Classification Services

The University of Akron's classification and compensation program is applicable to all Contract Professional, Classified, and Unclassified Non-bargaining Unit staff members.

The program provides for salaries that will maximize the attraction and retention of qualified individuals. The goal is to compensate employees in a manner that is responsive to internal equity, competitiveness, and individual performance.

Classification Plans

University Rule: Classified Classification Plan
Classified Staff Classifications Specifications
University Rule:  Unclassified Classification Plan

CWA Classifications Specifications 

CWA - SBU Classifications Specifications

FOP Classifications Specifications

IATSE Classifications Specifications

Salary Schedules

Salary Conversion Formulas
CWA Bargaining Unit
Apprenticeship and Job Training Program Wage Progression
Contract Professional and Non-Bargaining Staff
Information Technology

Position Description/Audit Questionnaire (PDAQ)

The University of Akron has established a position audit program to provide employees with an opportunity to request a review of the classification and grade for their current position.

PDAQ - Non- Bargaining Employees

PDAQ - Bargaining Employees

University Rule
PDAQ Procedures

Definition/Purpose of a Classification Specification

Classification Specifications summarize the typical duties, responsibilities, and qualifications that apply to all positions within a particular job title (i.e. Secretary). It should be noted that not all the duties listed will be performed by all employees for multiple incumbent classifications. It is not intended to specifically identify every duty performed by an employee. Detail such as specific software packages (i.e., Wordperfect, Access) or specific types of equipment (Dell computer), are normally not a part of the Classification Specification. A Position Description on the other hand, which is required when filling a position, summarizes the duties and responsibilities performed by an individual employee (i.e. Secretary in the Department of XYZ) and would list details such as specific software, and equipment required.  University Rule