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History of Convictions Questions Removed from The University of Akron Applications

Changes in Ohio law necessitate the removal of any questions related to applicants’ history of convictions from all University of Akron employment applications by March 11, 2016, including student employment applications, intermittent positions, large recruitment events, faculty positions and third-party application systems. Questions about convictions history will be removed from PeopleSoft (Human Capital Management) system on or near March 6. After that date, system users will no longer be able to see any conviction related information on applications, including former postings and currently posted positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did the state mandate this change?

A new state law, H.B. 56, requires the removal of this information to support employment equity in Ohio. The law is intended to remove barriers that impede individuals with convictions from applying to or being considered for employment.

  1. At what point in the hiring process can colleges or business units collect information on an applicant’s history of convictions.

During the background check process. The background check application will still ask candidates to disclose any felony or misdemeanor convictions.

  1. Can colleges or business units ask about conviction history prior to the background check?

We do not encourage hiring managers to ask about convictions in the interview process. There is risk associated with inconsistently asking candidates about convictions in their background. Due to the dispersed nature of our hiring and interviewing processes, developing a consistent process is not feasible. We will continue to rely on disclosure of convictions occurring during the background check process.

  1. Who needs to know about this change in state law?

We encourage you to share this important update with all supervisors and hiring managers in your college or business unit. Please refer them to the HR with questions (emplapp@uakron.edu or 330-972-5988).

  1. What happens if we experience an increase in final candidates that we rescind offers of employment?

As with any process change mandated by law, The University of Akron will monitor and assess the impact of this change. If it is determined this new requirement creates a hardship on colleges and business units, we will evaluate our procedures to determine whether they can be revised while still ensuring we are in compliance with state law.

  1. What do we do if an applicant voluntarily discloses conviction information?

You should instruct your hiring managers to communicate to you any negative information provided by a candidate. If questions about criminal convictions arise during the hiring process, contact a university background check coordinator to determine appropriate next steps.

Contact Kristina Sims, Director, Employment Services & Classification Services, with additional questions at kris@uakron.edu.