University to be site of mock disaster drill


Don't be alarmed should you see emergency vehicles, SWAT teams and bomb squads in action across campus between 2 and 8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 9.

Our campus will be hosting a county-wide emergency-response exercise. Three separate mock incidents will occur around 2 p.m., and safety personnel from the University, city, county, state and FBI will respond.

The activity will be centered on the College of Arts and Sciences building, Knight Chemical and InfoCision Stadium-Summa Field.

If you will be in or near those buildings on Wednesday, you may be instructed to leave the building for a short period or be advised to remain in place, also for a short period, depending on the nature of the incident. All on campus may hear announcements over the indoor and outdoor warning systems. The announcements will note that this is an exercise.

Since 2007, the University has reworked its emergency plan and increased its coordination with city, county and state safety forces. Several small exercises have been held on campus over the years; this will be our first large-scale event.

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