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Summary of Best Hiring Practices
to help increase the chances of hiring qualified members


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An approach that includes many of the following is recommended

Search committee

  • The Department clearly delineates its needs.  These are communicated and understood by the search committee and are used to write the ad for the position. 
  • The value of diversity is understood by faculty and reinforced by the administration. 

Search Process

  • The search process is overseen actively by both HR and the administration.  
  • The search process is as open as possible within the restrictions of applicant confidentiality. 
  • A decision matrix is developed in advance of application screening.  This decision matrix is used consistently during the in-depth screening of applications.   
  • All search committee members should participate in determining the list of top candidates, which should be roughly the top third of applicants.   
  • All candidates should be kept apprised of where they stand in the hiring process.    
  • All candidates should be provided with information on health and pregnancy benefits, spousal hiring assistance, handicapped services, etc. 
  • A record of the complete interview process should be kept by the chair of the search committee.  The record should include the ad, the applications, any correspondence with applicants, HR paperwork, filled-out decision matrices and questionnaires and notes of phone and in-person interviews. 

Candidate selection

  • Phone interviews using a questionnaire should be used to screen the top candidates and to determine those that will be interviewed.  The questions should use gender neutral language and be those allowed by HR guidelines.  The phone interviews should be conducted by more than one committee member. 
  • The top candidates should be informed of the interview process and timeline. 
  • The top candidates should meet with as many faculty as possible and with representatives of the administration.  A questionnaire should be developed and collected so that all who speak with the candidate can give their input. 
  • A meeting of the department faculty (not just the search committee) should be used to determine which candidates will be offered the job. 

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