Students are supported while they seek a PhD in the IB program by graduate assistantships (GA). A GA provides a tuition fellowship and a stipend for duration of the student's time in the program, contingent upon the student maintaining good standing and usually for up to not more than 5 years. Funding for GAs comes from a variety of sources including but not limited to:

  • Teaching Assistantships (TA) usually provided through departments and associated with laboratory teaching duties assigned to the IB student
  • Research Assistantships (RA) provided through the externally-funded grants of individual faculty members and associated with research responsibilities to the funded project
  • Industrial Assistantships associated with external industry or other partners which could include teaching and or research responsibilities depending upon the particular partner's interest in its agreement with the university

The availability of different types of GAs varies from year to year.

For the Fall of 2015, IB is seeking to fill at least two types of GA positions, Integrated Bioscience Fellows in Biomedicine, and Biomimicry Fellowships. More details on these fellowships can be found by following the links on the left.