Termination of employment

Early termination by the department before the end date of the H-1B Approval Notice will result in the department being responsible for paying for reasonable cost of return transportation to the home country.  This is generally the cost of the return plane ticket.   Termination of employment ends the H-1B status and there is no grace to continue to stay in the U.S.  The Foreign National must depart immediately. 

If you are using H-1B portability regulations to take employment at a new institution, you must continue to work for The University of Akron until both the receipt notice and the required start date have arrived for the new position at the new institution so employment is continuous. Consult the new employer for more information.

Departments and employees must notify EIS of termination and complete an H-1B Departure Form.

No Grace Period

There are no extra days (grace period) to enable H-1B employees to prepare to depart the U.S. after the H-1B status expires. The last date you can be present in the U.S. is the date indicated on the I-94 card or on the end date on the H-1B approval notice (whichever is later). If you are terminated from your employment early before the end date of the H-1B approval notice, then your H-1B status ends on the date of your employment termination and, again, there is no grace period.

H-1B Departure Check List

When and if you decide to interrupt your H-1B before the end date of the Approval Notice, please be aware of the following:

  1. You must leave the US on the last date of your employment (there is no grace period with the H-1B)
  2. You must give the I-94 (both the white and the green one) at the border when you leave the US
  3. We recommend that you keep a copy of your resignation letter as well as a letter from the department confirming your last date of employment
  4. When you leave the US, please ask the border agent for a stamp to prove your departure (if you cannot obtain one in the US, ask one from the country where you enter
  5. If you have any plans of coming back as an H-1B at any time in the future, keep copies of your airplane ticket, rental or accommodation receipts outside of the US, letters from the employer that can be used for proof to establish your residency outside of the US.