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FMLA Details from the University of Akron

FMLA Extended Leave Packet

Understanding Family & Medical Leave Act - Now available as PDF!

FMLA Forms are available by callling Benefits Administration at 330.972.7090

Links to University Rules Relating to FMLA

University sick leave in accordance with University policies:

3359-11-01 Sick Leave for Faculty, Contract Professional, Classified and Unclassified exempt staff interim rule

3359-26-04 (Non-Exempt Staff) Absence from Campus Interim Rule

General Information from the Department of Labor


Short-Term Disability Insurance

The purpose of the Short-Term Disability (STD) plan is to help employees avoid or minimize the financial burdens that may result from an extended non-work related accident or illness.

The limits of the benefit are $100 per week to a maximum of $1,200 per week. The combination of benefits payable under the policy and other income benefits may not exceed 50 percent of your basic weekly income. After an accident, you are eligible for benefits after the 14th day. After a sickness, you are eligible after the 28th day. The maximum duration for short-term disability benefits is 24 weeks.

This policy is subject to a pre-existing condition exclusion.  See plan certificate of coverage for more detail.


You are eligible if you are currently employed, work full-time (at least 40 hours per week) and have satisfied your waiting period.

"Basic weekly income" is defined as the weekly compensation you earn from your normal occupation from your employer. It does not include earnings from overtime, bonuses or any other form of extra pay

Program Highlights

See the highlights of our short-term disability insurance program.

This information is only a product highlight. The policy has exclusions, limitations and reduction of benefits. Should any information on this page contradict plan documents, the plan documents shall prevail.


Long-Term Disability Insurance

The University provides core long-term disability insurance equal to 60 percent of the annual benefit salary after a six-month waiting period. The maximum monthly benefit $5,000, less the sum of the benefits from other sources, described in detail below under "Other Income Benefits." Three supplemental options are available:

  • 60% of covered monthly salary after a three-month waiting period;
  • 70% of covered monthly salary after a six-month waiting period; or
  • 70% of covered monthly salary after a three-month waiting period.

Those electing a higher-than-University-provided benefit must pay the difference with either excess benefit credits dollars or pretax payroll deduction. All employees must be enrolled in at least the core University-provided benefit. Opt-outs are not permitted.

Long-Term Disability Program Highlights

See the highlights of our long-term disability insurance program.


Workers' Compensation / Work Related Injury Forms

Please use these forms if you should sustain a work related injury. Completion of these forms does not assure the allowance of the claim in accordance with the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.


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