The Institute of Bioscience and Social Research supports the mission, vision, and goals of the University of Akron as laid out in UA’s guiding document “Vision 2020:  Toward 150 Years of Distinction & a New Gold Standard of University Performance” (Vision 2020 document). The newly renamed Institute builds off of a past of excellence in evaluation based research. It reflects the Vision 2020 centered goal of developing interdisciplinary clusters that “transcend boundaries between disciplines” to take advantage of “the synergy created by bringing together the disciplinary approaches in liberal arts, health care, social sciences, science and technology.” The Institute (which resides in the Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences) explores pathways to take advantage of such synergy between the social sciences and the biosciences. Current efforts are centered on the expansion of our efforts in the biostatistics and medical sociology areas (among others), and the incorporation of these efforts into the existing core evaluation and data management strengths of the Institute. Our commitment to the “creation of knowledge and application of research that benefits humankind (Vision 2020)” forms the foundation of the core principles guiding current IBSR projects.