Logo: Tips for proper use

The University of Akron wordmark is the master logo and key identifier of the institution. It consists of the words “The University of Akron” set in Caslon font and stacked so that the “U” and “A” align and overlap.

All printed materials from the university should bear the wordmark with the designation and comply with the standards outlined on these pages. Use either mark at your discretion.

Download the wordmark

For print

Download the complete, compressed package. File includes all color variations in both horizontal/vertical orientations in .png and .eps formats, and are meant for use in professionally printed materials.

You will not be able to open an eps file directly unless you have Adobe Illustrator.

For web and Microsoft Office

Guidelines for the wordmark

  1. The appearance of wordmark is never modified.
  2. The wordmark is not to be screened
  3. To avoid stretching or skewing the wordmark simply click on any four of the corner points of the window that contains the mark and drag in or out to reduce or enlarge it.
  4. Type is never to be printed over the wordmark.
  5. Fonts included in the wordmark should not be substituted, stretched, condensed, etc


The official logo colors for The University of Akron wordmark are Akron Navy Blue (PMS 282) and Akron Gold (PMS 117).


Sub-branding for colleges and departments

This section contains approved sub-branding typography for each of the University’s colleges and schools.

The sub-brands can appear in one, two, and three color versions using the university official logo colors.

To maintain the integrity of our brand, use only these sub-brands in your university communications. No individual unit logos should be created or used.

For print

Download the complete, compressed package. File includes all two color versions in horizontal orientation in .png and .eps formats.

For web

Contact University Communications and Marketing.

Zips athletics

The athletics site, GoZips.com, has the athletic marks for download on its brand guidelines page.

Need help?

For assistance, email ucm@uakron.edu.