IP curriculum

Antitrust Law
9200:825, three credits
Fundamentals of antitrust; questions of evidence in price fixing and boycotts under the Sherman Act, resale restrictions and tie-ins, scope of antitrust law and certain exemptions

Copyright Law
9200:803, three credits
Study of the law and policy protecting intellectual property through copyright, and enforcing the licensing of copyrights

Current Policy Issues Affecting Intellectual Property Law
9200:814, two to three credits
Study of current policy issues affecting intellectual property law and practice Past offerings have included a focus on Counterfeiting & Piracy, IP Legislation and Legislative Initiatives, among others.

9200:810, three credits
Exploration of legal issues raised by the internet, broadcast regulation and competition policy

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property 
9200:800, three credits 
An introduction to the policies underlying the protection of intellectual property, common law protection under state law, and major fields of intellectual property protection (patent, copyright, trademark and trade secrets).

Intellectual Property Master's Thesis
9200:850, six credits 
Enrollment requires pre-approval of an IP faculty advisor. A capstone writing experience, in which the student chooses a suitable topic with an intellectual property faculty advisor and works independently, as well as with that advisor to produce a written project, 45 - 60 pages in length, worthy of publication. Students will also meet periodically with other LL.M. students to discuss their theses, thus gaining greater insight and creating a community of scholars. Absent prior written approval from one of the members of the law school's intellectual property faculty, the thesis should be written during the last semester of the student's studies. Each thesis topic must be approved in advance by, and be written under the supervision of one of the IP faculty.

International Copyright Law
9200:817, one to three credits
Study of major treaties and agreements affecting the international practice of copyright law

International Intellectual Property Law
9200:806, three credits
Study of the major conventions governing the protection of intellectual property internationally and of current policy issues in the field

International Patent Law
9200:816, one to three credits
Study of major treaties and agreements affecting the international practice of patent law

Licensing Intellectual Property
9200:805, one to three credits
Methods of exploiting intellectual property by licensing others to use it; contractual necessities; right and obligations to protect ownership.

Patent Claim Construction
9200:826, three credits
Presentation of the rules, evidence and procedures for interpreting the claims of a patent.  Covers the principles of construing cliams, consideration of the judge-made rules regarding interpretation of claim language, standing alone, in the context of the specification of the patent and in the context of prosecution history.

Patent Law & Policy
9200:801, three credits
Study of the law and process of patent protection and enforceability and the policies that underlie patent prosecution

Patent Prosecution
9200:807, three credits
The process of researching, preparing and prosecuting valid and enforceable applications to obtain US patents

Seminar: First Amendment Law
9200:844, three credits
An in-depth examination of selected issues concerning the speech, press and religion clauses of the First Amendment

Seminar in Selected Legal Problems
9200:884, one to three credits
May be repeated. Analysis of special or current legal problems offering opportunities for legal research, effective integration of legal and relevant nonlegal materials and expository legal writing

Sports Law
9200:881, three credits
The law affecting sports and players, including contract and liability issues, as well as administrative aspects

Trademark Law
9200:802, three credits
Study of the law and process of protecting trademarks and trade dress, and the policies underlying the system

Trade Secrets
9200:804, two to three credits
Study of protecting intellectual property through common law mechanisms, and on helping clients choose a method of protection suited to their needs and the property

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