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Public Health Law & Science Center

Public Health Law & Science CenterWorking at the intersection of law, science and technology to address important public health law issues in the areas of health, medicine, science, the environment and emerging technologies as they affect individuals, communities and societies.

Fulfilling a national need

The University of Akron

“The PHLSC is another demonstration of the School of Law’s commitment to graduating students who are ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.

“By giving students direct access to thought leaders in the field through the classroom, externships  and community service opportunities, the School of Law is continuing its tradition of graduating thoughtful attorneys with real world experience. It is this real world experience that will give these students an edge as they enter the workforce and GIVE employers the skilled professionals they need.”

James Napoli
Senior Counsel
Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation & ERISA Litigation Practice Center
Health Care Reform Task Force
Proskauer Rose LLC, Washington, D.C.

The University of Akron

“The School of Law has consistently lived its mission as a public institution serving the public good through access and affordability. PHLSC will educate our students – lawyers and non-lawyers – to create forward-thinking public health law and policy that is responsive to scientific innovations.

“The Center will provide opportunities for students to work in interprofessional teams in classes, externships and direct community service. As always, we will prepare students both to protect the rights of people who need access to health care and to facilitate solutions and innovations that will improve our community and the world.”

Elizabeth Reilly
Professor Emerita
The University of Akron School of Law

Advancing public health
through law, science and technology

Law and regulation traditionally lag behind science, sometimes by decades, often to the detriment of public health. The Public Health Law & Science Center (PHLSC) recognizes that effective and timely law and regulation should, instead, work hand in hand with science and technology—as each is important in shaping the other.

UA Law's Health Law Certificate ProgramTo promote this objective, the PHLSC will actively create a space for dialogue among professionals in the scientific, medical, legal, and technical fields, including relevant social scientists, lawyers, legislators, regulators, the media and the public.

Through this dialogue, the PHLSC will put science into action through use of the law to address fundamental, growing public health legal policy challenges and opportunities in various areas of public health, medicine, the environment and emerging collaborative technologies as they affect individuals, communities and societies.

Triangle UA Law's Health Law Certificate Program 

Four goals of PHLSC

  1. To support, organize and facilitate interdisciplinary research and education that merges concepts and methods from different disciplinary cultures, theoretical orientations, philosophies of science and types of institutions (such as hospitals and laboratories).
  2. To engage a wide audience of diverse individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas in the work of the Center.
  3. To collaborate with policy makers, both private and public, to identify, study, and strengthen the public health aspects of their work.
  4. To build an international dimension into the Center's work by first building horizontal networks and programs between the different colleges and departments of the University of Akron and then between colleges and universities across the country and around the world.

Areas of concentration

Our work will be focused in three broad areas.

  1. The provision of education and training of present and future healthcare lawyers.
  2. The provision of education and training for non-lawyers who wish to enhance understanding of the laws and regulations that govern healthcare.
  3. Research by interdisciplinary teams that collaborate to examine public health issues that inform professional practice, public conversation and social policy. The goal is to help health leaders, officials and advocates use the law to advance public health.

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