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Name Cr. Description
9200:638 Family Law 3 Prerequisite: None.  Major areas of family law; theories that have influenced its development.  Functions performed by various agencies which seek to effect a non-judicial settlement of domestic problems.  Adoption.
9200:643 Federal Jurisdiction & Procedure 3 Prerequisite:  602.  Congress, the federal courts and the Constitution; appellate and collateral review; federal question, diversity and admiralty cases; sovereign immunity, abstention and enjoining state actions; choice of law; federal common law.
9200:800 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property 3 An introduction to the policies underlying the protection of intellectual property, common law protection under state law, and major fields of intellectual property protection (patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secrets).
9200:610 General Writing Requirement * 0 Prerequisite: None.  The General Writing Requirement is a 0 credit hour course required for graduation.  This course may be repeated.  Students must follow the rules and guidelines as outlined in the "General Writing Requirement ("GWR") Standards Requirements" available in the Dean's Office.
9200:704 Health Law Externship 3 Prerequisites: 9200:646, 701, 702, 703.  Through the Akron Law's Externship, students will develop practical lawyering skills through live-client and real-life practice experiences in non-profit health care offices.
9200:646 Health Law I 3 This course concentrates on the relationship between the physician and the patient and how this relationship impacts quality, cost and access to healthcare.
9200:701 Health Law II 3 Prerequisite:  9200:646.  The focus of this course is on healthcare organizations(hospitals , nursing homes, hospice care facilities, insurers and managed care organizations) and finance.
9200:702 Health Law III 2 Prerequisite:  9200:646.  This course focuses on government programs that provide or finance health care including the federal Medicare program, the state and federal Medicaid program and the State of Children's Health Insurance Program.
9200:703 Health Law IV 3 Prerequisite: None.  This course examines the legal, ethical, and political aspects of current controversies in bioethics.
9200:636 Human Resources Lawyer 3 This course offers a unique, in-depth review of interesting and challenging areas within employment and labor laws that affect the expanding field of human resources.
9200:699 Immigration Law 1 to 3 Prerequisite: None.  The study of the law and processes governing immigration, naturalization, and deportation.
9200:698 Individual Studies & Research 2 to 3 Prerequisite: Permission of Associate Dean.  (May be repeated for a total of six credits)  With permission of Associate Dean, special problems, projects or research may be taken for credit under supervision of member of faculty.  The paper for this course must have a minimum length of thirty (30) pages if taken for two (2) credits or a minimum length of forty-five (45) pages if taken for three (3) credits; unless the instructor approves an alternative form appropriate to the project.  This course may be used to satisfy the General Writing Requirement.  Except under rare and compelling circumstances, this course may not be taken to write a research paper on a subject on which the school offers a course which provides the student an opportunity to pursue that area of study.
9200:640 Individual Taxation 3 Prerequisite: None.  Survey of federal income tax laws applicable to individuals.
9200:648 Insurance Law 3 Prerequisite: None.  Legal principles of insurance of person and property, including insurable interest, measure of recovery, subrogation, rights of assignees and beneficiaries, warranty, concealment, representation and fraud.  Adjustment of claims.  Regulation.
9200:850 Intellectual Property Masters Thesis 3 to 6 This required activity of all LL.M. activities involves research and writing a "law review" quality paper on a legal or policy issue relating to intellectual property law. Topics must be approved by a faculty advisor in advance.
9200:896 Intellectual Property Clinic 2 Prerequisites:  800, 802, 808, successful completion of 28 credit hours and permission of IP Clinical coordinator.  Conducted within a pilot program of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Application of intellectual property practical legal skills in interviewing, researching, investigating, counseling and drafting in the area of trademark and copyright issues.  This clinic has a public interest component in that the clients served have limited economic resources.
9200:817 International Copyright Law 1 to 3 Prerequisite:  800 or 803 or instructor permission.  Study of major treaties and agreements affecting the international practice of copyright law.
9200:806 International Intellectual Property Law 3 Prerequisite:  800 or instructor permission.  A study of the major conventions governing the protection of intellectual property internationally and of current policy issues in the field.
9200:649 International Law 3 Prerequisite: None.  Nature and breadth of international law; its sources and subjects, and its relation to municipal law, to individuals and to international organizations.
9200:816 International Patent Law 1 to 3 Prerequisite:  800 or 801 or instructor permission.  Study of major treaties and agreements affecting the international practice of patent law.
9200:824 International Patent Prosecution 1 to 3 Prerequisites: 800, 801, 816 or instructor's permission. To explore strategy, tactics and procedure for the examination of patent applications beyond the United States.
9200:631 Interstate Practice: Conflicts of Laws 3 Prerequisite: None.  Problems of application of private law in jural relations containing one or more foreign law elements.  Jurisdiction and enforcement of foreign judgments.
9200:823 IP Policy & Practice 2 A course designed to expose students to current and difficult policy issues, have them discuss them with actual members of the institutions and the decision makers who address and resolve them, and to engage students in the process for approaching these issues.  Contains a rigorous writing component on a topic selected with the professor.
9200:630 Judicial Role: Conduct & Ethic 2 to 3 This is a reading and discussion course covering the topic of the common law system. Topics will likely include methods of selection, standards and mechanisms for regulating conduct, tenure and performance review issues, and more generally the role that the judge is called upon a play.
9200:647 Juvenile Law 3 Prerequisite: None.  Study of laws relating to juveniles (neglect, dependency, and delinquency).