Moleculary Characterization Laboratory

Manager: Jon Page
Office: GDYR-1012
Phone: (330) 972-7530
Fax: (330) 972-5290

The Molecular Characterization Laboratory is located in the Goodyear Polymer Center in room GDYR-1009. The laboratory is open to the faculty and students in the Institute of Polymer Science. For the use of some instruments, a nominal charge is made to cover the cost of consumable materials.

While many instruments are available on a walk-up basis, check with the Lab Manager for instrument availability and reservations.


Instruction manuals are available for all instruments. Individual training of each user must be done by the Laboratory Manager before using the equipment.


GPC - $10.00 per sample to cover the cost of consumable items.
DSC - $10.00 per sample to cover cost of pan and LN2.
There also is a charge for liquid nitrogen for low temperature DSC


GPC - Room Temperature Instrument

Typically running with THF mobile phase with two choices of detector arrangements:

  • A. Viscotek Triple Detector operation, TriSEC
    • Waters Differential Refractometer, Model 410
    • Viscotek Viscometer, Model 100
    • Wyatt Dawn EOS light scattering@90º angle
    • The PC based data system uses a Viscotek 3-detector interface and TriSEC software. Data analysis can also accommodate both universal calibration (2 detectors) and conventional calibration (1 detector) but these require that current column calibration data be on file.
  • B. Wyatt Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering, MALLS
    • Waters Differential Refractometer, Model 410
    • Wyatt Dawn EOS light scattering employing 15 angles
    • The PC based data system uses Wyatt ASTRA software.
  • Note: both Viscotek and Wyatt claim absolute results for their respective approaches to molecular weight measurement.

Brookhaven Research Goniometer and Laser Light Scattering System

  • Supports both static and dynamic light scattering measurements (Dynamic Light Scattering, DLS also referred to as Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS) or Quasi-elastic Light Scattering (QELS).

Wyatt Dawn EOS Batch Mode Light Scattering

  • Weight average molecular weight determination by light scattering utilizing the Dawn EOS multi-angle instrument in batch mode in lieu of chromatography.
  • Batch Mode: the flow cell is removed and samples in solution in scintillation vials are measured directly.
  • Micro-Batch Mode: samples in solution are pumped through the flow cell.

Hewlett Packard Model 8453 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

  • Wavelength range 190-1100nm

Digilab Excalibur FTS 3000 series FTIR Spectrometer with Win-IR Pro Software

Bruker TENSOR 27 FTIR Spectrometer with OPUS software

Rame-Hart Model 500 Advanced Goniometer with DROPimage Software

  • Measurement of interfacial tension and contact angle by image analysis.

Malvern Instruments Zetasizer Nano-ZS90 and MPT-2 Titrator

  • Particle size measurement and zeta potential.

TA Instruments Model Q2000 DSC

  • With LNCS liquid nitrogen cooling accessory for use down to –180˚C.

TA Instruments Model Q500 TGA

Knauer Membrane Osmometer

Knauer Vapor Pressure Osmometer

Wescan Recording Osmometer

Mettler Toledo AX105 Delta Range Balance

  • Max 31/110 g, d=0.01mg/0.1 mg.

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