The University of Akron utilizes a portion of students' general service fees to provide financial assistance to registered student organizations and other student activities on our campus. This fund is called the Extracurricular Activities Fund (EAF). The Extracurricular Activities Fund exists to encourage programs, activities, leadership development, and other diverse opportunities to direct the University student toward a more valuable college experience.

The application process for an EAF grant begins with the distribution of EAF Grant Request materials by the School of Law Dean's Office. An EAF Allocation Committee is then convened to review the requests and determine the allocations. This Committee is made up of Barbara Weinzierl, Prof. Carro (SBA Faculty Advisor), The President and Treasurer of SBA, and an officer from three other student organizations.

A small pool of the money given to the Law School is held back in case unexpected expenses come up for a student organization after their initial allocation has been depleted. At this time, Barbara Weinzierl will review further requests.

  • EAF PURCHASING RESTRICTIONS - EAF allocations may not be used for any of the following:
    • Alcoholic beverages. (Alcohol may not be purchased with SAF money, either.)
    • Equipment such as, but not limited to, furniture, computers, printers, VCRs, cabinets, chairs, uniforms, outing equipment, etc. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the funding committees. All approved equipment purchases are property of The University of Akron, must remain University property, and must have an up-to-date inventory at the end of each academic year. Individual members must pay for missing items before any organization can be considered for future EAF funding. After the academic year, an organization may be ineligible for funding if an inventory list cannot be provided.
    • "Unreasonable" honorariums for speakers or performers. EBC and/or GSGRC have the right to determine this amount. Additionally, EAF monies may be used to purchase "tokens of appreciation" under $ 50 for a speaker/performer in place of an honorarium.
    • Dinner or banquet food, food, or beverages. EAF monies may be used to cover non-food related expenses up to $125 per year excluding facility rental. Food and beverage items however, must be paid out of admission fees, dues, etc. deposited in an SAF account. The only "banquet" funded via EAF is the LIFE Awards celebration because it is campus-wide. Student organizations may request funding for food through the Department of Student Life "Partners in Programming" policy. Click here for more information.
    • Organizational prizes, awards, or gifts such as plaques, trophies, gift certificates, frames, etc. All campus awards for students such as the A-Key, Outstanding Senior Awards, Homecoming, and Intramurals are permissible EAF expenditures provided that a detailed breakdown of the expenses is given and the expenditure is reasonable.
    • Salaries and stipends for student assistants, clerical support, etc., except as recommended by EBC and/or GSGRC. For these exceptions, a complete breakdown of all salaries must be provided to EBC and GSGRC with the grant request. Due to the demand for student workers, students on the College Work Study Program (CWSP) may not be eligible for employment by a student group. This matter is subject to committee review regarding exceptions.
    • Student Leader Compensation requests are separate from the EAF grant process.
    • Petty cash funds and cash advances.
    • Individual membership dues or other items of personal benefit.
    • Paying off existing debts or financing loans.
    • Projects, programs, or services that are a duplication of such activities or services already provided by University departments or other student groups.
    • Personal clothing items; i.e., T-shirts, jackets, hats, etc. The budget committees may review requests for exceptions.
    • Private lessons.
    • Legal fees.
    • Charitable organizations, donations, scholarships, or other philanthropy.
    • Fundraiser expenses.
  • Due to the limitations of the EAF funding, we encourage all student organizations to participate in fundraising efforts to supplement these funds. These funds are maintained in a separate account named a Student Activities Fund account (SAF).
  • Revenues from the fund raiser, donations, dues, or other "self generated" funds may be deposited in a Student Activities Fund (SAF) account. Unlike the Extracurricular Activities Account (EAF), the SAF monies are transferable year to year.

Please contact Barbara Weinzierl at with any questions regarding your EAF and SAF accounts.

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