The Law Library maintains a collection of 10 laptops that may be checked out by Law Students. Important laptop information:

  • laptops cannot be used for ExamSoft purposes
  • laptops are set up to print to the printers in the Law Library
  • data cannot be saved on the laptops – please use network space or a USB device
  • software may not be installed by laptop borrowers
  • laptops are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved
  • laptops checkout for 8 hours with no renewals
  • fines accrue at $10.00 per hour up to 10 hours at which time the laptop is electronically billed
  • laptops are billed at $2000.00 + $200.00 replacement and service fees
  • if the laptop is returned the $2000.00 billing fee will be waived, however the $200.00 replacement and service fees will remain
  • failure to return a billed laptop may result in the involvement of the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and the University Police

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