Distinguish yourself here at The University of Akron School of Law


To encourage academic success, first-year students attending law school full-time are not permitted to engage in ANY outside employment during the first fall and spring semesters.

Upper-division full-time students may be employed for a maximum of 20 hours per week in subsequent fall and spring semesters and may be employed full-time during the summer. All part-time students may be employed full-time throughout their four-year law school program, unless specified otherwise in the admission letter (it is rare that the Admissions Office would restrict work hours for a part-time student).

The Law Career Planning and Placement Office, faculty, and administrators assist law students in finding part-time positions as law clerks with local law firms, corporate legal departments, public sector legal departments, government agencies, accounting firms, judges and legal professional associations.

For more information on these and other outside employment opportunities for law students, contact Alisa N. Benedict O'Brien, Esq., Director, Career Planning and Placement Office, at ab139@uakron.edu or 330-972-5321.