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Your law school passwords for LEXIS and WESTLAW must be only used for educational purposes directly related to coursework at the law school. Other use is a violation of the Student Disciplinary Code and a breach of our contracts with LEXIS and WESTLAW. Using LEXIS or WESTLAW to do research as a paid law clerk, intern, or clinician working for a firm, governmental entity or a nonprofit organization would violate the Student Disciplinary Code. You are also not permitted to conduct legal research on LEXIS and WESTLAW for friends and family.

In addition to sanctions by the School of Law, a contract violation can result in having to pay the vendors for the services misused at commercial rates of about $2.00 - $5.00 per minute. Moreover, violators are likely to lose their privileges to use LEXIS and WESTLAW as students. A pattern of violations at our school could result in the vendors canceling our contracts, which would have a devastating impact on all students and faculty.


The Casemaker database (available through the Ohio State Bar Association) does not have an “academic use only” restriction.  Ohio law students can join the Ohio State Bar Association for free and can access Casemaker for free. Law students can use Casemaker to conduct research for internships, employment, and for school work.   Information about law student membership.  


Any question concerning what is proper or not proper use of LEXIS or WESTLAW should be directed to Ms. Lenart.

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