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How to Present Collaborate to Your Students

Complete the following steps to provide students with access to the site:

    1. Copy the Student link for the Collaborate site
      Once we have created your site, you will receive an email with the details. The following will be included:

      • Instructor link - This will be the link you use to access your site.
      • Student link - This will be the link you will provide to students.
      • Recording link - This is a list of any recordings made in your site.
      • Training links - Links to training documents for you and your students.
      We recommend that you provide the Participant training links to your students and that you complete the Moderator training. This will help you become accustomed to the Collaborate environment and utilize its features to their fullest extent.
    2. Add a hyperlink to your Springboard course
    3. To add the Student link for your Collaborate meeting, you can either add it as a News item on the main page, or add it as a new topic in the Course Content.

To add the link as a News item:

      1. Log into your course on Springboard
      2. Click the New News Item icon.
      3. Enter a meaningful Headline for your News Item such as "Virtual Office Hours."
      4. Click the Insert QuickLink icon.
      5. Choose Url under Category.
      6. Paste the student link into the Url textbox.
      7. Enter a Link Caption, such as "Click here."
      8. Click Insert.
      9. Enter a meeting description including the purpose and schedule.
      10. Optionally, set an ending date for the news item such as the last day of classes.
      11. Click the Save button.
      12. Review your News item on your course home page and test your link.

To add the link as Course Content:

      1. Log into your course on Springboard!
      2. Click Content.
      3. Click New Topic.
      4. For the Content Source, choose QuickLink.
      5. Enter a meaningful Title such as "Virtual Office Hours."
      6. Paste the student link into the URL field, and enable the 'Preview/view the content topic in a new window or tab' checkbox.
      7. Choose the Parent Module for the topic.
      8. Click the Save button.
      9. Review your new Course Content item using the View Content option and test your link.
    1. Audio and Microphone
      Collaborate works best with a headset with a built-in microphone. However, with Collaborate's software-based echo canceling, students can still participate using an internal microphone. We recommend that all participants complete the Audio Setup Wizard at the start of each session.
    2. Add an opening slide
      You will find that students catch onto using Collaborate very quickly. We recommend that you include an opening slide that includes:
      • What time class will start
      • A reminder to complete an audio check by clicking on Tools-->Audio-->Audio Set-Up Wizard.
    3. Training your students
      You may need to provide a brief orientation for your students at the start of your first meeting. Notify your students that Blackboard provides all training and 24x7 support. Here are some resources for your students.
    4. Instructor training

      Blackboard provides all training for this product free to all University of Akron faculty, staff and students. We highly recommend that you review the recorded training provided for Moderators, and that you participate in the live hands-on training provided by Blackboard before you moderate your own session.  Please use these links to resources for training support:

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