• Before posting any poster or flyer in the School of Law, please e-mail it to lawstudentorgs@uakron.edu for review of the type of content, which affects the place of display; confirmation that the guidelines for disclaimer are followed; and confirmation that the proposed posting is on behalf of the student organization itself.
  • There is to be no posting on painted walls, granite/marble columns or exterior doors/windows.
  • Posting on wooden, interior doors (except within the Law Library) is permitted for student organization events and for Law School Departments only.
  • There are two bulletin boards devoted to student organizations only (near 151, and near the SBA office). Only Student Organization postings (both general postings and those specifically related to events) are allowed on these boards.
  • General postings and event-related postings are also permitted on the glass-block wall in the student lounge near the vending machines.
  • The following statement must appear on ALL postings, flyers, and other publications.

"[Name of Student Organization] is a registered student organization at The University of Akron. Registration shall not be construed as approval, endorsement, or sponsorship by The University of Akron of the student organization's publications, activities, purposes, actions, or positions."

  • One bulletin board (across from the student organization board by SBA office) is only for Study Abroad postings.
  • All other boards are considered "General Announcements" and anything may be posted on these boards as long as it is school-appropriate.
  • If you wish to copy a flyer and distribute it in the student mailboxes, that is permissible. However, your organization must bear the cost of copying, and your officers/members are responsible for stuffing the mailboxes - the Dean's Office staff and student assistants cannot do this for you. 

Posters and flyers that do not adhere to these guidelines are subject to removal without notice.

If you have any questions about posting announcements, please contact lawstudentorgs@uakron.edu.

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