Maurice Morton Institute of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering

The Institute of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering provides research support and technical service for the graduate research programs in the Department of Polymer Science, the Department of Polymer Engineering and other University of Akron Colleges, and for other academic institutions, government and industry.

The technical professional staff provide instruction and service for students, faculty and external researchers in laboratories dedicated to electron microscopy (SEM, TEM, EDS, EDX), polymer characterization (SEC, DSC, TGA, light scattering, FTIR, UV-vis, X-ray, AFM, goniometer), surface and optical characterization (XPS, Raman, micro CT, multiphoton microscopy, surface plasmon resonance (SPR) microscopy, confocal microscopy), polymer processing (mixing, extrusion, film formation, molding, filament winding, pultrusion, electrospinning), electronics and electrical repair, machining, glassblowing and a variety of analytical and processing equipment.

In cooperation with the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the University of Akron NMR Center maintains a satellite nuclear magnetic resonance laboratory equipped with 500 MHz solid-state and solution spectrometers supervised by a professional staff. The Polymer Blending and Compounding Center and the Applied Polymer Research Center provide contract technical service for industry and government.

Within the Institute are the Macromolecular Modeling Center, the Applied Polymer Research Center, Microscopy Laboratories, the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center, and the Surface and Optical Analysis Facility.

For additional information contact:

Interim Director:
Dr. Alamgir Karim
Phone: 330-972-8324

Asst. to Director [Polymer Science]:
Dr. Mark E. Koehler
Phone: 330-972-5337

Asst. to Director [Polymer Engineering]:
Dr. Mark Holtman
Phone: 330-972-6008

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