Each student organization office is equipped with a computer and a printer. These printers are to be used for small print jobs and are for student organization print jobs only (no printing for personal purposes or class assignments).

Printer paper is available at the Dean's Office. If you need paper, just e-mail Barbara Weinzierl at bweinzi@uakron.edu with your name, your organization's name, and the number of reams of paper you need (you can get up to 3 reams of paper at a time; there are 500 sheets of paper in a ream). Barbara will place the paper at the receptionist desk in the Dean's Office for you to pick up. For each ream of paper you receive, $3 will be charged against your organization's EAF account.

Note that because paper is not free, you should not be leaving it out in the open for your office-mates to use. Each time you need to use the printer, you should load it with paper from your supply, and when you are done, you should take your paper out of the printer. Be sure to keep your paper separate from that of your office-mates’ paper so that you know which paper belongs to whom.

Printer toner is also available at the Dean's Office. If you need toner, just take your empty cartridge to the receptionist desk and ask Mary Ann or one of the student assistants for a new one. Toner is provided free of charge to student organizations.

For larger or specialty (color, colored paper, large sizes, etc.) print jobs, the best way to go is to have some of your EAF money put onto a printing ZipCard so that you can run these on copy machines in the law school or at DocuZip (the nearest DocuZip is in the Student Union, across from the Union Market food court on the second floor). Click here to learn how to do this.

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