Why Choose Akron Law - Thoughts from an Employment Perspective

The University of Akron School of Law offers a powerful blend of theoretical and practical legal education, designed to prepare our students for their careers in the twenty-first century. Through our Career Planning Office and our extensive network of alumni, friends and employers, we provide our students with employment opportunities and guidance.

An Akron Law education is just the start of our students' legal career. Many are planning to join a large law firm upon graduation; some plan for a small, boutique firm; and others public interest law or government work. And others are interested in a non-legal career in which sound legal skills are critical. Regardless of your career plans, the Career Planning Office at Akron Law School prepares students for performing a successful job search in today's competitive legal job market. From the day that students join our law school family - and throughout your professional career - the Office of Career Planning Office works with you to develop effective job search skills and provide job leads.  Our services are available to all students and alumni, whether seeking summer legal employment during law school, a part-time position during the school year, or a full-time job after graduation.

Akron Law graduates are practicing law in nearly every state with large numbers in all major metropolitan areas. Northeast Ohio is one of the country's largest and most sophisticated job markets (according to NALP, Ohio is the ninth largest legal job market). Many Akron Law graduates find the competitive salaries offered by local employers, along with the extremely affordable cost of living, make this region an excellent post-graduation opportunity. But graduates who wish to seek opportunities in other legal markets benefit tremendously from the strong reputation of Akron Law and an international network of fellow alumni, employers and friends eager to assist Akron Law graduates.