Starting a new organization is essentially the same as reactivating an inactive organization. In order to start or reactivate an organization, follow these steps:

  1. Find a faculty advisor.
  2. Write a constitution (in the case of a new organization) or revise the old constitution (in the case of a restarted organization; contact Barbara Weinzierl for a copy of the most recent copy of the constitution in question) according to the sample constitution template.
  3. Elect officers according to the procedure outlined in the constitution.
  4. Hold a vote among the officers to adopt the constition.
  5. Print a copy of the constitution and have all of the officers and the faculty advisor sign it.
  6. Present a signed copy of the constitution to the Alumni and Student Affairs Committee for approval. The current chair of this committee is Professor Margery Koosed (
  7. After the Alumni and Student Affairs Committee approves your organization, they will present it to the faculty for approval at their next meeting.
  8. Once the faculty have approved your organization, e-mail a copy of your constitution (in MS Word format) to Barbara Weinzierl (

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