Microscopy Center

Manager: Dr. Bojie Wang
Room: 105-109 in the Goodyear Polymer Center
Phone: (330) 972-7541
FAX: (330) 972-5290
Email: bwang@uakron.edu

The Microscopy Laboratory is located at the Department of Polymer Science, the lower level of the first floor of the Goodyear Polymer Center in rooms 105-109.


The Microscopy Laboratory provides service to the UA community as well as to people from outside of the university.

  • Full Service including Microscopy Testing, Analysis, Technical Support and Consultation
  • Training on Electron Microscope, Optical Microscope and Sample Preparation
  • Open Lab Hours and Equipments for Trained Users
  • Education on Microscopy


High-Resolution Imaging of Materials Structure, Morphology, Compositional analysis, Analysis of Crystallographic and Electronic Structure, etc.

Please contact Dr. Bojie Wang for further information.


Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope

  • FEI-Philips scanning transmission electron microscope, Model Tecnai T12T/STEM
  • Located in Room GDYR-108
  • Accelerating voltage of 20-120 kV
  • Line resolution 2 Angstrom and point resolution 3.4 Angstrom
  • Magnification range of 35-600,000X
  • The specimen can be tilted in two directions, around the x-axis up to ±70 degrees and around the y-axis up to ±30 degrees
  • Photomicrographs can be taken on film or recorded digitally
  • It is used in electron energy-loss spectroscopy and imaging studies

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope

  • Model JEOL-7401 Japan Electron Optics Laboratory (JEOL)
  • Located in room GDYR-109
  • Accelerating voltage of 0.5-35 kV
  • Magnification range of 15-600,000
  • Genesis X-ray microanalysis systems with EDS detector
  • The specimen can be tilted up to 90 degrees in one direction
  • The microscope is interfaced with a scanner-computer system that provides digital electron microscope images to be printed on paper

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

  • Vender: JEOL
  • Model: JSM-1230
  • 120KV illumination system
  • Single-Tilt/Rotation stage
  • Maximum magnification of 500K
  • Maximum resolution of ~1nm
  • Wide range of diffraction techniques
  • Genesis X-ray microanalysis systems with EDS detector
  • Bottom Mount CCD camera with 2048X2048 pixels

Polarized Light Microscope

  • Model Labophot-Pol Nikon
  • Located in room GDYR-105
  • Can be used to obtain photomicrographs using positive/negative
  • Polaroid or 35mm films

Optical Microscope

  • Olympus BX-51
  • Equipped with Mettler Hot Stage
  • Located in room GDYR-105
  • Can be used to obtain high resolution digital images and video

Vacuum Evaporator

  • Model JEE-4C JEOL
  • Located in room GDYR-105
  • Used in the preparation of specimens for transmission electron microscopy by casting carbon and metal films under high vacuum

High Vacuum Evaporator

  • Model DV-502A Denton
  • Located in room GDYR-105
  • Used for evaporation and casting of films of carbon, metals, and dielectrics


  • RMC Model CRX-PC
  • Located in room GDYR-109
  • Used for the preparation of ultrathin sections of polymers for transmission electron microscopy and for polishing the surface of polymer samples for scanning electron microscopy

Sputter Coater

  • SPI
  • Located in room GDYR-105
  • Used to coat specimens with gold, gold/palladium or other metal before examining the specimens in the scanning electron microscope.

Photographic Darkroom

  • Located in room GDYR-106
  • Used for developing and printing of optical and electron micrographs

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