Degree Data

Summary of Degrees Awarded to Date  

This table displays counts by level of all degrees awarded to date at the University of Akron.

Degrees Awarded
(AY 16-17 and To Date thru Spr '17)
2016-17 To Date
Associates 634 32,829
Bachelors 3,030 125,949
Masters 1,115 39,017
Doctoral 167 4,224
Juris Doctor 121 7,426
Law Masters (LLM) 2 57
TOTAL 5,069 209,502

Academic Programs Offered
(Academic Year 2015-16)
Unique Programs Programs & Tracks
Certificates 81 178
Associate 31 68
Baccalaureate 96 256
Master's 80 214
Doctoral 20 37
Juris Doctor 2 15

College and Department Degrees

Degrees Awarded Trend Reports display degrees awarded data from the college level down to the program level. Approximately six weeks after commencement, this application is updated after the degrees conferral process is run. For a variety of reasons, the Registrar continues to posts a few awards after this process is done. Those ‘late’ awards are not included in this application. However, the data reported here is accurate as of the time the degree conferral process is run and therefore, used for reporting purposes.

Degrees Awarded Trend Reports