IDEAL Project on Hiring:  Faculty Indicator Data 

The faculty composition (gender and underrepresented minority status) of the UA IDEAL Departments include all College of Engineering departments (Biomedical Eng., Chemical and Biomolecular Eng., Electrical Eng., Mechanical Eng., and Civil Eng.) and six departments in the Buchtel College of Arts and Science (Chemistry, Theoretical & Applied Mathematics, Psychology, Geology & Environmental Science, Computer Science and Biology).  The following tables follow the NSF format for reporting faculty and administrator compositions. 

Table of Faculty Composition by Ranks and Gender

Leadership Positions in IDEAL Departments and University 

Comparative Data (NSF)

Analysis of 2010 Salary and Years of Service

Data on faculty salaries based on gender, ranks, years of service and years since doctorate were analyzed for trends.  Information based on years since obtaining a doctorate degree was no more informative than years of service.  Observations from all charts both aggregate across a college and by individual department showed no suggestion of gender bias in salary.

Faculty Composition by Department (latest data available)

Data on faculty compositions by gender and year as well as the number of faculty hired are available for each IDEAL department.  Comparative data which uses the latest NSF results are also provided. 

Buchtel College of Arts & Science



Computer Science




College of Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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