2011 Faculty Laptop Deployment Process

There are two groups overseeing the deployment of the 2011 Faculty laptops.  Distributed Technology Services, of ITS, and Departmental Technicians for the following Colleges/Departments:

  • College of Engineering
  • School of Law
  • Summit College
  • Wayne College
  • Institute of Polymer Science
  • Bierce Library
  • College of Business
  • School of Communication

If you are a faculty member in one of these Colleges or Departments, please contact your departmental technician for information about your laptop.

Distributed Technology Services Faculty Laptop Deployment Process

  • To start the deployment process, a Footprints ticket will be created for each faculty member receiving a laptop, based on the lists updated by the deans/department chairs.
  • Each faculty member will receive an email from Footprints stating that a ticket has been created.  That individual will be provided the ticket number.  The faculty member should then call Zip Support at 330-972-6888 to setup an appointment to receive the laptop. The appointment should be at least one week into the future.  This will allow DTS to image computers for the next wave of appointments.
  • Appointments will be every hour, Monday through Friday at the Computer Center.  That is four appointments per hour; starting at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 and then starting again noon, 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00.   If there is a need for after hours or weekend hours, IT will make the arrangements to provide the hours needed. The faculty member must bring his or her  2007-laptop-rollout device with them to the appointment.   You can verify your 2007 laptop assignment here: https://sharepoint.uanet.edu/dts/Laptops/Laptop%202007%20Audit/audit.aspx. To log into the SharePoint site, you will need to type in the user name: uanet\[your UAnet ID].
  • During the appointment the DTS technician will evaluate the old laptop and determine which of the following paths to follow:
  1. If there is no data to be transferred or the faculty member has backed up his or her  own data to some other device, DTS collects the old computer and give the new computer to the faculty member. It is the faculty’s responsibility to transfer the data to the new computer.
  2. If there is little data in the standard places (<3GB, my documents, favorites, desktop, PST), DTS will copy the data to the new laptop and the appointment should take no more than an hour.  No second appointment should be needed.
  3. If the faculty member has a large amount of data (>3GB) to transfer from the old computer to the new computer, it will take more than one hour to transfer the data to the new computer. Therefore, the user must leave the old computer overnight while the data transfer is completed.  A new laptop will not be delivered  until the data transfer has been completed. DTS will finish the data transfer to the new laptop, call the faculty member, and setup a time to pick up the new laptop. 
  • The old laptop will be stored for two weeks.  This is to provide a window to make sure all the data was transferred from the old to the new laptop.   The hard drive of the old laptop will then be wiped to remove all the data.  
  • The older collected laptops will be refurbished and updated with 4GB of memory, a new battery and new power adapter (if needed).  Starting in January the refurbished Dell D630s will be made available to replace the Dell D600s that some part-time faculty received during the last deployment. 
  • The part-time deployment will be based on departmental requests. An email will be sent to the Deans asking for their requests in November.


The Faculty Laptop Refresh initiative is underway. Plans are to complete the process no later than the end of December 2011.

An interdisciplinary committee (see below) is developing specifications for the new technology and drafting a Request For Proposal (RFP). The University will look only at Tier One vendors as defined by Gartner Group.


 You can contact the committee via email at laptop-refresh@uakron.edu.   

Minimum & Advanced Specs

After careful consideration, research, and input from faculty, the Technology Refresh Committee developed the following list of minimum & advanced specifications. These specs are included in the Request for Proposal (RFP) that has been issued to technology vendors.  

Download a PDF of the specifications table here.









The survey of faculty members provided the laptop refresh committee with a good understanding of how computers are used on campus and the technology needs of the faculty. The survey results are being reviewed as part of the refresh process.

You can see the SURVEY RESULTS here.


Linda Barrett (Geography and Planning)
Frank Bove (University Libraries)
Phil Hoffman (School of Communication)
Jillian Jevack (College of Nursing)

Departmental Technicians:
Cher Deeds (Wayne College)
Wayne Brummert (Summit College)
Bob Shardy (College of Engineering)
Mary Hardin (College of Business

Luba Cramer

Information Technology Services:
Herb Matheny
Neal L’Amoreaux
Mike Giannone
Mark French

Contact: laptop-refresh@uakron.edu