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The New Era - Quo Vadis?
Jack P. Sahl
-- Page 641

Waiting for Good Dough: Litigation Funding Comes to Law
Stephen Gillers
-- Page 677

Sports and Entertainment Agents and Agent-Attorneys: Discourses and Conventions Concerning Crossing Jurisdictional and Professional Borders
David S. Caudill
-- Page 695

Ethical Responsibility and Legal Liability of Lawyers for Failure to Institute or Monitor Litigation Holds
Nathan M. Crystal
-- Page 713

Multijurisdictional Practice and the Influence of Model Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5 - An Interim Assessment
Arthur F. Greenbaum
-- Page 729

Exporting American Legal Ethics
James E. Moliterno
-- Page 767

The Legal Ethics of Metadata Mining
Andrew M. Perlman
-- Page 783

Inside, Outside: Cross-Border Enforcement of Attorney Advertising Restrictions
Margaret Raymond
-- Page 797

Supervising Offshore Outsourcing of Legal Services in a Global Environment: Re-Examining Current Ethical Standards
Mark L. Tuft
-- Page 821

Electronic Data, Electronic Searching, Inadvertent Production of Privileged Data: A Perfect Storm
Donald Wochna
-- Page 843

From GATS to APEC: The Impact of Trade Agreements on Legal Services
Laurel S. Terry
-- Page 869

The Changing Landscape for In-House Counsel: Multijurisdictional Practice Considerations for Corporate Law Departments
Carol A. Needham
-- Page 979

What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us: The Need for Empirical Research in Regulating Lawyers and Legal Services in the Global Economy
Carole Silver
-- Page 1003

Professional Responsibility in an Uncertain Profession: Legal Ethics in China
Judith A. McMorrow
-- Page 1075