Brant Lee
Professor of Law

Fall 2011

  • Published “Biological Metaphors for Whiteness: Beyond Merit and Malice,” 13 Berkeley J. Afr.-Am. L. & Pol. 103 (2011).

Fall 2010

  • Panelist “On Scholarship: Writing Critical and Progressive Scholarship” at the 8th annual LatCrit – SALT Faculty Development Workshop in Denver, Colorado.
  • Led a public forum discussion on the United States Citizenship Test at Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland, Ohio.

Summer 2010

  • Panelist, “Race and the Law: The Course” at the Workshop on “‘Post Racial’ Civil Rights Law, Politics and Legal Education: New and Old Color Lines in the Age of Obama” at the Association of American Law Schools 2010 Mid-Year Meeting in New York City.

Spring 2010

  • Panelist, “New Approaches to Race” at the joint meeting of the Conference of Asian Pacific American Law Faculty and the Western Law Teachers of Color at the University of Arizona School of Law.
  • Presented “Biological Metaphors for Whiteness” at a faculty colloquium at St. Louis University School of Law.