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Core Competencies-Written Communication

In 2010, a team of faculty from six programs performed an assessment of course embedded artifacts. Twenty-five essays (researched arguments, 5-6 pages in length) were randomly selected from five English Composition II courses. Essays were collected from 400-level courses in six majors:  Marketing, Communications, English, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemical Engineering. About half of the essays were lengthy collaborative essays (25+ pages); the others ranged from 3-15 pages.  A simple four-level Scoring Scale was applied, 1=Baseline, 2=Developing, 3= Meets Expectations and 4=Exceeds Expectations. If an English Composition II essay had an average score of 2 or higher, it met the first proficiency milestone—the student is a developing college-level writer, generally ready for 200-level coursework.  If a Senior essay had an average score of 3 or higher, it met the second proficiency milestone—the student is writing at a level expected of college graduates.



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