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Turning Technologies Documentation

TurningPoint Cloud is an Audience Response software package offered by Turning Technologies, allowing you to receive immediate feedback from polling participants through the use of clickers.


Please note: Clickers need to be ordered through the bookstore using the same process as textbooks. These instructions outline the process.

Documentation for TurningPoint Cloud

These guides are intended to provide you with the assistance needed to operate the Turning Technologies hardware and polling software.

Video Instructions for TurningPoint PowerPoint Polling

TurningPoint PowerPoint Polling is one of the applications included within the TurningPoint Cloud Audience Response Systems package. PowerPoint Polling opens as an add-in to Microsoft Power-Point. The polling questions are inserted into slides and can be used along with your other lecture slides.

TurningPoint Cloud Video Guides

Video Instructions for TurningPoint Anywhere Polling

TurningPoint Anywhere is one of the applications included within the TurningPoint Cloud Audience Response Systems package. Anywhere Polling can be used to poll within any application, including web pages, videos, and documents to receive immediate feedback from participants.

TurningPoint Cloud Video Guides

ResponseWare Guide

ResponseWare turns a participant’s web-enabled mobile device into a virtual ResponseCard. Participants are able to respond to polling questions using a Wi-Fi or data connection.

Presenter Card

PresenterCard is a radio frequency hardware clicker that interacts with TurningPoint assessment software. It allows presenters the ability to be mobile in a classroom while polling a classroom/audience. In addition, presenters have the ability to customize the device to control how they operate polling.

Turning Technologies Clicker – Springboard Integration

TurningPoint integrates with Springboard so that instructors for example may record Clicker results in the Springboard Grade Book.

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Turning Technologies/ Clickers FAQs

The participant list renders participants as active or inactive based on their Turning Account license. If they show as inactive then they are responding with an unlicensed device. Their account may be licensed, but they may not have registered their device in their account.

The license may already be applied to the account. To verify, have the student follow the instructions below.
  1. Login to your Turning Account at https://account.turningtechnologies.com/account/.
  2. Click the License tab. – Your license expiration date will be displayed on the left side of the window. If they do not see an expiration date, have them contact our support team for assistance.
You cannot add extra time, however you can pause/play the timer by pressing shortcut keys “ctrl + 3” on your keyboard. Shortcut keys can be customized in Turning Point Cloud Preferences. If you would like to request a 1 on 1 training, email your request to training@turningtechnologies.com
You would have to adjust the animation timing via PowerPoint’s Animations tab just as you would any other objects within a PowerPoint presentation. See screenshot below.