Academic Activity Reporting Requirements 


Due Date

Spring 2014 February 28, 2014


As the 14th day activity has been loaded from the registrar’s file, it is time to update the Academic Activity for the 9 and 12 month faculty and the graduate assistants. 

For those who have not yet done so, please complete the PeopleSoft TAAR’s processing course available on the Web at  This provides information regarding processing the TAAR’s in PeopleSoft Version 9.

The goal of this reporting process is to identify the person responsible for each course/section offered.  At the completion of the Academic Activity process, all course sections should be assigned to a full-time faculty member, a part-time faculty member or a teaching graduate assistant.

Term Academic Activity Reports (TAARs)

Full-time Faculty:  A TAAR must be completed for each full-time 9, 10 or 12 month faculty member.  Teaching activity listed on the TAAR was taken from the registrar’s files. 

Graduate Assistants:  A TAAR must be completed for all graduate assistants.  For teaching graduate assistants, load hours should reflect teaching assignments only if the GA is the instructor of record. 

Contract Professionals/Staff:  No TAARs will print for this group of employees.  If a Contract Professional or Staff member is teaching a class and NOT receiving additional pay, this activity must be completed on a Personnel Action Form.  The title should indicate “AAF ONLY”. 

Please note that TAARs are NOT required for part-time faculty.  The activity for part-time faculty will be obtained and updated from the Personnel Action forms by HRIS. 

Do not return the paper copies of the TAARs to Human Resources.  The departments should forward the completed forms to their respective Dean for signature.  The original forms should be retained by the department or Dean’s office, as applicable for your college.

If you have any questions regarding TAAR processing, please contact Keren Childers (8399), or Katherine Selzer (4910)