Hire or Rehire Part Time Faculty 

1.  Part Time Faculty Hiring Process

The Part Time Faculty Hiring Guidelines provide an overview of the hiring process for part time faculty.

2.   Part Time Faculty Application and Acceptance Agreement

Prior to completing a PAF for a New Hire, the candidate must complete the PTFAAA.

The Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form must be distributed to the candidate.

The Department must complete the PTFAAA Approval Form.

3.   Part Time Teaching and Summer Sessions PAF

Personnel Action Forms - PAFs are used to initiate employee hire/rehire actions. After an individual is selected for hire, complete the Part Time Teaching and Summer Session PAF


4.    Part Time Faculty Orientation Packet 

All newly hired Part Time Faculty, as well as those employees separated from the University for more than 12 months must complete the forms in the Hire Packet.

5.  Notification of other University Assignments

If a part time faculty member is teaching in more than one department / college or has other University employment, please submit the completed Notification of Other University Assignments form to the 2nd college's dean's office.

6.  Reasonable Assurance Process for Part-time Faculty 

For notification content and distribution dates refer to Reasonable Assurance Memo