This is a competitive selection process, and only the top ranked proposals will be funded. The goal of the POC is to license or have ready technologies that are commercially ready for spin out at the end of the sponsored research. Funding is for research & technologies developed within UA laboratories and facilities. Proposals must be submitted by a faculty member or sponsored research staff who are PI’s. Collaborations between disciplines or with outside companies are welcome.


The POC Advisory Council will judge the merits of the Proposal based on the following selection criteria:

  • Is the technology novel, unique and potentially disruptive?
  • Is there a proof of concept already ? Is there a clear path to success within 1 year?
  • Will the funds move the technology towards commercialization?
  • What are the potential societal benefits and rewards likely to be? What is addressed need?
  • Does the technology have broader cross disciplinary implications ?
  • Are the POC funds critical to success of this idea?
  • Is the scope appropriate for the fund budget?
  • What are the risks associated with this funding opportunity? Likelihood of technological success?
  • Are the applicants eager to license technology or spin out companies?
  • Is there a strong likelihood that technology is patentable? Lack of prior IP or publications would be a positive.
  • What are regulatory approvals or hurdles likely to be?
  • Is there currently a strong interest from customers or potential licensors?