Project Update: Nov. 2, 2011

The Time and Labor/Absence Management project has been placed on hold to evaluate overall budget allocations and proper time lines for all ongoing projects.  Following the unfortunate illness of the initial T&L/AM consultant from Ciber, we received two new bids for continuation of the project.  Throughout October, interviews were conducted and references contacted.  The T&L/AM Project Team is ready with a recommendation when approval is given to resume the work. 

A new timeline will be developed at that point.

UA Time & Labor/Absence Management Project

At the direction of the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO, the University is implementing two PeopleSoft modules.

One is Time & Labor, which will eliminate the the manual time card process and uniformly apply attendance rules across the University. 

The other module is Absence Management. It is a robust application for automating the processes for planning, tracking, and compensating time off.

Project Update: Sept. 6, 2011

The Time & Labor/Absence Management project has made good progress toward its first few milestones. The project team is focusing on Absence Management for Exempt employees. Basic configuration is nearly complete. Testing has begun and framework changes are being collected. 

Research on time-collection devices is also underway. Site visits are being made to select departments currently using a time-collection system. The project team is interested in what is being used today and how it meets the needs of that group. With much positive interest across campus, the project team will select pilot groups that represent a fair and diverse challenging demographic slice of our community for testing purposes. 

If you have questions, contact the project manager, Joann Johns, at


The Fit/Gap Analysis, an important component of the project life cycle, examined the readiness of the University's present system to "fit" the requirements of the new system. It identified any "gaps" that needed addressed.

After reviewing the Fit/Gap, it was determined that The University of Akron was ready to proceed with configuration and implementation. 

Fit/Gap Reports 


T&L/AM had a formal kickoff meeting on July 7, 2011. Click here to view a copy of the Kickoff Presentation.


Project Committees & Team


  • David Cummins, VP Finance and Administration/CFO (T&L)
  • Becky Hoover, VP Talent Development and Human Resources (AM)

Steering Committee

  • Jim Sage, VP Information Technology/CIO
  • David Cummins, VP Finance and Administration/CFO
  • Becky Hoover, VP Talent Development and Human Resources

Oversight Committee

  • John Kovatch, Assoc. VP Finance & Administration, Controller
  • Claire Purdy, Director, Financial Services & Systems
  • William Viau, Assoc. VP, Talent Development & HE
  • Sandra Smith, Director, Physical Facilities Administration
  • John Messina, Director, Asst. VP, Student Affairs/CHO
  • James Wojtkun, Asst. to Dean, Operations & Strategic Initiatives
  • Sarah Kelly, Director, Benefits Administration

Project Manager

  • Joann Johns, Application Services Technical Lead

Functional Lead

  • Diane Shovestull, Manager Payroll

Business Analyst

  • Ryan Taylor, Senior Accountant

Applications Developer

  • Scott Bass, T&L
  • Grace Shiao, AM

Tech Team

  • Information Technology Services


  • Cheri Kitchens, CIBER


  • Mike Giannone