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… where you will find support for a broad range of instruction tools and pragmatic suggestions on how to incorporate these tools into your instructional practice. We provide expert services in areas that complement your teaching such as instructional design, multimedia production and e-learning adaptations to your courses. Our motto is “You can Teach: We can Help!"

We invite you to explore this site, sample our wares, learn how UA instructors are incorporating instructional technology into their teaching and find ideas that will complement your teaching. We also hope that you will take the next step – contact us so we can be of assistance.

The overlap between teaching, learning and technology is continually evolving as elements in all three change over time. Who knew that podcasts and virtual offices would be part of the instructional mix? Our mission is to stay current in the dynamic field of instructional technology and make our knowledge and skill in this discipline available to you.

Instructional Services offers UA instructors access to the expertise and experience of 30+ individuals in Audio Visual Services, Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation, Distance Learning Services and Design and Development Services.

Instructional Services supports the effective utilization of technology in teaching and learning. Instructors are the content experts; we can assist with technology tools and best practices in the delivery of that content.


The University of Akron is currently exploring new options for a University-wide classroom response system (clickers). The Faculty Senate Ad hoc Clicker Technology Review Committee invited five vendors to give presentations in April. Three vendors have been invited back to campus for presentations from December 3rd through December 5th.

Faculty Senate Resolution

Whereas, The University of Akron would like to explore more cost effective measures to provide classroom clicker technology; and

Whereas, the faculty and students directly affected by such decisions have the greatest expertise to bring to bear on them;

Resolved, That the Faculty Senate create an ad hoc committee composed of faculty and student users of classroom clicker technology, to be appointed by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, in order to review an RFP, to vet vendor responses with open demonstrations for all faculty and students to attend and provide written feedback on, and to bring forward a recommendation to Faculty Senate for approval.

Schedule of Vendor Presentations - December 2013

DateVendorRoomPresentation Times
December 3 Turning Technologies SU 308 10:00 am
12:00 pm
04:00 pm
December 4 iClicker SU 308 10:00 am
12:00 pm
4:00 pm
 December 5 Top Hat SU 308 10:00 am
12:00 pm
4:00 pm

The presentations will be about an hour long, followed by about 30 minutes of Q&A.

Faculty Spotlight

Congratulations to the following faculty developers who have received Quality Matters certification for online delivery:

Dr. Michael Johanyak, Professor of Associate Studies in Summit College.

  • English 121 (2020:121-001)
  • Writing for the World Wide Web (2020:227)
  • Writing and Editing (2020:120)
  • Writing for Advertising (2020:224)
  • Technical Report Writing (2020:222)

Dr. Cheryl Ward, Associate Professor in Educational Foundations and Leadership.

  • Introduction to Instructional Technology (5150:610)
  • Instructional Design (5150:631)

Dr. Qetler Jensrud, Associate Professor in Educational Foundations and Leadership.

  • Systematic Instructional Design (5400:435/535)

Dr. Kristin Koskey, Assistant Professor in Educational Foundations and Leadership.

  • Introduction to Educational Evaluation (5100:652)

Dr. Sylvia White, Associate Professor in the School of Communication.

  • Web Production (7600:375)

Dr. Dudley Turner, Associate Professor in the School of Communication.

  • Survey of Communication Theory (7600:115)