Regulations place limitations upon covered entities' use of "protected health information" (PHI). Protected health information is information that is individually identifiable and that relates to an individual's past, present, or future medical condition or treatment. The Privacy Regulations also create or formalize several rights members in a health plan have regarding their health information.

11. Travel Assistance and Medical Evaluation Program
The Hartford’s Travel Assistance and Medical Evacuation Program can help with medical referrals worldwide, medical evacuation, repatriation, travel companion assistance, emergency messages, emergency travel arrangements, and many other services.  Please note these services are administered by Europ Assistance Services USA (through the University’s life insurance agreement) and not by SummaCare.

2011 Medical Plan Information, including Dental, Vision and other components