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Logo: Tips for proper use

University wordmarkThe University of Akron wordmark is the master logo and key identifier of the institution. It consists of the words “The University of Akron” set in Caslon and stacked so that the “U” and “A” align and overlap. All printed materials from the University should bear the wordmark and comply with the standards outlined in this manual.

The wordmark is designed to be used as a single unit. However, The University of Akron sometimes is referred to as “UA.” While this is not an official designation for the institution, the “UA” may appear separately without the rest of the wordmark in certain usages such as in University sub-branding, signage and collateral materials where it is clearly understood that “UA” stands for The University of Akron. Any use of the separate “UA” MUST have approval from University Communications and Marketing.

Akron Blue and Gold


The official logo colors for The University of Akron wordmark are Akron Navy Blue and Akron Gold.

If you would like to use a metallic gold option, contact University Communications and Marketing for guidance.

Area of non-encroachmentArea of Non-encroachment

The wordmark should always appear on a field void of other elements to insure its visibility and impact. No other graphic or typographic element may encroach on this area (unless you are reversing the wordmark out of a photograph). The minimum size of this area is the height of the wordmark’s capital “T.”

Improper usage

Use only approved versions of the wordmark as shown above. Some incorrect versions are shown here. If you have questions about proper wordmark usage, please contact University Communications and Marketing at ext. 7820.

Improper usage of UA wordmark

Sub-branding typography

This section contains approved sub-branding typography for each of the University’s colleges and schools. In order to maintain the integrity of our brand, use only these sub-brands in your University communications. NO individual unit logos should be created or used.

UA sub-brands

Download the wordmark


TIFF (Tagged Image File Format): Use of a TIFF file is a good fit for print projects.

  • Files can only be printed up to 8" x 3.5" before degradation of file quality will begin to occur
  • Overall file size is large and not easy to send via e-mail as attachment

EPS (Encapsulated PostScript): Use of a EPS file is a better fit for print projects.

  • Files can easily be printed at any size needed, and maintain their quality
  • Overall file size is small and easy to send via e-mail as attachment
  • You will need Adobe Illustrator to open this, but you could place it in a Word file without Illustrator (Insert > Picture)


JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group): Use of a JPG file is a good fit for web projects.

  • This type of file does not support transparent backgrounds
  • Some degradation of file quality

PNG (Portable Network Graphics): Use of a PNG file is a better fit for web projects. 

  • This type of file supports and comes with transparent backgrounds
  • No degradation of file quality

Athletics' marks

Zips athletics markThe Zips' athletic identity is one of The University of Akron’s most visible representations. The “A-roo” mark, right, is used as the primary trademark of the Department of Athletics and is the preferred mark for external use.

It may be used on all athletics-related communications, brochures, stationery, business cards, promotional items and merchandise (apparel and novelties for resale or promotional uses).

The mark may not be altered.

Before using the mark for non-athletics purposes, contact Bryan Huettmann, director of InfoCision Stadium, at 330-972-2639 or

Athletics brand guide

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