Robert L. Kinder, Esquire
Robert L. Kinder, Esquire
IP Council Profile

Why did you become involved with the IP Council?

After attending Akron, I felt like being part of the IP Council was a great opportunity for me to give something back to the school that provided me with great opportunities. I remember when I attended the law school, interacting with the Council members at the time was an enlightening experience, especially learning about the profession and how to be successful.

What do you hope to accomplish in your role as a member of the IP Council?

I hope to promote the national reputation of the IP program at Akron.

What sets Akron Law’s IP program apart from other schools’ IP programs?

The strong faculty involvement and core curriculum of Akron’s IP program distinguishes it from many other programs across the country. Akron’s IP program is also supported by a strong litigation based training program, which prepares students to become IP litigators and not just students with some knowledge of IP law.

What do you enjoy most about practicing IP Law?

Everyday is a new and exciting challenge. I greatly enjoy the satisfaction of helping clients solve their business problems, which happen to involve IP issues, through litigation or otherwise. Knowing that you have made a difference that impacts a company’s ability to thrive is very rewarding.

What advice would you give to students interested in pursuing a career in IP Law?

The IP arena, because of the dollar figures involved in many cases, brings in the nations best lawyers. The people I am dealing with every day, both in my firm and others, were all outstanding performers in undergraduate studies and in law school. In short, you have to realize this area of law is competitive and you have to prove your ability to perform with the best. To be competitive, you have to work hard everyday and be proactive in law school and beyond. IP law, like any other area of business, involves your ability to bring expertise to the table that will solve a client’s problems efficiently and effectively.