The School of Law's IP program is tied for fifth in the nation in study of IP courses.

In a recent study published in IDEA - The Intellectual Property Law Review, Kenneth L. Port reports findings of a nationwide study of the status of IP course offerings. According to his findings, The University of Akron School of Law's IP program curricular offerings are tied for fifth in the nation.

The study reviewed all American law schools, accredited and unaccredited, and compiled a list of 18 courses that are referred to as "Core IP" courses. Using this core list, Akron was counted as offering 15 IP courses, tied with Suffolk University and offering one more as compared to Franklin Pierce Law Center.

No such study had been done to date, with the exception of a report in 1999 by Professor Roberta Kwall of DePaul University. Comparison of these two studies shows major growth in the number and variety of IP offerings in law schools and confirms IP has become an important part of law school curriculum.

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Reproduced with permission of IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review

Kenneth L. Port, Intellectual Property Curricula in the United States, 46 IDEA 165 (2005).