Bloomberg Law
This resource provides legal content, proprietary company information, and news information. For further information see the Bloomberg Law Library Guide. [UA Law users only, requires registration and password.]

BNA Premier
BNA is a leading publisher of print and electronic news and information, reporting on developments in health law, intellectual property, labor relations, family law, international trade, environmental protection, criminal justice, and other public policy and regulatory issues. [UA users only.]

CALI (Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction)
CALI Lessons are web-based tutorials on a variety of legal subjects. Currently there are over 950 lessons in over 35 law school subjects. [UA Law users only, requires registration and password.]

This resource is a comprehensive library includes links to Ohio caselaw, statutes, state and federal court rules, administrative codes, and Attorney General opinions. For further information see the Lexis, Westlaw and Casemaker Guide. [Available to the law students who are members of the Ohio State Bar Association.]

Catalog of US Government Publications (CGP)
Finding tool for titles and locations of federal publications. [Open access.]

CCH IntelliConnect
CCH services including the following: Securities, Exchanges and SROs, Corporate Governance, Investment Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, international Business, Banking, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Product Liability and Safety, Government Contracts, Intellectual Property, Computer and Internet Law, Federal Energy Guidelines, Tax and Accounting, and Transportation Law. [UA users only.]
Formerly known as Thomas, Library of Congress makes digitally available the legislative information of the Congress of the United States. Information offered by this site includes summary and full text views of a bill as well as any related, amendments, actions, committees, etc. for proposed legislation. [Open access.]

Ebscohost Legal Collection
The full text of over 250 law reviews in English. [UA users only.]

Eighteenth Century Collections Online
Eighteenth Century Collections Online covers the development of law in the British Empire between 1701 and 1800.Topics include acts, criminal and international law, appellants’ cases and more. [UA users only.]

United States Government printing office website offering access to digital federal government documents, including Congressional reports and hearings. [Open access.]

Foreign Law Guide
Foreign Law Guide is source for primary and secondary sources of foreign law from nearly 200 jurisdictions. It contains information from major nations to crown colonies, semi-independent states and supra-national regional organizations. Hundreds of URLs containing reprints or translations of legislation are cited. [McDowell Building only.]

Hannah Capitol Connection
Legislative databases and research tools, information from current and previous general assemblies. Also known as Ohio Capitol Connection or Hannah Online. [UA users only.]

HeinOnline is an expanding collection of legal information including the following collections: Law Journal Library, American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), Association of American Law Schools (AALS),American Law Institute Library, Code of Federal Regulations, English Reports, Full Reprint (1220-1865), European Center for Minority Issues, Federal Register Library, Foreign & International Law Resources Database, Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS), Harvard Research in International Law, Kluwer Law International Journal Library, Legal Classics, Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, Philip C. Jessup Library, Session Laws, Treaties and Agreements Library, U.S. Attorney General Opinions, U.S. Congressional Documents, U.S. Federal Agency Library, U.S. Federal Legislative History Library, U.S. Presidential Library, U.S. Statutes at Large, U.S. Supreme Court Library, and World Trials [UA users only.]

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals is a multilingual index to articles and books reviews published worldwide. Also analyzed are the contexts of legal essays, festschrifts, mélanges, and congress reports. The index to Foreign Legal Periodicals covers international (public and private), comparative, and municipal law of countries other than the United States, the U.K., and Canada, and Australia. With coverage from 1985 to the present, the Index is updated quarterly. [UA users only.]

Index to Legal Periodicals and Books Full Text
This index covers over 800 legal periodicals and law reviews in English several hundred are indexed in full text. [McDowell Building only]

Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective
This retrospective index covers over 500 legal periodicals and law reviews from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. [UA campus only.]

Law Library of Congress
Enjoy some of the same resources and services available to members of Congress by the Library of Congress. This site includes governmental resources, commentary, research databases and library guides to asisst with both federal and foreign legal research topics. [Open access.]

Legal Scholarship Network
Provides worldwide distribution of legal research. [Open access.]

LegalTrac is the web-based equivalent of the print product called Current Law Index. It is an index to legal periodical literature from 1980 to date. Use this database to find articles in all major law reviews, law journals, specialty law and bar association journals, and legal newspapers on Federal and State Cases, Laws and Government Regulations, Legal Practice, and legal subjects such as Taxation and International Law. The database is also available on LEXIS and WESTLAW as Legal Resources Index. [UA users only.]

Lexis Advance
Full-text database containing legal resources, including cases, statutes, regulations, secondary sources, news and periodicals. For further information see the Lexis, Westlaw and Casemaker Guide.  [UA Law users only, requires registration and password.]

LexisNexis Academic
LexisNexis Academic provides access to Law Review Articles, Federal and State Cases, Federal and State Codes, Canadian Cases, Statutes, and Regulations. [UA users only.]

LexisNexis Courtroom Cast
Downloadable MP3 files of court opinions are made available as well as streaming trial video. Search by course or casebook to find audio materials from 1L classes and 2L and 3L subjects. Formerly known as Audio Case Files and . [UA Law users only, requires registration and password.]

LLMC Digital
LLMC Digital provides searchable databases of earlier full-text primary United States Government documents and legal literature. The collection consists of U.S. federal and state materials relating to the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government (court opinions, statutes, and administrative materials). [UA users only.]

Loislaw Treatises for Law Schools
Loislaw provides full-text access to selected current Aspen legal treatises.  The subjects covered by these treatises include business practice, construction law, elder law, employment discrimination, estate planning, evidence, family law, internet law and e-commerce, litigation, limited liability companies, personal injury, product liability, and real estate law.  [McDowell Building only.]

Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926
This database provides digital images on every page of 22,000 legal treatises on US and British law published from 1800 through 1926. Full-text searching on more than 10 million pages provides researchers access to critical legal history in ways not previously possible. [UA users only.]

Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources, 1620-1926
This database contains approximately 1,350 works, including colonial records, constitutional conventions and compilations, city charters, law dictionaries, and state codes.  The sources are full-text searchable or can be browsed by author or title.  Advanced search features include searching by jurisdiction, publication type, language, date, and illustration. [UA users only.]

Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926
The Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926 comprises thousands of books and pamphlets. It covers commercial law, constitutional law, dueling, elections, impeachment, international law, land, libel, military offenses, murder, torts, treason and wills, among many other subjects. English-language titles about trials in other jurisdictions such as France are included. Covering a vast range of legal history from the beginnings of the modern period to the early twentieth century, this unprecedented archive is by far the world's most comprehensive full-text collection of Anglo-American trials. [UA users only.]

Making of Modern Law: U.S. Supreme Court records and briefs, 1832-1978
This collection concentrates on the history of the Supreme Court from the final years of the court’s fourth chief justice, John Marshall, through the first ten years of the court’s 15th chief justice, Warren Earl Burger. [UA users only.]

Ohio Court Rules
Provides information about state and county court rules for Ohio as well as contact information for the various courts and court law libraries. [Open access.]

Ohio Historical Documents
Read session laws from 2007 to current, election results, Ohio Official Roster of Federal, State and City Officers as well as Ohio Municipal, Township and School Board Roster, not to mention the Ohio Constitution. [Open access.]

NOTE: This resource is now available as part of the Bloomberg Law database listed above. [UA Law users only, requires registration and password.]

ProQuest Congressional
Read congressional testimony by experts, administration witnesses, and affected parties; trace legislative history; locate congressional publication content; search Congressional Record - US Code - Statutes at Large - Code of Federal Regulations as well as political news sources. [UA users only.]

ProQuest Legislative Insight
Complete legislative history information for many congressional laws.  This resource will cover 18,000 histories from 1929-present when complete.  It will also include Blue Book citation information.  [UA users only.]

United States Court Rules
Provides current and archived federal court rules, amendments, rules of conduct, and statistics. [Open access.]

University of Akron School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series
A collection of the scholarly work of the faculty of the University of Akron School of Law. [Open access.]

Full-text database containing legal resources, including cases, statutes, regulations, secondary sources, news and periodicals. For further information see the Lexis, Westlaw and Casemaker Guide. [UA Law users only, requires registration and password.]

University Databases
Search additional University database subscriptions by title, partial title, or subject. [Some resources available to the School of Law community will not display in this listing.]

University E-Journals
Search e-journals by title, partial title, subject, or ISSN. [Some resources available to the School of Law community will not display in this listing.]

OhioLINK Databases
Search OhioLINK databases by subject, type or name

OhioLINK E-Journal Finder
The OhioLINK Electronic Journal Finder is a list of journals whose full text can be found online in OhioLINK databases.

Subscriptions restricted to law faculty
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