A message from the Dean:
As the School of Law entered this century, newspaper headlines indicated that the School was "on the move" and had "raised the bar." It is better positioned today than any time in its history. Set forth below are the many achievements of the Law School since 1995. These are the accomplishments of the institution - the work product and achievements of faculty, administrators, staff, students, alumni and friends.


  • Significant Faculty Scholarly publications have increased from six in 1994-95 to 37 in 2005-06. In the five years preceding 1995 faculty averaged 3.4 significant scholarly publications per year. During the last five years faculty have averaged 28.2 significant scholarly publications per year. A listing of faculty publications can be accessed at http://www.uakron.edu/law/ lawfaculty/docs/publications.pdf.


  • Since 1995, faculty have authored a total of 280 significant scholarly publications, including 24 books, 48 significant supplements to previously published books, 133 law review articles, and 41 shorter publications (essay, reviews, etc.). A review of representative faculty works-in-progress can be viewed at http://ssrn.com/.


  • Private bequests, gifts and endowment income have created five C. Blake McDowell, Jr. Professorships, a Dean's Club Professorship, an Aileen Trussler McMurray Professorship and two Chairs in Intellectual Property (in addition to the already established David L. Brennan Chair in IP, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Chair and the Giles Sutherland Rich Chair were created).


  • A total of fourteen new positions have been added - five faculty, six contract professionals and three staff.


  • The student/faculty ratio moved from 27:1 in 1995 to 13:1 in 2006.


  • Applications to the School of Law have increased from 1,621 in 1995 to 2,230 in 2006. In 2004, a new record was set with 2,409 applications.


  • The School of Law has become more highly selective in terms of admit offers compared to applications - 44.3% in 1995 compared to 27.6% in 2006.


  • The School of Law has grown to be a nationally known law school. The entering class of 1995 came from 19 different states, while the entering class of 2006 came from 24 states plus Canada. The 2006 student body comes from 37 states plus British Columbia, Ontario and Japan. Alumni reside in 49 states and multiple foreign countries.


  • The median LSAT of the entering day class has increased from 153 (60.9%) in 1995 to 158 (75.9%) in 2006.


  • Student scholarship support has dramatically increased. Private support has grown by nearly 450%, while University support has increased over ten-fold.


  • Three new centers have been added: Intellectual Property and Technology Center; New Business Legal Clinic; and Civil Litigation Clinic.


  • Three new degree programs have been added: LL.M in Intellectual Property; Juris Doctor/Master of Applied Politics with the University's Bliss Institute; Juris Doctor/Master of Science and Management in Human Resources with the College of Business Administration.


  • A Pro Bono program administered through the Legal Clinic has been established.


  • The School of Law now boasts a world-renowned Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology, with three nationally and internationally recognized and published professors and many other distinguished intellectual property Fellows from the School and University faculty.


  • The IP Advisory Council was formed in 2000 and is composed of an international group of practitioners, judges, and leaders in the IP field. The Council provides policy guidance and support to the Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology on various outreach programs, including job placement and development.


  • The Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology hosts an annual Intellectual Property Symposium. The Washington D.C. law firm of Sughrue Mion PLLC is its principle sponsor. The first such symposium was held in 1999 and the Symposium has been held annually every year thereafter. The 8th Annual Symposium, held in March 2006, celebrated a national attendance of nearly 300 professionals in the IP field.


  • Akron Law is the first school in the state of Ohio to offer an LL.M in Intellectual Property Law, and one of only 17 such programs across the country.


  • In 2006, The Washington and Lee impact rankings (based on citations per issue) ranks The Akron Law Review #42 out of 262 ABA-accredited and major foreign journals. This is the second year in a row that The Akron Law Review was in the top 50.


  • The Washington and Lee impact rankings also rank the Akron Tax Journal #4 among all tax publications for 2006, the fourth year in a row that the Akron Tax Journal has achieved this rating.


  • A new Journal of Intellectual Property will begin publication in 2007.


  • The endowment for the School of Law has grown from $3.8 million in 1995 to over $12 million in 2007.


  • Annual giving to the School of Law averaged $202,000 between 1990 and 1995. From 2001 to 2006, the average for annual gifts exceeded $625,000. Since 1995, cumulative gifts plus outstanding pledges and bequests have exceeded $12.2 million.


  • In 2001, the School of Law experienced its first-ever ABA accreditation visit where the School received a positive report with no need for a follow-up report. This is a rare occurrence in legal education.


  • The School of Law received top recognition by The National Jurist magazine as the "Best Value" public law school in the United States of America in 2002. In 2004 the School of Law received 2nd "Best Value" public law school in both The National Jurist and Pre-Law Insider magazines.


  • The School of Law's trial advocacy program continued its winning tradition, earning two national championships and being in the top 16 nationally more times than any other law school. Akron Law has been seeded in the top 16, sixteen years out of the eighteen years that trial teams have been seeded by the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.


  • The School of Law hosted such prominent guest lecturers at the Dean's Club Dinner as former President George Bush (1998), well known trial attorney and television commentator Gerry Spence (1999), U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (2000), and CBS "60 Minutes" news anchor Mike Wallace (2001).


  • Projects and renovations at the School of Law since 1995 include:
    -Six large classrooms and twenty-four law faculty offices have been renovated;
    - Chairs have been replaced in all classrooms;
    - Electrical outlets to the tabletop have been added to all classrooms;
    - Wireless networking has been added to the School of Law building;
    - The faculty/staff lounge was renovated;
    - The Law Library received all new carpeting and task chairs;
    - All teaching classrooms and seminar rooms have been multi-media equipped; and
    - Four double wireless-connected computer terminal kiosks have been installed in common areas within the School of Law.


  • Projects honoring the School of Law's heritage include:
    -Two bronze plaques have been placed in the entryways to the School of Law, one commemorating the founding of the Akron Law School in 1921 and one commemorating the merger of Akron Law School with The University of Akron in 1959;
    - Seminar Room 133 was refurbished and renamed The Akron Law Seminar Room, dedicated to the graduates of the Akron Law School from 1925 to 1959, before the merger with The University of Akron;
    - The 152 alumni who have served in the judiciary have been recognized by having their portraits displayed on the "Walls of Judges" in Classroom 165;
    - Seminar Room 164 was renovated and dedicated to the late Justice Arthur J. Goldberg, funded by a gift from the Brennan Family Foundation; and
    - The School of Law celebrated both the 75th and 85th anniversaries of its founding in 1921 during the academic years of 1996-97 and 2006-07, respectively.


  • The vestibule off the main lobby was refurbished through a gift from the Women's committee of UA. Faculty publications are on display in that area.

• An outdoor classroom and garden area on the east side of the School of Law was created in honor of former Akron Mayor John Ballard through the thoughtfulness and generosity of Mayor Ballard's wife, Patricia.

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