Visiting the Akron area? Looking for a place to eat? Not interested in getting lost? Then take a look at this abbreviated dining guide. Just to make it easy, we have listed restaurants on W. Market Street or restaurants that can be seen from W. Market Street. These eateries are ranked by distance to the law school - farthest (20 minutes) to the closest (10 minutes). You will see many other wonderful restaurants as you travel W. Market Street. There are simply too many to list. Enjoy!
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Approx. 20 minutes from the Law School:

Damon’s - off W. Market at I-77 & Rt. 18 - 150 Montrose West Ave. (next to Comfort Inn) - 665-5552 "The place for ribs." Also try their tasty BBQ chicken & onion ring loaf. Fast service.

Outback Steakhouse - 80 Montrose West Avenue (near Damon’s, East Side Mario’s) - 665-4849 G’Day mate! Australian theme. Great steaks, chicken, and seafood. A little spicy.

Olive Garden - 3924 West Market Street - 666-5313 Quieter atmosphere. You’ve been there.

Max and Erma’s - 3750 West Market Street - 666-1002 Nice, relaxed. Burgers, soups, salads, desserts.

Chi Chi’s - 4000 West Market Street - 666-6511 Another "been there, done that." Good fun, reasonable price.

Macaroni Grill - 41 Springside Drive (near Chi Chi’s) - 665-3881 Italian cuisine. Slightly upscale. One of Dean Becker’s favorites.

Rockne’s Pub - 2914 West Market Street - 836-7662 All-American, large portions, well-prepared, reasonable, casual, delish! Every town should have one.

Ken Stewart’s Grill - 1970 West Market Street - 867-2555 Gourmet. Pricey. Call for early bird specials. You’ll want to go back. Perfect for special occasions.

Swenson’s Drive In - 18 S. Hawkins - (intersection of Market and Exchange) 864-8416 The best burgers in town. Drive in, wait for speedy curbside service, and watch the servers run!

Tangier and Bistro 532 (inside Tangier) - 532 West Market Street - 376-7171 Fancy Middle Eastern food in main dining room. Casual/affordable food in Bistro. A favorite of many.

Approx. 10 minutes from the Law School: