If an H-1B status employee wants to change from another employer to employment at The University of Akron, a new H-1B petition must be submitted to USCIS before the employee can start working at The University of Akron. USCIS portability regulations allow the individual to start working at the new employer when the USCIS official receipt notice is received and it is on or after the requested start date of the H-1B petition.  The employee need  not wait for petition approval.

The foreign national may need time for the physical move to Ohio. However, USCIS portability regulations do not allow a break in employment between the former and new employer. The employee must remain on the payroll with the current employer until the day the employee is placed on The University of Akron payroll, therefore maintaining continuous employment. Arrangements must be made with the former employer and The University of Akron to accommodate the move. The portability petition takes approximately 3-7 months.

See Step by Step for more details.