UA Placement Testing

Thank you for your interest in a COMPASS Remote Test Site.  COMPASS Remote Testing is a placement testing service designed for students currently living some distance away from The University of Akron (UA) Main Campus or Satellite Test Centers in Northeast Ohio. For UA students with distance, travel, or scheduling concerns, we encourage them to use this service.

For those distance students interested in taking COMPASS placement test(s) at a Remote Test Site, you must register in advance with UA's Office of Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation (CBAE). To start the registration process for a Remote Test Site, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Find a COMPASS test site here.
    • A remote test fee may apply.
  2. We need to register you!  Please complete and submit this request form with your name,  test site selection information, and required COMPASS placement tests.
    • For distance students who are required to take the Computer Literacy Placement Test (CISBR), it is currently unavailable at COMPASS Remote Test Sites.  Please contact New Student Orientation at 330-972-2622 or email for assistance.
  3. Within 24-48 hours, or 1-2 business days (excluding weekends and holidays), check your email for registration information and instructions to schedule an appointment at your Compass testing location.  
    • If you did not receive your COMPASS Registration information within 24-48 hours, or 1-2 business days, immediately proceed with the following:
      • Check your junk or spam e-mailbox.
      • Contact us at 330-972-6511 or email
      • Provide us with your correct email address and/or an alternate email address.
      • Request a resend of your registration information.
  4. For admittance to the Compass testing site, you must bring a print copy of your email registration. a photo ID, and any additional materials as requested by the Remote Test Center.

Once again, CBAE will respond to registration requests within 24-48 hours or 1-2 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.  Requests completed accurately will ensure prompt registration of students, while incomplete requests will further delay the process.  Once a student has been successfully registered for placement testing at a Remote Test Site,  then he/she will receive an email notification with Test Center details as shown below.  Please read carefully since it contains all necessary instructions and information.

  • Registraton Number
  • Scheduling Instructions
  • Admittance Requirements
  • Fee Payment Requirements
  • Travel Directions and Parking Information
  • Responsibilities for Taking Placement Tests

For your convenience, we are providing some additional information about COMPASS Placement Testing, Remote Test Centers, and Accessibility/IEP Accomodations.  

  • COMPASS Remote Test Center Policies and Procedures:  Supersede UA Test Center Policies, Procedures, and Best Practices.  UA has no jurisdiction over COMPASS Remote Test Centers, and UA students must adhere to COMPASS Remote Test Center policies and procedures as stated in email notification and/or posted on-site.
  • COMPASS Math Placement Test
    • An online calculator is available for student use during the test.
    • Remote Test Site may provide a calculator and blank paper for students who are required to take the math placement test.   
    • Students requesting use of a personal calculator are subject to on-site test center policies and procedures. 
    • For test sites permitting use of a personal calculator, students are responsible for checking and verifying, in advance, their calculator is in compliance with on-site COMPASS Remote Test Center policies, if applicable, and University of Akron Calculator Guidelines
  • COMPASS Test Duration Time:  Placement tests are untimed and based on individual skill levels, yet students typically may take up to one hour for each test.  Multiple tests may be taken in one seating.  Please allow extra time in your schedule since tests are untimed.
  • COMPASS Placement Testing Information:  Sample testing questions, tips, and calculator guidelines are on the COMPASS website.
  • COMPASS Placement Test Scores:  Placement test results are available through your UA Academic Advisor on your Orientation visit.  
  • Accessibility Accomodations/IEP for Placement Testing at COMPASS Remote Test Center:  If needed please contact COMPASS Remote Test Center.